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What is the impact of brain ageing in cats?

Now days, the cats live longer, thanks to the development in science. These old cats should be paid special attention as they are more prone for health issues and age related problems. Hence it is right time to read about ageing in cats especially the brain ageing.

Symptoms of Ageing in Cats

There are several signs that are to be looked for ageing in cats. The cat will be lethargic and will prefer to stay in one place and waste away the time. The old cats prefer to stay on the top of the ridge, near the window or in its bed most of the time. The cat will interact and play with you very rarely. The interaction of these cats with other pet animals also will be reduced considerably. Such cats should never be forced to play as the older cats will get tired very easily.

The lethargies can be observed during the feeding time also. The older cats will not rush to the food as they used to be earlier. These older cats will not be excited about the food however favourite food it may be. The signs of ageing should be differentiated with loss of appetite. If the food is not consumed, the age of the cat should be taken in to account while assessing the reasons for the same. The older cats will consume the food though not in full but in smaller amounts. The cat with loss of appetite will skip several meals in total.

The older cats will start urinating and defecating out side the litter box even if it is well trained. The younger cats will respond faster to the challenging tasks or situation where as the older cats will struggle to respond to these situations. By this way, you can easily find out the ageing in cats.

The older cats will not get up in time as it used to be earlier. At times the cat will be sleeping all through the day. The older cat may be awake in night and will be seen sleeping at day. These are few signs of ageing in cats and require special attention.

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  • For a healthy cat feed your cat a well balanced diet.
  • Keep your cats digestive tract healthy by de-worming on a regular basis.
  • Have a veterinarian give your cat a thorough check up at least once a year.

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