How to Control Overweight in Cats?

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Fat Cat

Obese cats are burning problem amopng cat owners. A statistics confirm that 30-40% of all the cats and dogs in the United States are overweight. How to Overcome this problem of overweight in cats? This is million dollar query. Who is the main cause for this overweight? It is no other the you, the pet owners. Overfeeding, lack of exercise and too many treats are the culprits.

Our cats don’t know that they are overweighed and need to go for dieting unlike human beings. But we, the pet owners can contain this obese condition by changing our ways of feeding them, giving them more exercise and holding back on extra treats.

The cat diet should include less carbohydrates, and no fas diets. As the weight of the cat is increasing day by day, they will eat more than it requires. Most of the cat owners are in a false hope that cat spayed or neutered is the reason for overweight. It is not so! If the cat is fed with too much of calories, no exercise and normal aging will help to add on the pounds.

An overweight cat should be shown to a vet in order to check the following parameters-

1.Heart check up

2. Thyroid check up and

3. Minor blood parameters to rule out metabolic problems.

The cat should eat everyday but with less quantity of nutrient rich feed. Don’t think that fasting a cat will help your kitty to loss excess pounds.

Obese cats are prone for all diseases, which include diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and hepatic lipidiosis. Never start to reduce your kitty’s weight without consulting a cat vet because their metabolism is entirely different that of dog. Cats are carnivores, but dogs are omnivores.

If you want to change the diet, do it carefully. Mix current food with that of newfood. Gradually reduce the old feed with new feed in order to reduce weight of your cat.



Cat Pet Insurance and other Fallacies

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Last week while I was travelling in the car and I had a close look at the small but curious creature called cat. What I understood in the next 20 minutes made me to feel that the cat accessories and the cat insurance are just not required. Cats make their own laws to themselves. These are the cunning animals and try to treat all other creature with utter disdain.

You may have cat proof fencing which does not deter them any way. This smooth operator knows the ways and means of entering the house and does all the damages they can. On that day, I was just relaxing myself in the car. I still remember that it was winter but the sun was very bright on that day. All of a sudden I could hear thud sound in the bonnet of my car. I jerked out to see what it was? I saw a black cat with green eyes preening. The cat started licking the haunch one after the other. Then it looked around suspiciously. It licked the lower leg as if it is massaging the leg with the tongue. Next the belly was licked and the hair in that area got straightened by the moisture in the tongue.

The cat was not taking any notice of my presence. I was hardly three feet from that cunning creature and only the wind screen was separating the cat and me. I was thinking that the glare of the light must have prevented the cat from sensing my presence. The preening of the cat was going on for some time. The cats at that point of time looked at me. There was no fear in its eye or the behaviour. The cat lifted the head in the cool winter air and started grooming again. I was totally amused by its behaviour as there was complete indifference to the surroundings and me. The cat was very calm and not at all perturbed. Finally, the cat jumped out of my bonnet and reached a door that was open where senior denizen was waiting for the cat with smile and a plate of milk.

I started wondering about these cunning creatures of the god and how they enjoy their life. On the contrary I had to work hard for my weekly quota of my groceries and provisions as they do not come reach me with ease. I need to year sufficient money to find a roof over my head. Whereas the roof, food, water and others requirements reach the cat with ease.

The cunning creature, I mean the cats are seen since sphinx and beyond. Of yore these animals were worshiped by a section of society. I was just wondering because of that old exalted position; the cats still enjoy the comfortable life in the modern world. Now the question that haunted me is that do these animals require insurance? Do they get sick very often? The pet insurance companies confirm that these animals get sick and require insurance to meet out the expenditure. Cats are highly prone to asthma and so many other health issues and it is very much safe for the pet owners to have one as the veterinary health care is as costly as human health care.