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The pet animals such as cats, dogs etc are lovely creatures. These animals deserve co existence in this world with the human beings. These animals shower unabated love and affection towards the owner. These pets are wonderful stress busters which is the need of hour as people are under stress to cope up with growing demands. There are so many physical and emotional problems associated with these lovely creatures. Let us discuss about hyperactivity here.

Are you the person who needs to deal with hyper active dog? If yes is the answer, then you requiring more details than simple behavioural training. Hyper activity may be expressed in many forms. There can be excessive barking, extreme nervousness, erratic behaviour, irritability, aggression, obsessive personality etc.

These hyper active animals always tend to tell something or the other through their hyper active behaviour. For these hyper active animals simple training will not be effective at all. We need the help of animal communicator here. These experts will find out why these animals are behaving this way. Once they find out the reason they will advise the owner accordingly.
In some breeds, poor breeding policy may be the reason. For some pets past trauma may be the cause. Boredom also can result in hyper activity in some pets. Any kind of stress and lack of exercise may also lead to hyper activity. Negative energy may also lead to hyper activity in pets like dog and cat as these animals are better equipped to find out these negative reactions. The negative energies can be reduced by life energy coils and these coils can be easily attached to collar of the dog or can be placed under their bed.

In most cases the under the underlying cause is chemical cause such as heavy metal toxicity, food sensitivity etc. if the hyperactivity is due to food allergy, then animal naturopath will advise proper food to those affected dogs. Processed foods have high sugar in them in addition to the presence of allergens which can create trouble in sensitive cats and dog.

The heavy metals such as phosphates, lead, nitrates and sulphates are high in canned foods which can lead to hyper activity and so many health problems in pet animals. The presence of these metals can be found out using lab techniques. Hair mineral analysis is considered the best as the results are more accurate than many other techniques. There are so many natural treatments which can be used effectively as well as safely to detoxify these metals in the body.

First and foremost stem in dealing hyperactive pet animals is nothing but providing natural food that is free from any allergy particles. This natural diet and food supplement can be used in combination with flower essence. Herbal and homeopathic remedy will also help those animals that are hyperactive. The natural therapy is more effective and there are no side effects. We, as the responsible owner only try to help the animals who are suffering silently. These lovely pets once cured will please us more and more.

Get to Know Cat Pregnancy Symptoms

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As you think it is not easy to understand and confirm whether your cat is pregnant or not. One has to be a breeder. Only then with experience gained over the year one can really understand the cat pregnancy symptoms. The cat pregnancy symptoms should be understood very early, else by the time one confirms the feline will be in advanced stage of pregnancy. The cats are very peculiar and the pregnant mother cat will show the clear signs only two weeks prior to the delivery.

Let’s discuss here, few common cat pregnancy symptoms exhibited by the cat, which will help the pet cat owner to be familiar with, so that he or she will know exactly what to look for from their lovely pet. This information will also help the owner to understand how long the cat is pregnant? Or at what stage of pregnancy the cat is in?

The nipples will enlarge slowly, turn pink and soft gradually. One can notice clearly that the cat is putting on weight especially in the mid-section of the body. There will be increased appetite and cat will tend to eat more than the usual as the pregnancy advances. The cat will be more affectionate with the owner than usual. This can be clearly noticed by the pet owner. The cat will begin to make a place for their kittens.

One should also know the other information related to the cat pregnancy. How long the cat will be pregnant? Or what is the gestation period for cat? The normal gestation period is 9 weeks. To be more precise the gestation period is 58 to 65 days. The cats give birth to more kittens. The litter size may vary from one to eight in general, but there can be exceptions. But to get an idea, one can be informed that the average kitten’s size is three to five.

But, one can get very accurate number of kittens before delivery. For that you require veterinary assistance. The vet will give you the exact count of kittens by careful examination of the abdomen. At present, modern techniques such as ultra sound technique are available, which will give accurate count of kittens.

If the cat is healthy, there is no need for special care during the pregnancy. The cat can be given the usual treatment, same habitation, routine food etc. but, if it is out door cat, then it must be kept indoors necessarily. The cat must be prevented from rough playing activities either with its own group or with the children.

Never chase or shoo away for whatever may be the reason. Never indulge in poking the abdomen to check the pregnancy on your own as there is a risk of miscarriage. Even though you’re noticing the cat pregnancy symptoms clearly, it is highly advisable to consult your vet to confirm the same.

Reason For Chasing a Thing by a Cat

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The behavior of chasing starts when your cat is as kittens. Tossing, batting and poking around small objects are how kittens learn to stalk prey. One of my cat tossing a toy in the air, and then she run like crazy again. Do you know why? This is because cat family is known for chasing a prey to quench their thirst of hungry. In other words, chasing is their natural instinct.

When they chase a toy or a thing, it will develop the survival skills, which would help them provide for themselves if they ever needed to do so.

Have you ever seen you cat stomp on her toys? Yes they will! It is mainly due to the fact that your cat wants to hunt and kill the prey.

Cats are classified as a bugger, mouser or birder. This is nothing but the preference of cat towards the toy that mimics catching bugs, mice, or birds. These cat toys will stimulate them to interact.

There are many interactive toys available in the market that mimic the motions that cats love. Do gift these cat toys on your cat’s next birthday to enjoy the actions and movements involved with the process of hunting from which they create a form of play. Happy Toying!!!


Useful Hints and Tips on Feral Cat Neutering

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You might think what made a owner to go for cat neutering. It is nothing but a large number of feral and homeless cats in the world. This factor made the people to get to know about the importance of cat neutering.

The reproductive pattern of the felids is really prolific in nature- cats can reproduce several times a year and mature quickly. Say, just two feral cats are more than sufficient to become twenty in an year.

How Feral Cats are Being Produced?

These feral cats are released by owners who no longer could care for them. Do you know a colony of feral cats herbor various disease? These feral cats can spread diseases to pet dogs and cats. Hence it is mandatory to take care of these feral cats not only providing enough health care but also neutering.

Problems of Feral Cats

The common problem encountered with these feral cats include raiding trashcan, destroying shrubbery and soil lawn furniture. Sometimes the female cat in heat can literally keep people up all night with their crying and fighting. do you know why the cats are crying and fighting while mating. Click here to find it out…

Benefits of cat Neutering

You can’t handle the racket caused by a cat in heat. The un-neutered feral tom cat is having the tendency of mark every new object with their odorous spray. In addition to this, you’re reducing the number of unwanted kittens, which will become as a part and parcel of the feral cat colony.

Unaltered cats may develop severe contagious reproductive diseases. In addition, unaltered cats are more liable to reproductive organ cancer than unaltered ones.

Drawbacks of Cat Neutering

Do you know the altered cats can compete in the showring? But in case of dogs it is not allowed. If your cat wins the champion trophy in a show, there would be a great demand for getting kitten’s out of this majestic one and you will not be able to have a litter.

Age of Cat Neutering

As neutering process is really difficult in queens than tom’s, you can perform this operation at the early age of eight weeks in case of males. Neutering can be performed for your femae cat after six months old.

Post-operative Care

Mostly there would be no problem with the neuered cats immediately after this surgical procedure. Ocassionally, the incision become infected. Hence it is the duty of the owner to look after the surgical wound and proper administering of pos-operaticve medicaments.

Check your kitten daily for development of any abnormality at the operation site. The common problems include licking and chewing at the stitches of the surgery, and the surgical area may turn puffy and red. Seek an appointment with your vet to use surgical collar to keep the kitten from being able to reach the stitiches.

You can release the male cat the next day of the operation, whereas the female cats should be confined indoors for 3-5 days after the surgery.

How to Tell if your Cat is Pregnant?

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Cat pregnancy is one thing that may baffle many persons who own the cats. Yeah… Cat pregnancy is to be dealt in a systematic manner if one wants to know something on the gestation aspect of the cats.

First you should know that the gestation period of the cat is about sixty to sixty seven days and the average period is about sixty three days, in general.

After the twenty eight days from mating, sagging of belly may become one of the cat pregnant signs and the cats may even have increased body weight in such occasions.

So, you need to become suspicious about the probable existence of pregnancy status in that cat.

However, you have to differentiate the pregnancy based weight gain and the fat cat. In case of fat cat, the neck and leg also are fatty in general. There is no sudden increase in body weight in general with these cats.  

Pinking is the term used to denote the occurrence of the pink color in the nipples of the pregnant cat.

Yeah… Such pink color may occur at about three weeks after the mating incidence. By this, you can tell that the cat is pregnant.

Gently run your hands on the abdomen and if you feel lumps or growths inside the abdomen, then you should have suspicion about the probable presence of pregnancy.

The pregnant cats demand much attention from the concerned owners.

Yeah… You can find some definite change in the behavior of the cat if it becomes pregnant.

It may some times resist your palpation in the belly and even to the extent of pushing your hand to the chin or head region only. She may not be willing to be away from you for most of the periods.

Some times, by using the ultrasound, your veterinarian may be able to say about the presence of pregnancy. Yeah. However, this may be more possible only from twenty two days after the mating event.

Many times, you may come across the nesting behavior of the cats that have advanced status of pregnancy.

Yes. They may seek some secluded places like cupboards, boxes and may even start scratching of places for giving birth of new kittens.

Two days before giving birth, there may be an enlargement of the mammary glands and there may even be secretion of the milk from nipples.

All these signs may indicate that the cat pregnancy. Cat pregnancy is easy to diagnose well in advanced state.

Cat Pregnancy Calendar

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Cat pregnancy calendar
is the one that is much useful to the pet owners who love their cats. Yeah… Cat pregnancy calendar helps to estimate the date of giving birth of young ones by the female cat. The cat gestation period is sixty five days.

When you come to know when the kittens will come newly to the house, you get naturally delighted. Got it?

Further, you may be able to keep up your appointments in a systematic manner and can track things.

However, during the review of the cat pregnancy calendar, you have to remember that the whole pregnancy length may either three or four days shorter or three or four days longer. In this manner, it may be either sixty one days or sixty nine days, in general.

If you know the exact date of mating, it is fine and you can easily estimate using this calendar about the date of birth in future.

If you don’t know the date of mating, then you have to depend on the occurrence of red color in nipple. Once you see the red colored nipple, you have to wait for another forty or up to forty eight days for the new kittens that are due to be born.

Suppose if you have the mating on January 21, then the nipples may acquire the red color on February 11 and in this case, the date of birth that can be expected in that female cat is March 27.

Like these estimations, the different dates are given and hence, the cat owners are able to know about the exact date of birth in a fast manner without the need for even to calculate these dates.

The values given in the cat pregnancy calendar are generally based on the three hundred and sixty five days comprising a year.

However, one may get confused when it comes to the question of leap year. In that case, you have to reduce one day from the actually estimated date of birth. This can be further explained in a simple manner.

Yeah… If the date of birth is March 23, then it is to be taken as March 22 if it is a leap year and similarly, you should read as March 5, then it is to be read as March 4.

So, to know on how your queen carry the pregnancy, any body has to refer the cat calendar in a serious manner and in this manner, the cat pregnancy calendar is highly useful for the cat lovers. Cat pregnancy calendar is available in many web sites.