The Hidden Facts of Cat Toxoplasmosis

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Nowadays cat toxoplasmosis is being discussed a lot throughout the world. It is more dangerous than AIDS. It has not been talked in the media extensively as it doesn’t produce more damage to healthy human  being. It affects the children, pregnant women and low immuned human beings.

Before reading about the symptoms of Toxoplasmosis, it is mandatory to know about the life cycle of the causative organism, which is nothing but Toxoplasma gondi. Cat is the definitive host and the intermediate hosts are man, mice, rat, etc.


The eggs of Toxoplasmosis find their way into rats that nibble on the feces of infected cats. After living inside the rodent, when it’s time to reproduce, the parasite has to get into a feline again. As all of us know rats are afraid of cats, then, how the infected rats are being killed by cats. The action of Toxo severs particular neurons in the rat’s brain making them fearless of cats. The rats will be attracted by the smell of the cat and walk before the cat. This change in host behavior is thought to be a remarkable example of a parasite manipulating a mammalian host for its own benefit (House et al., 2011). Cat kills the toxoplasma infected rat and the protozoan parasite reproduces merrily in the definitive host’s body.

Toxoplasma infects the human being by means of infested partially cooked meat. The infected man suffers from headache, fever, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, Malaise (a general sick feeling) and rashes. In pregnant women, the infection may lead to birth defects in the new borne. Toxoplasmosis infected unhealthy people may show varied symptoms such as Psychosis, seizures, and blurred vision.

In cats, toxoplasmosis causes fever, loss of appetite, and lethargy. It may infect the eyes and cause pupil dilatation, retinal inflammation, etc. Some of cats may exhibit head pressing, ear twitching, loss of control over defecation as well as urination.

Diagnosis is by lab examination. Affected animals can be completely cure by the administration of Clindamycin. The drugs such as pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine will prevent reproduction of T.gondi.


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Cat Urine Removal Carpet

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The Cat’s urine is organic and it tends to give out a strong smell. Cats like to pee in different places because they want to mark their territory. Cat urine is composed of uric acid, urochrome and urea. The uric acid is the element that emits the stink smell. Urochrome is the pigment that gives color to the urine. Urea is the component that makes the urine sticky. Cat urine can cause the bacteria to accumulate on the carpet and make the environment unhygienic.

Cat urine can destroy the hardwood floor because the wood can effectively absorb liquid. To clean up the urine, you should use an absorbent cloth to wipe out the urine soaked area such as the cotton cloth that can absorb the liquids well. The paper towels are used if you do not have cotton cloth. If the urine stain does not disappear, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it again.

Household cat urine removal carpet cleaners can be applied on the area that is stained with the cat urine. You can spray the hydrogen peroxide cleaner on the stained area to remove the stain. The odor will eliminate after you sprayed the hydrogen peroxide cleaner.

Vinegar will work as an effective cat urine removal cleaner as well. To use vinegar to remove the stain, you have to dilute it with about 30% of water. After that, you must pour in the vinegar mixture into a spray bottle and spay on the stained area. The urine will blot off by itself after a few minutes.

Many pet stores sell the cat urine removal carpet cleaners. The urine cleaners are formulated from special ingredients that are designed to eliminate the bacteria and remove the stain. Popular brand name urine cleaners include Nature’s Miracle and Stain Gobber.

Besides, you can use the carpet stain removal cleaner to remove the bacteria and enzymes from the urine of the cat. The carpet stain removal cleaner will make it easier for you to clean up the urine on a heavy-duty carpet.

Cat Rabies Symptoms

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It is difficult for cat lovers to think of their pet harmed with rabies virus but the situation can apply to your cat also. Before the virus reaches maturity stage, it is important to diagnose and give proper treatment and attention to little details of your cat exhibiting characters.

There are three stages of rabies infection, which might show up or sometimes does not show up because the symptoms show up during any of 12-180 days period. It is important to take proper consideration of its activities.

The prodromal phase is the early phase in which the affected cat will show severe behavioral changes like agitation for a quiet cat and shyness for an active cat. Kittens will have great loss of appetite followed with fever and behavioral changes.

The second stage called excitatory phase lasts for two to three days. During these days, the cat shows strange eating behavior like eating stones, hay, sticks or anything that fits into its mouth. You will also find your cat chewing just anything it sees getting extremely angry. It moves away from its routine and start aggression towards you than your house visitor. Its movements cause self-inflicting injuries with seizures and shivering like having cold.

The final stage is paralytic or dumb stage. As soon as first signs are noted, the cat reaches this phase; the virus would have attacked the nervous system and the head. The cat also develops sluggish and depressed. The diaphragm muscle, face muscles and hips paralyze making cat difficult to breathe. The mouth will droop open with tongue protruding. The cat makes choking sounds, which also sounds like something stuck in the throat, is the sign of getting respiratory system weaker and fail to die.

You should be cautious of these symptoms and watch carefully. These developed symptoms will not save cat’s life but you should be wise enough to make necessary arrangements to call in the animal control to remove. Clean the place properly and do not try to touch the cat as you may also develop and infect with rabies virus.

Cat Rabies Vaccine

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Rabies, a contagious disease spread through virus infection affect warm-blooded animals. The Rabies is common risk among the people working in wildlife, veterinary clinics and forest travelers. Once it was time for mandatory vaccination for dogs but now due to the increased infection levels of cat rabies, community’s is sharing prevention code for getting cats vaccinated. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is better to start vaccinating against the dreadful disease before the wound reaches mature stage causing a fatal death without any remedy.

There are protective and effective vaccines suggested for the infected people based on their age, maturity of the wound and the animal. Though there is no a hundred percent prevention with vaccination but it surely helps to grow heartily and healthy stout cats. The vaccination is part of immunization process against the rabies virus, under the supervision of a licensed veterinary doctor. Once the vaccination is given, it takes usual fourteen days to get full protect your cat against the rabies virus.

You should discuss with your Vet doctor for rabies vaccination about the schedule of the doses. You should also make sure to give rabies vaccine for first time and if you want to repeat the shot, contact your vet doctor. The vaccination is given at 12-14 weeks of cat’s age. The vaccination need to be followed yearly dose for keeping safe though the manufacturers give a three year protected status from rabies virus.

Tips on How to Prevent Cat Rabies

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A fatal zoonotic disease developed in animals infected by a virus called Rabies. It is the most common disease found in Asia and Africa and in some developed countries. Among the domestic animals, Cat is the common carrier of the rabies disease. Rabies is a contracting disease that is easy and heavily risked especially ones caught from the streets. The rabies infected to the domestic and wild animals, cats, eventually spread to people, when in contact with them through Saliva, bite-marks and scratches.

Cat likes to wander outdoor increasing the minimal chances of the spread of infection when they meet with wild animals. It becomes important to take steps to prevent cat rabies because it can spread from one animal to the other easily. The best way to prevent cat rabies infection is by early vaccination preventing your pet, cat or dog of infecting with rabies also developing into contracting of the disease.

The Stray animals often infected with rabies, you should help keeping away from your pet cat. If you allow your cat in the outdoor, make sure you watch over her so that she will not stray away to other places. You should also lodge information on stray animals in your neighborhood in the local health department. It is not wise to handle the stray cat yourself as they may bite you and inturn you catch disease.

In addition, you should refrain from feeding the wild cat, as they are aggressive and increase the chances of cat bites.

Safe protection measures should follow if you observe a wound on the cat.  You should quickly pay a visit to the local vet to perform a full medical checkup. Wearing hand gloves and getting yourself vaccinated before you work with animals minimize the spread of rabies to the humans. Vet doctor should request their general physician to provide a vaccine for high-risk person that is vulnerable to the cat rabies. You can find such rabies vaccination shots from the local health departments.

Managing Allergies to Cat’s Body

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You may love to have a cat as pet at home. But you may not be able to do so because of your cat allergy issue. Here is good news. The cats and the people who are allergic to it can live together without any hassle.

The allergic reactions to the cat are caused by the protein secretions of the skin of the cat in most cases. The cat’s saliva is the other allergens. These proteins attach themselves to the skin and the hair of the cat and are released in to the environment slowly.

Few are of the opinion that they soon develop immunity to counter cat allergy. This is certainly possible, but one should never depend on this theory so much. The reason is that in some cases the allergic reaction may get worse will repeat exposure.

If you are prone for cat allergy and yet love to have a cat at home, then try for a cat breed with short hair. These breeds will release less hair than the long haired cat breeds. Pure breeds like Devon and Cornish rex can be considered. These breeds do not have few layers of hairs that are commonly seen in other breeds and the allergic reaction may be less. The other breed that one can look for is sphinx which is more or less hairless and these cats love the pet owners very much.

If you have a cat at home follow little suggestion to get away from the cat allergy. The cat’s bed should be washed very frequently. Use fewer carpets in the house as they may harbour more allergens. Better to limit upholstered furniture pieces as much as possible. The cat should never be permitted to allergic person’s bed room. The smooth surfaces of the house should be washed frequently.

Cat Flea Home Remedies

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Fleas’ problem is one of the biggest problems in cats. The fleas can consume hell a lot of blood from the poor little creature called cat. These fleas can lay about 50 eggs in a day. The fleas can suck blood fifteen times more than its body weight, which really astonishing fact, is it not.
The eggs laid by the fleas will fall in to the environment where the cat lives. In a matter of 2-12 days these eggs hatch out in to larva. This larva will feed only on the flea faeces for up to 21 days. This larva will start growing and will soon complete three more stages of development and become pupa. This pupa will remain dormant for 150 to 200 days from the day the eggs are laid. These eggs are hatched near carpet, backyard, and car due to the vibration caused by the movement of the object and man.
The fleas are very strong and can live without food for about 2 months. The fleas can live comfortably for 8 months with food i.e. blood. These fleas will thrive on the blood of the cat and other animals and make the animal weak. The weak animals will be prone for infection and so many health hazards. Hence the cat’s environment should be kept clean in order to keep the flea number minimum to protect the cats from the potential danger.
The fleas can be killed by heat in all stages. The bed, carpets, rugs etc should be cleaned with hot water mixed with soap. The cloths can be exposed to dryers and steam cleaning to keep the flea’s nuisance under control.
There are very effective natural treatments for flea problem. The natural treatments are as effective as chemical treatment but one need to use natural treatment options more frequently than the chemical treatment. The topical treatments are effective but care should be taken sensitive parts should never come in to contact with. Yet more and more people are opting for topical treatment option as it is easy to follow. While opting for topical treatment option, care should take not to hurt the skin of the person who is treating the cat.
Those who want to get more information about the natural treatment can contact green pet and can send email to the mail ID provided in the website. Regular grooming is one of the best ways to control flea in cat. Running the flea comb is the simple and easy way of clearing the flea from the cat. For over all health of the natural diet is highly preferred. Hence it is the duty of the cat owner to provide natural food for the cats as much as possible. The natural food should have sufficient garlic and vitamin complex. One can think of using green pet nutritional supplement powder as it is rich in organic minerals, vitamins and herb like garlic. The cats are lovely creatures and are enjoyable pet and hence needs to be protected from fleas in all possible way=

Home Remedies for Arthritis in Cat

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Arthritis Is a big nuisances to all. The cats are no exceptions to that. In general arthritis is a problem of over weight cats. This does not mean that the smaller cats should not have this problem. If proper breeding practices and required nutrients are provided, then all kind of joint problems such as arthritis and hip dysplasia can be prevented in cats. The cats that are prone for joints problems should be provided with vitamin C from the birth in order to prevent the cat from arthritis and other joint ailments.

In general the arthritis is caused by genetic predisposition or toxin related issues. The conventional treatment for arthritis only helps to alleviate the symptoms while the naturopathic treatment works on the underlying cause and correct the issue permanently. In naturopathy, there will simple adjustments in the diet and there will be addition of nutritional supplements which will bring about required change in the cats there by improving the over all health.

Too much dependency on processed food is one of the major causes for arthritis in cats. The poor nutritional value and the presence of preservatives is the major cause of concern in processed food. The diet that are having excess meat and whole grain can also result in arthritis as there will be nutritional imbalance , acidity etc. the cats that suffer from acute arthritis require complete rest.

The cats that have arthritis will cry because there will be very severe pain. We should go in for pain relievers but should never use the same in excess. The pain may disappear while the cat is on medication, but this does not mean that the cat has recovered completely. The cat should not be subjected to vigorous exercise if the arthritis problem is completely cured as the same will lead to more severe complications. Regular exercise is must for all. The cats that are having arthritis should also be subjected to mild exercise so that the joints health is taken care. But the exercise should be slow and stead till the cats are ready for increased level of exercise. The naturopathic treatment brings about marked improvement within few weeks of the treatment.

The animal with arthritis can be treated with the following nutritional supplements

Spirulina-alfalfa- green barley- all these are rich in chlorophyll which is very much useful in balancing the acidity. Green pet nutritional supplement powder- this powder has all the required nutrients for cats and dog to keep the animal in good health. Dolomite powder- this is a good source of magnesium and calcium. The same is also good source of minerals and vitamins.

Flaxseed oil- this is rich in essential fatty acid which is important for over all health of the cats. Green pet shark cartilage- this is very good source of micronutrients like chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. These micronutrients are very much required for the repair and maintenance of joint tissues, cartilages, tendons and ligaments. Hence these micronutrients are required to accelerate the natural healing of the joint ailments.

How to control worms in your cat naturally?

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Intestinal worms are common in all creatures which includes human. These worms feed on the nutrients that are for the host and deprive the host from those vital nutrients there by disturbing the health of the host. These intestinal worms should be kept under control else they play havoc. As long as these parasites are kept at minimal number, there is no issue. Once the numbers increase then the disease symptoms are bound to appear.

Strangely some animals will appear normal with heavy load of worms while many other will show their discomfort soon. The symptoms of worm infestation vary from one animal to the other. The most common symptoms are impaired assimilation of nutrients, disturbance of digestive systems, vomiting, frequent eating of grass, rubbing the anus to the ground, decreased appetite, increased appetite, immune dysfunction, heart problems, respiratory problems, etc.

There are so many medications available for treating the worm infestation. But most of these commercial preparations are very harsh and hence if used for long time, they are harmful to the body parts. These commercial preparations can damage the lining of the digestive system and can lead to toxicity. The young puppies and kittens that are under 6 month of age should never be treated with these harsh commercial medications for deworming.

Adopting preventive measures for warms is the best alternative. These parasites feed on the waste products that are left behind in the intestine. If the digestive system is kept clean then there will not be anything for these parasites to feed on. The animals that are provided with processed food are likely to have more worm burden than those animals that are fed with raw, fresh foods. The reason is very simple the animals that are fed with natural foods are healthier than those are fed with canned foods. The processed food and the canned foods build up more toxins in the system there by paving way for the multiplication of the worms by feeding on those waste toxin materials.

It is better to go in for natural dewormer than the commercial dewormer. The natural products used for deworming do not pose any adverse health issues to the host. Full moon time is the best time form deworming the cats. During this period the cat will be very active thus the efficacy of the medication is much improved.

Heart worms are very dangerous and can kill the cat instantly once their number increases by choking the heart. The parasites are transmitted to the cats mostly by mosquitoes. Heart worm infestation can be seen in cats that are only 2 months old. If the worms mature in the heart, they can affect the function of the heart thereby killing the cat. The cats infested with heart worm may show the following symptoms. They are vomiting, lethargy, impaired blood flow to the organs, loss of appetite, weight loss, digestive disorders, low vitality etc. the heart worm can be diagnosed by blood test . It is better to go in for professional heal to counter worm infestation by natural way.

FIP – a Dreadful Cat Disease?

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Feline Infectious peritonitis is shortly called as FIP. This dreadful viral disease is noticed throughout the world. Most of the cats are acting as carriers for this virus who don’t develop symptoms of FIP, but will eventually fall ill.

Causes for FIP

A corona virus is the causative agent for this disease. It is not contagious in nature as it doesn’t shed from the affected cat. But benign feline Corona virus is contagious.

Symptoms of FIP

The disease occurs in two forms viz., Wet form and Dry form. The symptoms varied for these two forms.

Wet form symptoms of FIP

  • Loss of weight
  • No appetite
  • Elevation in temperature (won’t respond for any treatment)
  • Dyspnea
  • Fluid retention leads to abdomen distension

Dry form symptoms of FIP

Most of the symptoms of wet form is noticed in dry form except organ failure. The function of different organs will be affected that solely depends on the involvement of the organ concerned (commonly involved organs include nervous system, pancreas, liver, kidneys, eyes, etc)


The main diagnosis is by symptoms only. The confirmative diagnosis involves microscopical examination of the tissue sample from tissue biopsies including special tests to identify the virus presence.


THERE IS NO CURE FOR FIP. Currently the affected cats are treated symptomatically to get rid of the pain temporarily.


The wet form is more acute than dry form. Hence the cat suffering from wet form succumb to death within few weeks to months.


The only way to prevent this disease from the occurrence is not allowing your cat to mingle with other cats outside. Although vaccine is available for this disease, it is not yet recommended by any government as it doesn’t give complete cover against this disease.