Cats- a Perfect Weather Forecaster

August 16, 2008 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior, Folk-lores
Cat astrologer

I have discovered few hot feline finds in the Internet, which can be called as Kitten astrology. Youc an call the cat as a perfect weather forecaster.  The behavior of  your  cat  clearly implies few facts that is going to occur within few hours. So they can predict the future in an amazing way. Although these are cat-related  folk-lore, some of them are true. Please read the following points and comment here whether it is true or false after experiencing the same.

When your cat wails out loudly and stays outdoor through out the night, it may be foretelling a period of several days of bad weather.

If you find your kitty behaves in a skittish manner, claws the ground and rolls over and over in the grass, is indicaing that a brief rain-shower is on the way.

Cats cleaning and washing their ears has long been foreseen rain.

You can expect a strong winds or storm, when the cat  clawing everthing in sight, darting here and there, and running wildly about. The storm will soon blow itself out once the cat quietens down.

Last but not least, a sneezing cat implies that the rain is on the way. If it sneezes in a row means a cold for YOU…(lol)