Top three ways to choose the right food for your Ragdoll cat

February 27, 2012 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Ragdoll

It is an honour to have rag doll cat as pet. The difficult thing in rag doll cat rearing is choosing the right type of food for those lovely looking cat. The cat food store will have so many types of rag doll cat food and one will be confused to arrive at the decision of right food. Each and every one will love to buy the best food for their beloved pet. There are three things, one need to do in order to select the best ragdoll cat food. Let us discuss about it here

1. Talking to the vet-

The best thing one need to do is consulting the vet about the best rag doll cat food. This vet consultation is a must in case the rag doll cat that you had purchased is having any special medical concern or need. The vet should be asked to suggest the best f cat food brand available. The vet should be asked what should be looked at before buying the cat food. The vet will suggest even the store where you can buy the genuine cat food.

2. Reading the ingredients

The pert owner should never buy the cat food without going through the labels. The pet owner must know the ingredients of the cat food before buying the same. The quality of the cat food can be decided by knowing the ingredients of the branded cat food. The cat food made up of animal by products should be avoided as much as possible. Such by products will be mentioned as beef by products or chicken by products. By products are the products that are left over in the slaughter house after removal of the meat portion. The entails, bones, plasma, intestines etc come under by products category. If you see the word, meat meal in the ingredient list, it is better to avoid that cat food as much as possible. The meat meal may have the meat of Road kill animal, zoo animal, diseased animal, injured animal etc.

3. Watching the cat’s energy level and appearance

As soon as the selection of cat food is over, take a note of the energy level and the appearance of the cat. Make a note of the appearance of the fur. The fur may be non- matted, soft, or shiny. The eyes of the cat should be bright and clear. The stool should be soft and have normal color and odour. The stool should be well formed and should not be watery. The cat’s energy level also should be noted. The cat should be energetic and playing. Just make a note whether the cat is sleeping more than required. Please remember, the cat will sleep a lot as a natural process. The kittens will sleep more than the adults. If any abnormality is noticed, then take the cat to the nearby vet clinic without wasting any time. The vet may suggest changing the food if required. Follow the vet’s suggestion. When you are changing from one food to the other, please do it in the phased manner. Mix the new food with the old food more and more for one or two weeks. Never switch to the new food all of a sudden as that may trigger diarrhoea in cat. Once you had changed to the new food completely, again make note of the energy level and the appearance of the cat as you did it before.

The process of selecting the right food for the rag doll cat food may be frustrating. But it is the duty of the pet owner to provide the right food for his or her beloved pet cat.