How to raise a healthy kitten?

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It is always better to select the kitten from the whole litter. You should select the kitten that is active, playful and friendly. The kitten selected should be confident looking and should approach you happily. The shy and sensitive kittens should be left behind.

At the time the kitten is taken home, it should be 7-8 weeks old. Some pedigree breeders will keep the kittens with them up to 12 weeks old so that they can complete the vaccinations needed. There are certain things one should look for while selecting the kitten. Let us discuss about it here.

The ear of the kitten should be clean and should not have any unpleasant smell. The cat’s eyes are blue in colour. The cats with white blue eye are highly prone for deafness. This can be checked by making sound outside the field of vision of the cat.

The eyes of the kitten should be clean and bright and there should not be any discharge. The teeth of the kitten should be white and the gum should be pink. The coat should be clean and shiny and the coat should not have any flea. The area under tail of the kitten should be spotless.

Setting the new kitten

One should have good pet carrier to take the kitten home. This way the transport stress can be minimized. Let the kitten come out of the pet carrier on its own. Never try to rush the things as the poor kitten may get frightened. The food and fresh clean water should be ready for the kitten.

Let the kitten be left on its own for some time. Make sure the bed and the litter tray are in proper place so that the kitten can find that out with ease. Let the children in the house play and handle the kitten gently. Let the kitten be confined at house for a week or so.

You should accompany the kitten when it goes out of the house for the first time. This way the kitten will feel secure and develop the bond towards the owner. Let the other animals and the pets be introduced to the kitten slowly.

Be sure the other pet does not harm or frighten the kitten as it is a new arrival. If proper care is taken for a week or so, then the kitten will amuse itself as well as the other pets and house holds by its playful activities.

Cat Equipments

Bed- cardboard box along with a blanket or a cushion is more than enough for the kitten. As the kitten grows, you may require covered bed or wooden box. The bed should be washable only then the bed can be kept clean. Let the bed be provided in warm, quite and draught free place.

Cat Furniture Guide- What to Look For in a Cat Carrier?

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The common folks just love the cats as they are small, cute and adorable. As these cats are very friendly, the cat owners love to have these cute creatures when they travel or when they are taking leisure walk around the house or in park. One has to be very careful while taking the cats outside the house as they are likely to get stressed by the sight of the vehicles and the noise created by them. It is almost next to impossible to carry the cats out side the house without cat carrier as there is a chance for these cute creatures get injured.

One should buy the best cat carrier as they are very much needed for the cats. Many different cat carriers are available in the market and hence one will get confused to select one. Here is little information which will help you to choose the best cat carrier. The cat carrier is multifunctional. You require this when you plan to make a vet clinic visit. You will require this when you want to take the cat for pet shop. The cat carrier serves as storage unit when the animal is carrier in plain or train or car. One has to always remember that the cats in general are not as sociable as dogs. As the result the cat owner requires the cat carrier in order to protect the animal from the human beings and vice versa.

Usage– the usage of the cat carrier should be considered while selecting the right cat carrier. As mentioned earlier there are many different varieties of cat carrier. Some of the cats carriers are having wheels and while many others are not having one. In general people prefer the cat carriers with wheels. Especially those who want to take the cat while walking will require the cat carrier with wheel. Those who plan to take the cat with them when they travel in aeroplane or boat should buy the cat carrier as per the approved specification of the boat or aeroplane company.

Cat size – the cat size and weight is very important criteria in selecting the cat carrier. The cat carrier should not be too small or too big. The cat carrier selected should have sufficient space for the cat to move about. You can take the help of the sale person while selecting the cat carrier.

Material- the cat carrier selected should be made up of high quality material and should be durable. The cat carriers are made up of cloth, card board, hard plastic etc. you can select the one that is best suited for your requirement.

Design– the cat carrier should have sufficient ventilation. The cat carrier should be easy to clean, should be washable and secure. The cat carrier should be provided with lock for the safety of the animal in transit.

By considering the facts provided above the right kind of cat carrier can be selected by even the first time cat owner.