Cat Urine Cleaning

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Cat urine will cause an unpleasant odor on the flooring and carpet. It is important that you clean the cat urine from the carpet immediately otherwise it will become a permanent stain. Before you begin to clean the carpet, you have to locate the stained area. Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate the affected area of the cat urine. If you have problem locating the cat urine, you can use a black fluorescent light. After you have located the stain, you can begin the cat urine cleaning process.

Cat urine stains are removable on the upholstery, by blotting it with an absorbent cloth. You should use dry absorbent cloth during the first time you wipe the upholstery. After wiping it, dip the cloth in vinegar solution and blot the stained area again. You can use the stain and odor removers available from the department store. Every stain remover comes with the manufacturer instruction on how to use it. You should follow the instruction in order to clean the cat urine effectively.

The carpet stained with urine should be sterile by using the carpet removal cleaner. After applying the cleaner, you must use a waste cloth to wipe it until there is no more moisture left in that area. After that, you have to use a damp cloth to wipe the area. When wiping the area, make sure you apply a little pressure so that the urine can be completely blot out from the carpet. If the stain persists, you have to keep repeating the cat urine cleaning process for a few times.

For cat urine cleaning on the flooring, the usage of enzymes to remove the cat urine is next step. You can buy these enzymes from a janitorial store. The pet stores do not sell the enzyme cleaner. The enzyme cleaner is the last resort to remove the stain that breaks down the proteins in the cat urine and thereby leaving a fresh carpet for use.

Cat Urine Removal Carpet

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The Cat’s urine is organic and it tends to give out a strong smell. Cats like to pee in different places because they want to mark their territory. Cat urine is composed of uric acid, urochrome and urea. The uric acid is the element that emits the stink smell. Urochrome is the pigment that gives color to the urine. Urea is the component that makes the urine sticky. Cat urine can cause the bacteria to accumulate on the carpet and make the environment unhygienic.

Cat urine can destroy the hardwood floor because the wood can effectively absorb liquid. To clean up the urine, you should use an absorbent cloth to wipe out the urine soaked area such as the cotton cloth that can absorb the liquids well. The paper towels are used if you do not have cotton cloth. If the urine stain does not disappear, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it again.

Household cat urine removal carpet cleaners can be applied on the area that is stained with the cat urine. You can spray the hydrogen peroxide cleaner on the stained area to remove the stain. The odor will eliminate after you sprayed the hydrogen peroxide cleaner.

Vinegar will work as an effective cat urine removal cleaner as well. To use vinegar to remove the stain, you have to dilute it with about 30% of water. After that, you must pour in the vinegar mixture into a spray bottle and spay on the stained area. The urine will blot off by itself after a few minutes.

Many pet stores sell the cat urine removal carpet cleaners. The urine cleaners are formulated from special ingredients that are designed to eliminate the bacteria and remove the stain. Popular brand name urine cleaners include Nature’s Miracle and Stain Gobber.

Besides, you can use the carpet stain removal cleaner to remove the bacteria and enzymes from the urine of the cat. The carpet stain removal cleaner will make it easier for you to clean up the urine on a heavy-duty carpet.

Get to Know About Cat Hairball Symptoms

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Hairballs are cat furs formed inside the stomach when the cat tries to digest her own furs. Cats often develop hairball problem during the shedding season. If the cat keeps on shedding, it will have a high risk of swallowing the hair that drop on the ground resulting in eating some of it too. The hairball affects the digestion of the stomach and prevents the stomach juices from breaking down.

Although cat hairball symptoms are not of serious problem, there should be a trip to your vet’s office if your cat vomits profusely at least thrice weekly.

The cat hairball symptoms include appetite loss, vomiting and coughing. The hairball that is stuck in the throat caused the cat to keep on coughing, as if she wants to get rid of something from her mouth. One of the most common cat hairball symptoms include cat vomiting out the hairball. If the cat manages to vomit out the hairball, she will recover back to normal condition again.

Other cat hairball symptoms include weight loss, frequent diarrhoea and consistent retching or hacking that does not result in a hairball.

In severe cases, the stomach of the cat will bulge and look swollen. It feels hard when you touch the stomach. The hard part is the furs accidentally swallowed into the stomach.

Cats that do not defecate may suffer with hairball problem. Such hairballs block the channel where the faeces are to move out from the body. The blockades cause the cat unable to defecate. Cats that do not defecate suffer from serious disease because the body is unable to clear way the toxin. You will know if the cat is not defecating properly by observing the litter box. A clean litter box means that the cat has not been defecating.

The cat can suffer from a serious asthma attack if she is unable to cough out the hairball. An immediate step advised is to seek the attention of an experience veterinary doctor, if you find your cat is in exasperation or coughing for several days continuously. The veterinary doctor will perform a full body check to determine the cause of the condition. If the hairball causes intestinal blockade, the next best thing is to put your cat under surgeons glove, which is very costly affair for the owner and also dangerous to your cat. Hence it is advisable to go for prevention of occurrence of hairball among cats.

Cat Biting – Things to Know

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Like many other forms of communication, biting is also a different form of communication especially noticeable in pets like Cats. The signs of biting are different in adult cats and kittens. While adult cats communicate that they no longer want you to touch them giving them feeling that they are threatened and the kitten will start biting as it is another form of play along with wrestling and scratching. Another sign of communicating through biting is hunting instincts, those that are evident from their natural defensive mechanism.

It should start with kitten stage to learn and practice your cat refraining from biting your hands. The hunting nature of cats makes them naturally seek their food without any practice. This ability of cats should be carefully picked up as they may turn aggressive on you if you least neglect and hurt you within short notice period.

Many of us who have seen cats and played with them will find their petting induced violent behavior. During your cat petting, take note of your cat suddenly biting you and you will feel strange of its behavior. This is because the cat wishes to communicate to stop petting. During petting, it might also seem that cat sexually aroused by continuous movements to the body. Sometimes if there, is some unknown pain, during petting the pain would have shown up causing still painless situation for the cat. If you can closely observe the cat’s giving away signals like lashing its tail, making violent sound, absence of purring, turning of ears or shifting of body position. Sometimes, when another animal treads into his vicinity also, the cat rouses angrily and defends for its area.

It is not always right on the issues discussed above, it imparts necessary advice to check with your Vet about your cat’s health issues, if there is any and lastly check on their behavioral issues. During their kitten stage, provided you closely teach your cat how to behave, allow the cat to adjust itself to you by your caressing movements and activities towards it.


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The children just love the company of cats. If more than one person is providing the attention and care, the cats will enjoy the same very much. The children can play safely with cat than any other pet. The cat and the children should know to respect each other’s desire and need. The elderly person should always be around while the children play with the cat and the children should never be left alone with the cat.

The kids may accidentally hurt the cat. The cat will get frightened by this and may attack the child in return. The children who have cat at their home should be taught some basic handling technique. The cat should be lifted in such a way that one hand should rest with the chest while the other should rest at hind limbs. The cat may also be allowed to perch with her fore legs on to your shoulder, but her back leg should be supported with your hand or arm. One should let the cat go, if it struggles or tries to get away.

If the cat’s ear is flat and the tail is lashing, then the cat should be left alone as it is not in good mood. One should never touch the stomach of the cat, as the cat may get frightened and may even bite the person. Appropriate toys should be used while playing with the cat. Teasing the cat with your hand is not a good idea as you mat get hurt in the process. The cat should be left alone, if it is sleeping, using the litter box or eating. In most houses the elders expect the children to do the feeding, watering and practicing the litter box usage which is not a good idea. If the children do not do proper job, the sufferer in nothing but the cat. It is better for the elders to do the chores of the cat.


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In general the casts are very clean creatures. Even the very clean cat also will be benefited by periodical grooming. The long haired cats require regular grooming. Grooming the cat all by you help to build special bond with that lovely creature. Grooming provides very good opportunity for the owner to check the skin abnormalities if there is any.

The grooming should start very early so that the cat will be used to it. Grooming removes the dear hair and makes the hair free from unwanted knots. This way one reduces the chance of hair ball ingestion by the cat. The long haired cats should be groomed at least once a day. Where as the short haired cats may be cleaned once in a week time. There are so many specially designed tools for grooming. You can do grooming with a help of good quality comb. It is better to take the advice of veterinarian as far as grooming tool is concerned for short haired cat.

Brushing- in case the hair of the cat is too tangled, there is a need for good brush. Brushing should be done for at least 15 minutes. The cats in general love to be brushed. The fur of the long haired cat gets matted very often. If such thing is noted in your cat, then one should be careful in brushing the cat. The brushing should be done with care and gently. The hair should hold just below the knot while brushing in order to prevent the hair from getting pulled out of the skin. If the brushing is unmanageable, then it is better to go in for professional help. One should also consider providing right nutrition to reduce shedding.

Bath time- the short haired cat do not require bathing unless they are very dirty. The long haired cats should be bathed occasionally in order to keep the hair coat clean and prevent the formation of grease build up. It is better to have a consultation with the vet as far as bathing of the cat is concerned. The vet may advise you to use cat shampoo also.

Preparing for bath- the cat should be brushed thoroughly in order to get rid of knots. This way we can prevent the shrinking and tightening of the knot in the water. Let the water be allowed to run before bringing the cat in for bath. This way, there will be less noise and motion during the bath time. Let the water level be belly high for the cat. The water should not be too hot or too cold. We should use separate water bowl for soaping and rinsing. As soon as the cat come in, it is better to shut the door. No one will want a soapy cat running around the house and soiling the floor. It is better to have cotton ball in the cat’s ear in order to prevent the water entering in. let the cat is lower in to the water slowly and gently with reassuring words. The cat may show her objection by howling, one should not worry about it much as soon the cat will be used to it.

Cat’s Meow – What does it mean?

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As many think, the cat’s meow is not mere the sound of the cat. Meow is in fact a sophisticated way of communication. The cat’s meow is specific to each and every cat and is not the same.

The cats are of different kinds. Some are very talkative while others are not interested to peep even. The meow sound will differ from breed to breed. The shrill wail is very specific to Siamese cats.

The most common reason for meow is crying for attention. In case the cat is seen walking front and back in the kitchen, then the reason for meow is nothing but want of food. In case the cat is meowing at the very sight of you, then the cat is expressing its happiness by meowing. The cat may want you to pick her up and stroke her. If the cat is found to be meowing continuously, then she or he may be interested in mating. The female cat that is meowing when it is in heat is trying to express her availability to the male cats. If you find a cat making strange chattering or bleating, then there is chance that the cat has discovered a prey that is not reachable.

Some are of the opinion that the meowing of cat is nothing but a sound of frustration or anticipation. Some are of the opinion that the cats are meowing to attract its prey. Spitting, growling, hissing and shrieking are aggressive or defensive cries. The quiet cat that is meowing loudly all of a sudden or if loud cat that has stopped meowing, then there is chance that the cat is sick. One has to pay proper attention if the cat starts meowing continuously while using the litter box. There can be distress of some sort to the cat.

How to make your new cat to drink from bowl?

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The cats are not very fond of water and hence the water intake of the cat should be monitored carefully. The proper water intake is very much needed for the over all health of the cat and the health of the urinary tract in particular. Sufficient water intake will reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

The cat may not go near the water bowl provided to them full day but may rush towards the same the moment the faucet is turned on. Few cats will drink water from their bowl but may waste the water by splashing. Few other cats may force the water out of bowl and prefer to drink from the floor.

The animal specialist is not aware of the reason why the cats are finicky about water. The wild cats will drink water from flowing water body such as river. The water provided in the bowl is not preferred by the cat may be because of basic instinct aversion. The cat may prefer cooler water which is why they like the water from the tap. But the fact of the matter is that the cat needs to be hydrated properly in order to stay healthy. Here are few things that encourage the cat to drink more water.

Moving his water bowl- let the water bowl be mover close to the food bowl which may attract the cat to drink water.

Changing the temperature of the water- the cats in general prefer cooler water. Hence one can think of adding few ice cubes in it.

Changing the bowl- the taste of the water differs from one bowl to the other. If the water bowl is made up of plastic, then you can think of replacing it with metal or ceramic water bowl. It is better to have wider water bowl as the cats do not like their whiskers touching the sides of the water bowl.

How to stop your cat peeing in the house?

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The cats are very clean animals. These lovely creatures want their litter box also to be clean. Few pet owners do not clean their litter box every now and then. As the result the cat will be reluctant in using the litter box. They will start peeing out side the litter box. We can not blame them. The litter boxes should be kept clean. The boxes should be cleaned thoroughly once in a week at least. This is must to encourage the cat to use their litter box without ant hesitation. There should beclean all ways one litter box extra when compared to the number of cats in the house. If you are having only one cat, you should have two litter boxes. This will help in such a way that the cat will use the fresh clean new litter box in case the old litter box is not cleaned due to some unavoidable reason.

The urine of the cat will be extremely pungent and will have unpleasant odour. This unpleasant odour is due to protein metabolism. There will be combination of phosphates, uric acid, aerates and calcium oxalates. If there is any infection or inflammation in the urinary tract of the cat, then the smell will be much worse. If the urine dries, then there will be formation of the crystals which are very difficult to clear. There are specialized products available in the market to help us get rid of the urine smell problem. These products will have enzymes that will act on the crystals and break down them in to simpler chemicals and remove the stain and smell. The regular house hold cleaners will not be of any use as far as cat urine smell is concerned. The active chemical that is present in the house hold cleaners is ammonia. As the urine of the cat is ammonia based, this house hold cleaners are not effective in removing the stain or odour.  In other words the house hold chemicals will encourage the kittens to urinate in the same place cleaned by the house hold cleaners. The ammonia present in the chemical will remind them of their own urine.

If the litter boxes are clean and the cat is still urinating outside the litter box, then the reason should be investigated. You may think of shouting at the cat. But this will not help in any way. In turn this will only confuse the cat further. In case you your cat peeing at the carpet placed in the bed room, do not yell at him. Just pick him up gently and place him in a room with litter box and close the door completely for some time. The cat is peeing at the carpet instead of using the litter box because something must have prevented the cat from using the litter box. You should find out the stimulation factor instead of shouting and punishing the cat.

Why Cat’s Tongues are rough?

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The cats are lovely pets. The people just love them like anything. The kids are very crazy about these lovely little creatures. The cats are preferred by many as these animals are looking very cute. These animals are very handy and the size is not intimidating like few other pets. The tongues of the cats are rough. Many cat owners are aware of this fact. Let us discuss about it here.

The cats may groom you accidentally. You will come to know that the cat’s have very coarse tongue. The cat’s tongue is covered with a structure called papilla. The papillas are nothing but backward pointed spikes. You will have a feeling that you are rubbed with sand paper if the cat licks you. All those spikes called papilla will be tugging at your skin.

Cats tongue are eating utensils

The cats are using their tongue as eating utensils.The cats use their tongue to remove the meat from the bones of their food or prey. In the forest, the most important role played by the tongue of the cat is nothing but this. But this is not the only function of the tongue of the cat. There are so many other functions of the tongue. The tongues have the taste buds. There are salivary glands that aid in digestion of the food particle. Human beings use their hand for consumption of the food. These poor cats do not have that luxury; hence they have to depend on their tongue as far as the feeding is concerned.

Cat’s tongues are brushes and de-tanglers

The cats use their tongue for grooming purpose also. While grooming the cats utilize their tongue for moistening the fur with the help of the saliva. This will help the fur to remain clean and smell fresh. This also helps to regulate the body temperature of the cat. The spikes in the tongue will remove the debris and the lose hair from the cat and also helps in detangling the mats.

The tongue of the cat is acting like the brushes in fact. The human beings use hair brushes to comb their hair. The poor little cat can not afford this comfort and there is no other alternative but to depend on their tongue. The cats are very clean animals. They indulge in self grooming more often. That too the cats that are roaming around the house and those cats that are moving about the outside of the houses are more likely to get dirt. Such cats can be noticed grooming their body using the tongue. The cats use their tongue as detanglers too. The dirt that had formed a cake involving the hair can be removed only by the tongue of the cat. The saliva softens the texture of the cake formation and the hair gets released. Hence the cats are the perfect de-tanglers for the cute little cat.

The cats tongue can assist in those chores

The barbs or the spikes in the tongue of the cat are pointed inwards. As the result the materials are either grabbed or pulled inside. The cats find it very difficult to spit the loose hairs that were grabbed while grooming. As the result the cats ingest the loose hairs. This is exactly the reason for the formation of hair balls in the digestive system of the cat. Not all the hairs ingested are removed from the body of the cat which is the reason for the formation of the hair ball. The long haired cat breeds are more susceptible for the hair ball problem. The cat’s anatomy is such that the hair balls are ingested in to the stomach of the cat more often than not. If these hair balls are not coughed out, this will lead to very serious health problem.

String is dangerous once caught by cat’s one way tongues

The objects such as yam, dental floss, ribbons etc should be kept out of the reach of the cat. If the cats are playing with the objects that have string attached to it, then the cat should under observation by the pet owner or a sensible adult. Once the play session is over those toys should be checked and kept out of reach of the cats. As discussed earlier the spikes in the cats tongue are curved inside and hence anything that is licked by the cat tends to reach the digestive system of the cat causing trouble. This way, the string material once reaches the mouth of the cat ends up in the stomach of the cat and there is less chance for material to get out of the cat’s body.

Cat’s tongues are drinking utensils

Just like all other animals the cat too requires water. The cats are not fond of water in general. The cats should be forced to drink water. It is the duty of the pet owner to ensure the cat had consumed enough of water. The water should be provided in a clean plate and the water should be available near the cat house all the times. Many cat owners prefer to give wet food instead of dry food as the cats are not keen in drinking water unless forced by the owner.

The water plate should be cleaned at least once in a day. The water should not be contaminated with any kind of microbes. Is it advisable to give treated water to these lovely pets? If the water provided is not of good quality then we will be inviting trouble. We may need shell out hell a lot of money in treating the cat to protect it from the infection. There are so many diseases that can be transmitted through contaminated water and one should be very careful about the water provided to these feline friends.

While drinking the water the cats form their tongue in to a cup shape. The taste buds of the cat are located in the tongue of the cat are very sensitive to the taste of the water. Hence the water provided to the cat should be clean always.