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American Bobtail Cat

American Bobtail is a cat species one tends to get attracted by the appearance itself and further, this species has the distinction of having long hair materials that give a lively appearance to these cats. Even the tail regions of these cats are well haired. The tail of this is not long as seen in certain species of cats and this short tail is the preferred one by some people. Unlike in certain cat species, the head region is found wide. These American Bobtail cats have a better sense of hearing and the ears are found set apart, widely.

Though it is a fact that American Bobtail cats are agile in nature and reflect expressions to a greater extent, it is also true that comparatively, these cats are noticed to be the good natured ones and hence, many people have willingness to rear these cats.

Another appreciable feature of American Bobtail cat is that it gets accustomed to the new environment, comparatively in a fast manner. Many persons who are interested in getting these for their houses always look upon these admirable characters.

American Bobtail cats need intensive measures for the maintenance of coat and in many occasions, the external parasites like various species of ticks, lice or mites may infest the skin and ultimately producing intensive itching and dermatitis may occur in these cats if proper medical attention is not given in time.

Similarly, the health related problems pertaining to the long hair need to be given additional priorities in this American Bobtail cat and hair falling may be noticed in excessive rates especially in warmer seasons and most of the times the hair may be clinging on to the furniture or wall and may end up in respiratory problem and hence, one needs to take extreme measures for proper cleaning of the house or cattery.

Whenever American Bobtail are reared, attempts should never be made to cross with either other breeds or non descript cats and the bloodline of American Bobtail cats is generally maintained in a successful manner by cat breeders who rear this cat species.

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American Bobtail



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