Flower Essences for All Animals

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Cats are lovely pets. There are so many health issues that the cat need to counter. Let us discuss about use of flower essence in treating certain behavioural problems. Deeper emotional imbalances are often manifesting in the form of physical health conditions. There are so many examples for this. A dog may develop skin problems as soon as the arrival of new baby or new pet in to the house.

The stress can affect the cats in a big way as it affects the human beings. Anger, jealousy, anxiety, loneliness, resentment etc are the different forms of stress. If the health problem that is affecting the cat found to be the result of any one of the stress mentioned above, then we must address the stress problem instead of treating the cat ailment by medications.

Flower essence can mitigate the behavioural problems such as biting and aggression. Flower essence treatment should be combined with appropriate training. The cats show aggression mostly due to insecurity or aggression. Flower essence is very effecting in helping the abused, abandoned, or mistreated cats to restore the confidence and trust. Flower essence will benefit the cats that have behavioural problems such as territorial spraying, separation anxiety, fear of thunder, fear of fire works etc. The submissive and the timid cats also get benefit from flower essence.

Here are few most commonly used essences.

Chicory- very effective in treating jealous, possessive cats. Jealous cats will try to be very near to you always.

Holly- angry, vengeful, suspicious and jealous cats can be treated.

Larch- the cats with low self confidence can be treated with ease. The cats that are low in pecking order can be treated well.

Aspen- the cats that are suffering from unknown fear can be very well treated.

Beech- the cats that have zero tolerance for certain situation or people can be treated well.

Century- the cats that are excessively eager to please the owner can be corrected with this essence.

Cherry plum- this essence can treat the cats that are continuously biting or scratching.

Chestnut bud- few cats will be making the same mistakes again and again. Such cats can be treated with this essence.

Crab apple- this essence can be used effectively for cleansing the body after illness or surgery. Mimulus- the cats that have fear for thunder, fireworks, sight of vet hospital can be treated with ease using this essence.

Star of Bethlehem- some cats may have ill-treated or abused in the past. This essence will treat those cats and hence be used in shelters which have newly adopted cats.

Vervain- the hyper active cats can be treated using this essence.

Vine- some cats will like to dominate the other cats. These cats can be seen bullying the other cats in the group. This behavioural problem can be sorted out with the help of vine essence.

Crisis cure [rescue remedy] – this is one of the most popular essence. This essence helps to calm the cat. This essence helps to relieve panic after injury or accident. The cats with any kind of stressful condition can be treated with this essence.

What cats signal with their tails?

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The cats are lovely and cute looking animals. They have expansive tail. The cats can communicate very well with the help of the tail.  The cat can not use their tail to write the English alphabets but they can definitely say a lot of things. The tail of cat does more than providing balance and uses the same as hand to shoo away the insects. The tail of the cat can of course signal their more very clearly. Arden Moore is the author of the book named cat behaviour answer book [storey, 2007]. There are few inputs in the book that help one to understand the message communicated by the tail of the cat. Let us discuss about it here.

Hoisted high

If you find a cat moving about in his territory with the tail held high in the air, then you can very well understand that the cat is very confident and content. The cat uses their tail to communicate to others that it is happy and in friendly mood by hoisting the tail like flagpole. The cat usually gets to this position while approaching a person. If the top portion of the tail twitches as the cast comes near you then the message is clear, the cat loves you very much.

Question mark

You can also find the tail of the cat bent like a question mark. This means that the cat is in playful mood. This is the right time for the pet owner to engage the cat in play session for ten to fifteen minutes.

Flying low

If the tail of the cat is found straight down lying parallel to the legs, then one has to be very careful as the cat is in aggressive mood. But the fact is there are exceptions to this rule. The breeds such as exotics, persions, and Scottish folds tend to keep their tail lower even in the normal circumstances.

Tucked away

You can find the cat with its tail tucked beneath the body. This is a very clear signal of fear and submission. There is something that has made the cat nervous. One can be very sure about it. It is the duty of the pet owner to protect the cat from the danger near by.

Puffed up

The puffed up cat tail indicates that the cat is severely frightened or agitated. The cat is trying to look bigger than the normal size in order to protect itself from the approaching danger=


You may notice the cat whipping its tail back and forth rapidly. This means the cat is in both fear and aggression. This way the cat is trying to communicate “stay away” to the other animal


If the cat is focussed on an object, then it swishes the tail slowly side by side.  The cat normally swishes its tail while it is ready to pounce on the real mice or toy mice. This type of tail position is a part of cat’s predatory position.


Twitching the tail is nothing but a sign of excitement or curiosity. It is better not to disturb the cat at this time

Cat to cat

The tail wrapped around the other cat clearly indicates that both the cats are real pals. This position conveys their friendship.

Common Cat Health Problem and their Symptoms

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The pet owner will love that his cat expresses that he or she is ill. That is not likely to happen. The cats by nature tend to hide the discomforts as much as possible. Hence it is the duty of the pet owner to get the help of the veterinarian in case if the cat is found to be lethargic or sleeping for long time than required.

If the cat is not responding to your, has glassy eyes, fever etc then the cat requires medication and hence should be rushed to nearby vet clinic. Warfarin is the rat and mouse poison that is being used often in the house which is highly dangerous to cats if consumed accidentally.

One can find blood in the stool of a cat. There is nothing to worry much as it could be due to simple constipation. The main cause of constipation cat is lack of required moisture in the food. The cat also must be drinking less water. The blood in the stool can be a result of less fibre diet. Because of the constipation the cat will struggle to push out the stool which will damage the blood vessels of the rectum which is the reason for blood in stool.

Most of the commercial cat’s food are dry and are not having required water content for the smooth flow of the stool. Hence the pet owner should prefer wet food as much as possible. The cat should also be provided sufficient quantity of water and the pet owner should ensure the water provided is consumed by the cat. The pet owner should read the label and check for the ingredients before purchasing the commercial food. The fibre content of the ingredient should be taken in to account before deciding about the purchase. By following these simple tips one can prevent blood in stool of the cat.

Cat Scratch Disease—from Claws to Humans

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Cat scratch disease is of course spread by the cats but the real sufferers are human beings. The symptoms of disease are more noticed in the winter and the experts find it very difficult to explain why it is so. Probably during this part of the year cats stay indoors and the humans are exposed to the feline attack more.

This disease is caused by bacteria known as bartonella henselea. These bacteria live in the mouth of the cat. The bacteria reach the claw of the through grooming. The cat bite never causes cat scratch disease, but only the scratch causes it, quite surprising, Is’nt?

Most of the Americans citizens are exposed to this cat scratch disease and nearly five percent of the population has antibodies in their blood which confirms their exposure to this disease. These people would not have got clinical symptoms but must have exposed to the milder infection. Or these persons would have ignored the symptoms thinking that it is that of the common flu. 

As discussed earlier the symptoms of this disease resemble the flu symptoms. The affected person will have fever, chills, lethargy etc. but these symptoms disappear soon within two or three days. The symptoms last much shorter than flu’s. In severe condition there will be anorexia, fever, swollen lymph nodes, general weakness etc. the lymph nodes in the groin and armpit region are most affected. At times the swollen lymph nodes may rupture. At times the doctors may open the swollen lymph nodes to drain out the fluid found inside, thus mitigating the pain.

The most severe form is commonly noticed in children, old people and persons whose immune system is weak. The persons who are under chemotherapy and those are infected with HIV are highly prone for severe form of cat scratch disease. The worst case scenario the affected person may die.
The affected person responds very well for the antibiotic treatment. But the diagnosis of the cat scratch disease is not all that easy as the symptoms exhibited by the person resembles of that of the flu. Generally people miss or over look the earlier symptoms and they become serious only when the lymph nodes are involved. As discussed earlier the disease spread mostly through cat scratch which does not rule out the possible spread through bite. In few cases the disease spreads to human with out any noticeable cause.

Cat scratch disease spreads mostly through the scratch of the kittens, that are 3 weeks old or below. This does not means that the scratch of the adult cat can be taken lightly. The kittens who are carriers can be diagnosed with simple blood test. Such kittens should be separated and should be under antibiotic treatment. The kittens can be de-clawed at an early stage in order to prevent the spread of cat scratch disease. De-clawing should be taken after detailed consideration as the cats will be affected psychologically and may pave way for unwanted complications such as arthritis to the cat. Besides the kittens can not venture out without its claw which is nothing but a forceful confinement, is it not?


Cat’s Rippling Skin Disease

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Cats rippling skin disease is mysterious disease condition for sure. Experts call this disease as feline epilepsy, twitchy cat disease, self mutilation etc and some experts call this as a phenomenon. There are so many causes for this disease. Most commonly this disease is called as feline hyperesthesia syndrome. The cats affected show very wide range of conditions such as seizures, chest pain, brain damage, mild depression etc. the cat affected will look like the one that has gone crazy.

Cats rippling skin disease is more common in Siamese breed of cat. The breeds that are closely related to Siamese breed too are equally prone. As mentioned earlier the cats that suffers from cats rippling skin disease look like the one that had gone crazy for some reason.

Most of the cats will show this kind of abnormal behavior for short period of time especially the young cats. The young cats will start chasing their lines or will do something like this when are in playful mood. But the cat that is suffering from feline hyperesthesia syndrome is in absolute distress. Some thing seems to be disturbing the cats and the cat can not handle that disturbance or pain. No one has actually understood this disease clearly. Whether it is physical problem or psychological problem, no body knows. Whether it is an obsessive disorder or compulsive disorder no body knows. No body knows whether it is a form of epileptic seizure.


Rippling skin is the first sign to be noted. The skin on the lower back of the cat will ripple. The moment the lower back of the affected cat is touched, the cat will start scratching or biting the lower back closer to the tail very aggressively. The cat will then start meowing for no apparent reason. The cat will actually be crying. This excessive meowing will be more pronounced during the late evening or night. The cat will start moving in circles or will start running back and forth. There won’t be any direction or meaning in the movement of the cat. The pupil in the eye of the cat will be very much dilated. The cat will look at something for long time.


Nobody knows what causes this rippling skin disease of cat. But the veterinarian needs to rule out few causes. Severe allergic reaction to flea dips, flea collors, aerosol sprays, toxins, hair sprays, smoke, scented candles could be the reason for the pain that troubles the cat. Flea allergy is the next thing that needs to be ruled out. Flea bite can result in symptoms that are similar to rippling skin disease. Tumors, infection of the brain etc can cause seizures which need to be ruled out.


As there is no clear treatment solution for the disease as such, symptomatic treatment is the best option. In case the cats have seizures anti convulsing medication can be administered. The stress on the cat must be attended to provide a kind of temporary relief to the cat.


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Cats are wonderful pets and they deserve best care, attention and best disease prevention program. Constipation is very common among the cats. The reasons are plenty such as hair ball ingestion, poor diet, dehydration, obstruction in the intestine etc. Nothing to worry; there are remedies available to alleviate this discomfort of the cat. But, before attempting the treatment, the pet owner must confirm constipation. It is worth while consulting a veterinarian who is familiar with the cat’s history. For this, the owner should be aware of signs of constipation.

There are several clues to identify the constipation. The clue may be change in the demeanour of the cat or the change in the bowel movement. The cat’s abdomen will be tense to touch. The cat will be straining while passing the tools. These are just the indication that the cat is suffering from constipation. Besides the cat’s tool will be very hard and try. At times the cat suffering from constipation may pass very loose motion. This should not be mistaken for diarrhoea and the same must be ruled out. The cat will also loose its appetite and will be lethargic.  These can be due to constipation or many other reasons, but one should confirm constipation before attempting treatment.    
Metamucil – this is also used as human dietary supplement. This product has psyllium husk in it. This product need to be mixed in canned food but the quantity should not be more than I teaspoon at a time. Psyllium is a laxative which takes the intestinal moisture and swells thus initiating the bowel movement. One has to make sure sufficient quantity of water is provided along with this product.

High fibre diet- the cat must be given high fibre diet. High fibre diets initiates bowel movements thus allowing easier evacuation of the bowel contents. For this one should spend quality time in selecting the food for the cat. He or she need to visit the store personally and read the food label completely and compare the food with one another before buying one.

Unseasoned pumpkin helps in treating constipation. Pure breed pumpkin can be mixed in cat food, not more than two teaspoons at a time. This will bring in the water to the bowel thus aiding free passage of bowel contents. The cats love the taste of pumpkin, which is an added advantage, is it not?

Cat Allergy Treatment Options

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Cats are very sensitive animals and hence are more prone for various allergies. Contact allergy, flea allergy, food allergy and inhalation allergy are the few most common allergies. At times, few cats are allergic to specific things such as particular type of food or fabric. The allergic reactions are to be attended to at the earliest to prevent the condition from worsening.

Most of the cats are allergic to flea bite. The best prevention is protecting the cat from flea. The cats can be provided with topical ointments that will kill the flea instantly before it bites the cat. In case the flea bite allergy is severe the cat needs to be administered with steroids to minimise the allergic reactions. If there is secondary infection to the flea bite allergy, then there should be no hesitation in administering anti biotic.

As discussed earlier, inhalant allergy is also very common in cat. The inhaled pollen grains, or mites or dust can cause allergic reactions in cats. In case of human these inhalant allergy will result in respiratory symptoms. But in case of cats, there will be skin itching and irritation. The route cause of the condition should be attended to. The cats must be administered intra venous or oral steroids that help the affected cats immensely.

There are certain general precautions required to protect the cats from allergens. The cats must be bathed at least one time in a day to reduce the exposure of the cat to allergens. Hypo allergic soaps and shampoos are available in plenty in the markets which are to be used as much as possible to the cats that have the history of allergy. Bathing helps in reducing the feeling of the itching and skin irritation at least temporarily. But one should keep in mind that the general treatment options should be employed only in case of mild allergy.

For specific cat allergy the treatment differs completely. The specific allergens have to be identified and isolated. Antigen for the specific allergy can be administered in small doses on weekly basis as recommended by the qualified allergy specialist. If this is practiced, after some time, the allergic reactions to that particular allergen will be less pronounced.

How to Stop Behavior Problems of Cat through Cat Training?

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The behavioral problems of the cat can just take away the pleasure in having a pet cat. At times the pet owner gets frustrated because of this. Many people are of the opinion that only dog can be trained. It is not so, even the cats can be trained to address the cat behavioral problem. But one should know how to go about it.

Common cat behavioral problems

1. Excess whining, meowing or howling – this will lead to noise pollution. You may have objection from the neighbor too.

2. Excessive aggression towards other cats or people – in the process the cat can hurt the people and also can hurt itself.

3. Frequent jumping on objects- the objects will get damages and also wounding the cat at times.

4. Frequent entry in to trash – the trash will be strewn around thus making the place untidy

5. Not defecating and urinating in litter box. – Worst habit –to be stopped at the earliest.

6. Scratching and biting- the furniture are likely to be damaged.

7. Disobedience in general. Will result in hell a lot of confusion.

The Solutions

You need to get a very good guide on cat training called “complete cat training”. There the procedures are clearly mentioned to stop all the behavioral problems of cat. The guide has in store various commands to train the cat successfully. Hence just brush aside the misconception that cat’s can’t be trained.

The guide complete cat training” was written by Paula Robb. Paula is an expert in cat training. All her methods give desired results and are easy to follow. The procedure mentioned is easy for the cat to understand and abide by. She had conducted enough trials before penning everything.

The “complete cat training“guide is excellent in all aspects as mentioned earlier. The guide has solution for all cat behavioral problems. The guide has information to make the cat calm. In case your cat is very nervous and not social, nothing to worry because this guide has solution for that too. The guide also has best solution to prevent territorial aggression. This guide is not very costly either. One can just download this guide from internet instantly.

Understanding Cat Diseased Symptoms

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For those cat lover it’s very important that they want their cats to live as long as possible. Although genetics may have an effect but there are many things that can be done to maximize the cat’s life potential, starting when they first come under our care. It is always useful to understand the cat’s diseased symptoms that make things visible from going worse.

Very common cat’s symptoms are vomiting. When cat starts vomiting there is nothing to be in panic. As the cats eat the junk food and the potted plants they tend to vomit. They could be some allergic reactions that could cause them to vomit. Give the cat lot of water. When proper care is not taken and the cat keeps vomiting continuously this will lead to dehydration and can even result in fever along with possible death.

Other common symptom is Diarrhea. This can be a sign of an important condition than everyday indigestion. A real problem with dehydration is possible, so don’t allow this condition to be ignored and get your pet immediately to the pet hospital.

The other cat symptom is lack of eating. The pet refusing to eat and also not looking to drink for long periods at a time is not normal behavior. This needs to be looked at as a sign of a potential issue of bad health. Cats with an illness often will avoid eating; this might just be your kitty way for attempting to tell you of his or her illness.

The last symptom would be Sluggishness – Cat’s do sleep a whole lot, Lethargy is a yield sigh of some kind of problem. When your pet sleeps a; throughout the entire day, a possible cat symptom sign that there may be an issue.

Prosthetic Paws For Lost Paws For Cats

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Thanks to the neuro-orthopaedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, in Eashing, near Godalming.The surgery mimics the way in which deer antler bone grows through skin. Oscar, the cat lost his rear paws by a combine harvester as he basked in the sunshine. due to accident. His owners Kate and Mike Nolan ran helter-skelter to recove his paws. The local vet referred them to to Fitzpatrick Referrals in Eashing, near Godalming.

Dr.Noel Fitzpatrick worked with a team from University College London (UCL) to make use of the weight-bearing prosthetic implants. They operated Oscar for three hours to insert the pegs by drilling into both rear legs at ankle level. These artificial legs are attached to the bone at the site of amputation. Thentheartificialimplant was coated with hydroxyapatite that faciltates growth of bone cells onto the metal.

The skin also grows over this bone to resemble a natural limb.after four months of operation OSCAR able to walk and climb the steps without any difficult. Hats off to the Bionic vet!!!