Why Cat’s Tongues are rough?

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The cats are lovely pets. The people just love them like anything. The kids are very crazy about these lovely little creatures. The cats are preferred by many as these animals are looking very cute. These animals are very handy and the size is not intimidating like few other pets. The tongues of the cats are rough. Many cat owners are aware of this fact. Let us discuss about it here.

The cats may groom you accidentally. You will come to know that the cat’s have very coarse tongue. The cat’s tongue is covered with a structure called papilla. The papillas are nothing but backward pointed spikes. You will have a feeling that you are rubbed with sand paper if the cat licks you. All those spikes called papilla will be tugging at your skin.

Cats tongue are eating utensils

The cats are using their tongue as eating utensils.The cats use their tongue to remove the meat from the bones of their food or prey. In the forest, the most important role played by the tongue of the cat is nothing but this. But this is not the only function of the tongue of the cat. There are so many other functions of the tongue. The tongues have the taste buds. There are salivary glands that aid in digestion of the food particle. Human beings use their hand for consumption of the food. These poor cats do not have that luxury; hence they have to depend on their tongue as far as the feeding is concerned.

Cat’s tongues are brushes and de-tanglers

The cats use their tongue for grooming purpose also. While grooming the cats utilize their tongue for moistening the fur with the help of the saliva. This will help the fur to remain clean and smell fresh. This also helps to regulate the body temperature of the cat. The spikes in the tongue will remove the debris and the lose hair from the cat and also helps in detangling the mats.

The tongue of the cat is acting like the brushes in fact. The human beings use hair brushes to comb their hair. The poor little cat can not afford this comfort and there is no other alternative but to depend on their tongue. The cats are very clean animals. They indulge in self grooming more often. That too the cats that are roaming around the house and those cats that are moving about the outside of the houses are more likely to get dirt. Such cats can be noticed grooming their body using the tongue. The cats use their tongue as detanglers too. The dirt that had formed a cake involving the hair can be removed only by the tongue of the cat. The saliva softens the texture of the cake formation and the hair gets released. Hence the cats are the perfect de-tanglers for the cute little cat.

The cats tongue can assist in those chores

The barbs or the spikes in the tongue of the cat are pointed inwards. As the result the materials are either grabbed or pulled inside. The cats find it very difficult to spit the loose hairs that were grabbed while grooming. As the result the cats ingest the loose hairs. This is exactly the reason for the formation of hair balls in the digestive system of the cat. Not all the hairs ingested are removed from the body of the cat which is the reason for the formation of the hair ball. The long haired cat breeds are more susceptible for the hair ball problem. The cat’s anatomy is such that the hair balls are ingested in to the stomach of the cat more often than not. If these hair balls are not coughed out, this will lead to very serious health problem.

String is dangerous once caught by cat’s one way tongues

The objects such as yam, dental floss, ribbons etc should be kept out of the reach of the cat. If the cats are playing with the objects that have string attached to it, then the cat should under observation by the pet owner or a sensible adult. Once the play session is over those toys should be checked and kept out of reach of the cats. As discussed earlier the spikes in the cats tongue are curved inside and hence anything that is licked by the cat tends to reach the digestive system of the cat causing trouble. This way, the string material once reaches the mouth of the cat ends up in the stomach of the cat and there is less chance for material to get out of the cat’s body.

Cat’s tongues are drinking utensils

Just like all other animals the cat too requires water. The cats are not fond of water in general. The cats should be forced to drink water. It is the duty of the pet owner to ensure the cat had consumed enough of water. The water should be provided in a clean plate and the water should be available near the cat house all the times. Many cat owners prefer to give wet food instead of dry food as the cats are not keen in drinking water unless forced by the owner.

The water plate should be cleaned at least once in a day. The water should not be contaminated with any kind of microbes. Is it advisable to give treated water to these lovely pets? If the water provided is not of good quality then we will be inviting trouble. We may need shell out hell a lot of money in treating the cat to protect it from the infection. There are so many diseases that can be transmitted through contaminated water and one should be very careful about the water provided to these feline friends.

While drinking the water the cats form their tongue in to a cup shape. The taste buds of the cat are located in the tongue of the cat are very sensitive to the taste of the water. Hence the water provided to the cat should be clean always.

Gingivitis – a Cause of your Cats Bad Breath?

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There is hardly anybody who does not fall in love with the furry friend, the cat. The people just love these cute looking animals for their colour, size and the unique personality. There are so many health issues for these cute cats. Let us discuss about gingivitis and bad breath here.

The kittens should be weaned [removed from their mother] at about 6-8 weeks of age and not before. The kittens at that age will have twenty six deciduous teeth. The kittens will have thirty permanent teeth at the age of 6-7 months.

The cats are carnivores, which one should know. The cats will feed on vegetarian food only when there is no other alternative. If the cats are left on their own, they will relish meat diet. The cats are provided with sharp teeth and even the molars do not have sufficient grinding surface. According to many, the cats have the sharpest teeth in the world. Those who have experienced the bite of cat will vouch this. The bite of the cat is more painful than a prick of the sharp needle.

The cats too are affected with periodontal diseases just as the case of dogs and human beings. Gingivitis is the precursor for the periodontal diseases. If the dental hygiene of cats is not properly taken care, nearly 70-75 % of the cats will show the signs of gingivitis or periodontitis.

The first and foremost sign of gingivitis is nothing but bad breath. The gingivitis should not be taken lightly by the pet owner as if not treated at the earliest; it will lead to more severe problem. It is easy to prevent and treat gingivitis if detected early. The best prevention technique is nothing but brushing the cat’s teeth on daily basis. Daily brushing will prevent most of the dental problems in cat and will save hell a lot of money that ought to be spent if problem like gingivitis occurs.

Whenever the cat is taken to the vet clinic for routine check up, please talk about the dental care with the vet. The vet will recommend the tooth brush required and will even show you how to brush the cat’s teeth. Never try to use your tooth paste for those lovely pet cats in order to save the time and money for purchasing the tooth paste required for the cat. The foaming agent present in the paste of yours will not suit the cat and as the result the cat will become sick. The cats do not know to spit and hence there is chance for the foam to choke the cat.

Most of the human tooth paste will have xylitol in it. Xylitol is a sweetener which is highly toxic to cats. It is highly recommended to use the tooth paste that has flavour that suits the feline friend of yours. If the flavour used in the paste is liked by the cat, then brushing the teeth will be pleasure experience for the cat and there is very less chance for getting the bite from those cute creatures. The secret to the healthy pet is nothing but healthy gum and teeth.

Cat Health Tips for a Better Vet Visit

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The pet owners in general want to provide the best for their lovely pet. The knowledge level of the pet owners as far as the pet health is concerned is very limited and hence they require vet visit. Preparing the pet and you for the vet visit is bit difficult and hence require few tips. Here they are.

The pet’s comfort is the most important aspect. The pet, I mean the cat should be carried in a container. The container should be comfortable for the cat irrespective of the vehicle used, be it public transport or private transport. The cat should not be roaming around the vehicle freely which is not good for the cat as well as the pet owner. It is not good to carry the pet in the lap especially if you are driving the car. Even if your not driving the cat may jump suddenly out of the lap and may create trouble to the driver which may result is disaster.

The cats will feel uncomfortable inside the container if they are not used to. Hence prepare the cat before actually starting your journey to the vet. The cats can be made to have a feel of the container few hours or few days before the actual travel to the visit just to make them to be comfortable inside the container. The pet containers are available in plenty.

One should select the one considering the durability, design and price suited to him. The top loading containers are considered the best. The cats can be placed inside with ease and the cat will jump out with is once the top lid is opened. Let the cat be used to the car ride inside the container. For this one should practice this for short trips near the house few days before the actual travel. Let the cat not be fed anything an hour before the vet visit. This will avoid litter problem during the travel.

Home Dental Care for Cats

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For the very health of the cat the dental structure is very important. The problems in the dental structure of the cat will affect the nutrition intake, total health of the cat and as the result the quality of the life will be totally disturbed. In case you notice the bad breath the reason could be nothing but dental disease. Periodontal disease of the cat results in dental abscess and loss of tooth. Infected teeth and gum will be very painful to the cat.

Dental infections are not to be ignored as these infections can spread to the other vital organs such as heart, lung, kidney and liver. The dental problems can be treated by teeth extraction, surgery etc. But the point is there are few things that need to be followed on daily basis which will prevent such dental health problems. Let’s discuss about that here. Prevention is always better than cure, is it not?

First and foremost requisite is taking the cat to the veterinarian for the dental health assessment. The cat will certainly require professional dental cleaning before one start the home care procedure. The veterinarian will advise you properly about the dental structure of the cat, the products to be used and even demonstrate how the cat’s teeth should be cleaned. Once the veterinarian’s visit is over, the cat should be brought home and the owner should find the right products that need to be used. For this the pet owner must have a lot of patience as this procedure involves trial and error.

Cat Tooth Brush

There are so many cat tooth brushes are available in the market. One has to look for the one that has angular head with soft bristles. So many models are sold in the market and you can choose any one. People of late prefer the tooth brush that fits the finger comfortably. These toothy brushes offer better control and grip. Never one should attempt human tooth brushes. Be aware, that the soft latex bristles are not all that effective.

Cat Tooth Paste

Here again one should use the products made for the cats and not the ones that are used for the human beings. There tooth paste should not have very strong flavour as the cats do not like them. The paste should not have fluoride or any other ingredients that are harmful to the cats if swallowed. Cats prefer tooth pastes that are having flavours of fish, chicken, beef and tuna. It is better to go in for tooth paste that gas chemicals which help to dissolve the tartar.

Dental Healthy Treats

Dental healthy treats are definitely not a substitute for tooth brush but are effective in reducing the build up of tartar. These treats can be offered to the cats as a gift for good act. These treats help to improve the dental hygiene. It is not advisable to go in for the over the counter dental healthy treats. Vet help is the best while choosing the dental health treat for cat.