Feeding cat with raw food – Secrets Exposed

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Some of the cat owners feeding cat’s raw food like meaty poultry bone to chunks of meat. Feeding cats raw food like meaty poultry bone will let them tear the food off, smashing the bone and eating little bit bone as well as cartilage.

I have once searched the net for getting info about feeding cat raw food. I came across a video that shows how a cat easily dealing with large chunks of various types of meat.

So, feeding cat’s raw food is advisable for the cat owners….

Once you weaned your kitten, you should start with raw food by feeding them with raw chicken. You can get good quality chicken relatively cheaper. You can provide chicken drumstick, raw wing, and thigh. The young kitties will drag it around and gnaw on the raw food you have provided thinking that they were prey.

If you want to strengthen and clean the teeth and gums of your kitten, you can provide them chicken necks as it is being soft for them to chew. The chicken necks will provide enough calcium to the cats that feed on them.

As bottom line, I would like to conclude that NEVER FEED YOUR CATS WITH COOKED BONE. Cooked bones of any kind will get hardened and will seriously cause digestive disorders due to improper digestion of the same. So feeding your cat with raw food will help you to get hale and healthy kitties.

Cat Health and Raw Diets

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The cats are really perfect clean animals. You can see the cat constantly cleaning their body parts using their tongue; this is a clear indication that the cats are hygiene conscious animals. If your cat breed is having long hair then you should use a comb for brushing. One can use power to keep the hair coat dry and clean. Proper grooming will help the cat to remain clean and most importantly the hair ball ingestion can be prevented.

The cats are in fact not picky animals. The cat will sleep in a place which she or he feels suitable and do not require any special bed. The cat beds should be preferable placed in a dark and silent place. If the cat is permitted to have comfortable sleep, the stress related health issues can be minimized. Few cats love to sleep in the lap of the pet owners like many other pets.

In case, If you have to travel with a cat away from home, better to have separate cat carrier which will prevent the cat from getting injured. There are three basic types of cat carriers. They are soft carrier, card board carrier and hard carrier.

The cats require regular exercise in order to remain healthy. The toys are the best way to make the cat active. As the cats are very much attracted towards the moving object, the battery operated rat toy is the best to engage the cat.

The cats are basically carnivores; one should always keep this in mind. Hence traditionally the cats are used to RAW diets. The cats know to prey on small animals. The little animals are rich in protein and energy and hence the cat’s digestive system is used to high protein and high energy diet. The protein requirement of an adult cat is not less that 20%. The cats should be provided fresh water as much as possible. The acidity level of the cat’s stomach is high when compared to the human beings. The RAW diet of the cat includes insects, small mammals, snakes, tiny birds, fishes, rodents and other small reptiles. The cats also like to consume chicken, heart, kidney, liver, muscle etc.