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Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is a breed of cat that reveals excessive grooming in some environment that makes it bored. Whenever, this cat gets boredom due to multiple reasons, excessive grooming is observed. Similar features are often encountered even in case of situations wherein the frequency of human contact is found decreased.

There are certain Abyssinian cat may reveal characters like tail chasing or extensive scratching of head or other regions. Such activities are also incorporated with boredom or nervousness experienced by these breeds.

In this regard, it is to be stated that even the queen cats of these species may reveal an intensive grooming pertaining to their kittens and hence, those associated with breeding of this species should be aware of this fact documented. The causes of excessive grooming should be well understood by cat owners.

Abyssinian cat is an attractive cat species that is often maintained by various cat breeders and cat lovers. This breed has a long tail unlike the case with American Bobtail cats. This Abyssinian cat generally has some disliking, if this cat is kept in confined status. However, these cats are companionable and are agile in nature.

Abyssinian cat bears ticked coat as another characteristic feature. Red, sorrel silver, cream, fawn, lilac etc. are some examples of colorations of various genotypes of perhaps, many cat breeders and children love rearing of chocolate Abyssinian cats, Red for prestige purpose and non-red body regions are noticed in case of tortoiseshell Abyssinian cats.

The cat breeders have developed some bloodlines of cats but with long hair on body. Somali may be taken as such breed and this breed may be bred with all varieties of the wonderful Abyssinian cat species.

Abyssinian cat species don’t prefer too much restraint but at the same time, they exhibit playful intelligence on many occasions. No tabby markings are noticed on paw regions or face. Many people in USA, UK, Germany etc., like the rich coppery red radiance revealed by this Abyssinian cat and there are many cat clubs and associations related with breeding of this prestigious breed that has graceful movements and affection.

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