Cat Health Sneezing

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It’s very common to find your cat to sneeze from time to time like all other human beings. As a cat owner, it is natural to be slightly concerned, if this is cause for concern. Is this a symptom of a serious health issue? There are many aspects to look at and consider when the kitty is sneezing. Either it might be an issue or not. It all depends. It’s important to understand why a cat sneezes, and what you can do to help improve this condition.

The most known reason that a cat might sneeze is because they are experiencing an upper respiratory infection. When you notice that your cat sneezes in “fits”, which may last up to a minute or half a minute in length then it could be an upper respiratory infection. This infection is usually also accompanied by other symptoms, such as swollen, and red eyes. With the proper treatment and with pet doctor’s advice, your cat should recover from this condition.

If the sneezing happens once in awhile it might be just be due to something temporarily irritating the cat’s nasal passages. Your kitty explores out by using its nose and could have inhaled something that is irritating, resulting in sneezing. So periodic sneezing is not usually an indicator of something serious.

Another thing to consider is the simultaneous presence of any other symptoms, such as excessive mucus, coughing, or swelling of the eyes or glands and discharge in the eyes due to sneezing. This is usually caused by a virus and in that case is very contagious. The symptoms will often start after your cat has been in contact with an infected animal.

If you notice your cat is sneezing blood, then it is definitely a cause for concern. It’s very important that you don’t delay and you bring your cat to a veterinary hospital immediately.

Cat Eye Problems in Kittens

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Although cat’s normal vision is far superior than us, they are more prone for several conditions that affect eye. the common cat eye problems include soft eye, Glaucoma, cataract, and keratitis

Soft Eye

This is nothing but inflammation of the eye inner pigmented area. The common reasons for this condition includes larvae of worms, eye injury ans infection. The affected eye shows severe pain with watering and squinting.


This is also called as hard eye. If you haven’t take care of this condition in kitten, it may lead to serious effects such as damage to retina and misaligned lens. The common symptoms include redness, squinting and tears. This condition requires urgent action from your vet.


It is nothing but opacity of the cat eye. The opacity (milky whiteness) varies from spot to large area. Although this is rare in house cats, it it common in wild cats (Leopard, lion, etc). The causes for this condition included feline diabetes, iherited (no treatment), infections, and injury. 


corneal inflammation is called as Keratitis. The common syptoms include protrusion of 3rd eyelid (Nicitating membrane), constant rubbing with its paw, squinting, and eye discharge. This condition will lead to loss of transparency of the cornea. There are two types of keratitis viz.,- ulcerative keatitis and chronic degenerative keratitis.

Once you have encountered any one of these conditions, immediately seek the opinion of the vet to get rid of these cat eye problems.