Cats Vs Scorpions

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A friend of mine who is living in a rural farm house is stumbling upon with scorpions daily. So he often asked me if getting a cat will help. There is folklore that cats deter scorpions by eating them. I read that cats are immune to scorpion stings in a blog also. It is not so! The truth is cats prefer to avoid scorpion rather than encountering with them.

If your cat is stung by a scorpion, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will die. Not all scorpion stings are lethal. Scorpion stings were 6th most common bite or sting, behind bee stings, spider bites, tick bites, wasp stings, and ant bites. Don’t assume that the scorpion sting treatment for humans is the same for your cat. Consult your veterinarian if symptoms appear serious.

Reasons for the Cat being Immune to Scorpion Bite Read more…

Cat Urine Removal Home Remedy

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The Cat urine removal home remedy is an alternative to the stain removal cleaner bought from the stores. The biggest advantage of using a cat urine removal home remedy is that it will not produce side effects. The resources for the home remedy found in the home allowing you to make the best use of them and there is no need to purchase them. Some of the home remedies that are frequently used include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes and Gerbera Daisies plant.

Vinegar is a common home remedy that can remove the cat urine stain. Before applying the vinegar, you have to wipe up the spot with a dry cloth. After that, you should pour the vinegar solution on the carpet. The making of the vinegar solution is easy mixing of one part of vinegar and two parts of tap water. You should allow the water and vinegar solution to remain on the spot for some time. After a while, you can blot it with rag cloth and paper towel. You should keep on wiping the spot for several times until the cat urine stain is completely gone.

Hydrogen peroxide is a simple treatment that you can use to remove the cat urine. You have to pour the hydrogen peroxide into a bowl. The recommended dosage of the hydrogen peroxide is 15 ounces. Mix the hydrogen peroxide with some liquid soap and baking soda and apply to the affected area stained with cat urine.

Enzymes are also a popular cat urine removal home remedy. The enzymes are unavailable in pet stores; the janitorial stores offer enzymes at an affordable price. In enzymes the protein element, that with similar function to urea, break down the elements of the urine so that the stain and odor can be eliminated.

Besides, plants such as Gerbera Daisies also help in removing the cat urine. Gerbera Daisies is naturally absorbent to the ammonia found in cat urine and thus it can remove the cat urine odor.

Cat Urine Cleaning

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Cat urine will cause an unpleasant odor on the flooring and carpet. It is important that you clean the cat urine from the carpet immediately otherwise it will become a permanent stain. Before you begin to clean the carpet, you have to locate the stained area. Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate the affected area of the cat urine. If you have problem locating the cat urine, you can use a black fluorescent light. After you have located the stain, you can begin the cat urine cleaning process.

Cat urine stains are removable on the upholstery, by blotting it with an absorbent cloth. You should use dry absorbent cloth during the first time you wipe the upholstery. After wiping it, dip the cloth in vinegar solution and blot the stained area again. You can use the stain and odor removers available from the department store. Every stain remover comes with the manufacturer instruction on how to use it. You should follow the instruction in order to clean the cat urine effectively.

The carpet stained with urine should be sterile by using the carpet removal cleaner. After applying the cleaner, you must use a waste cloth to wipe it until there is no more moisture left in that area. After that, you have to use a damp cloth to wipe the area. When wiping the area, make sure you apply a little pressure so that the urine can be completely blot out from the carpet. If the stain persists, you have to keep repeating the cat urine cleaning process for a few times.

For cat urine cleaning on the flooring, the usage of enzymes to remove the cat urine is next step. You can buy these enzymes from a janitorial store. The pet stores do not sell the enzyme cleaner. The enzyme cleaner is the last resort to remove the stain that breaks down the proteins in the cat urine and thereby leaving a fresh carpet for use.

Natural Relief from Cat Skin Allergies

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The skin allergies are very common in pets. There are so many reasons for skin allergy. The fleas are not the only reason. Of late more and more pets are suffering from skin allergies. The cause for the same can be weeds, shampoo, house hold chemicals, grasses, chlorinated water, preservatives, certain foods etc. the skin allergies can be seen as dry and flaky skin, eczema, hotspots, excessive itching, dandruff, chewing at paws, loss of fur, smelly coat, excessive licking etc.

The external parasites such as ticks, fleas, mange mites, lice and ringworm can also cause skin allergies. In some cats you may find more fleas but the coat health will be good. In some other cats, you will find only one flea but there will be severe allergic reactions and the cat will be scratching the skin frantically. There will be bleeding and bald patches will be visible.

The cat will respond well for cortisone treatment. This treatment will be only symptomatic and does not cure the problem once for all. For permanent cure one should treat the underlying cause. The natural treatment for skin allergy aims at providing good nutrition, detoxification, and natural remedies that strengthen the immune system.

The majority of the cats that are with skin allergies are fed with processed food. The processed food is tasty, easy to serve, not messy and are loved by the cats very much. For the reasons mentioned, the processed food is used by many pet owners. But the health of cat is taken for a toss. The processed food is not natural and will never have the nutrients in balanced quantity which is the reason for deterioration of cat’s health.

The best way of detoxifying the cat is fasting. Fasting if combined with herbs and homeopathic treatment; bring about desired results much faster. The healthy cats can be under fasting for 2 days without any fuss. Under supervision, the healthy cats may be kept under fasting for even more days. The cats that have cancer, diabetes or any other serious health issue should never be fasted. Fasting is not just starving as many pet owners assume. The cats can be provided with fresh vegetable juices and broth [made from vegetables or bones]. The pet owner should spend sufficient time with the pet during fasting. The cat may be taken for a walk or the cat may be allowed play its favourite game during their meal time to change the mood away from food.

The herbs such as red clover, burdock, milk thistle, dandelion, yellow dock, chickweed, parsley and alfalfa are very effective in treating skin allergies. The homeopathic treatment can be combined with fasting in order to hasten the healing process. If the skin allergies are due to emotional disturbances, then you can think of flower essence. Skin conditions are corrected effectively by good nutrition. The natural diet free from artificial preservatives is need of the hour for treating the cats with skin allergies. The nutritional deficiency is often manifested by poor quality skin and coat. There is no need to bath the cat very often as it may dry the skin there by paving way for skin allergies.

Cat Flea Home Remedies

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Fleas’ problem is one of the biggest problems in cats. The fleas can consume hell a lot of blood from the poor little creature called cat. These fleas can lay about 50 eggs in a day. The fleas can suck blood fifteen times more than its body weight, which really astonishing fact, is it not.
The eggs laid by the fleas will fall in to the environment where the cat lives. In a matter of 2-12 days these eggs hatch out in to larva. This larva will feed only on the flea faeces for up to 21 days. This larva will start growing and will soon complete three more stages of development and become pupa. This pupa will remain dormant for 150 to 200 days from the day the eggs are laid. These eggs are hatched near carpet, backyard, and car due to the vibration caused by the movement of the object and man.
The fleas are very strong and can live without food for about 2 months. The fleas can live comfortably for 8 months with food i.e. blood. These fleas will thrive on the blood of the cat and other animals and make the animal weak. The weak animals will be prone for infection and so many health hazards. Hence the cat’s environment should be kept clean in order to keep the flea number minimum to protect the cats from the potential danger.
The fleas can be killed by heat in all stages. The bed, carpets, rugs etc should be cleaned with hot water mixed with soap. The cloths can be exposed to dryers and steam cleaning to keep the flea’s nuisance under control.
There are very effective natural treatments for flea problem. The natural treatments are as effective as chemical treatment but one need to use natural treatment options more frequently than the chemical treatment. The topical treatments are effective but care should be taken sensitive parts should never come in to contact with. Yet more and more people are opting for topical treatment option as it is easy to follow. While opting for topical treatment option, care should take not to hurt the skin of the person who is treating the cat.
Those who want to get more information about the natural treatment can contact green pet and can send email to the mail ID provided in the website. Regular grooming is one of the best ways to control flea in cat. Running the flea comb is the simple and easy way of clearing the flea from the cat. For over all health of the natural diet is highly preferred. Hence it is the duty of the cat owner to provide natural food for the cats as much as possible. The natural food should have sufficient garlic and vitamin complex. One can think of using green pet nutritional supplement powder as it is rich in organic minerals, vitamins and herb like garlic. The cats are lovely creatures and are enjoyable pet and hence needs to be protected from fleas in all possible way=

Natural Herbal Therapy for Cat Ailments

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Most of the cats are natural herbal seekers. Hence it is mandatory to know natural herbal therapy for house cat ailments. The cats seek certain herbs when they need the same. One can see the cat chewing lemon grass, couch grass, comfrey and other plants occasionally. The cats do so as when they require the herbal treatment. The domesticated cats do not have the option of going for herbs just as the wild cats. Hence the pet owner must grow fee useful herbs in their garden so that the same can be used whenever the need arises.

Most of the herbs do posses one or the other medicinal property.

Alfalfa- this herb is rich in nutrients. These herbs are very effective in treating digestive and stomach ailments. This herb is having blood purifying ability and act as appetite stimulant.

Burdock– skin conditions and arthritis can be treated effectively using this herb. This herb promotes perspiration. This herb does have diuretic property too. This herb is good at supporting the digestive system.

Calendula– this herb is mostly used in treating skin ailments. Gastric problems also can be effectively treated using this herb. This herb is also used as blood tonic and antifungal medication.

Celery seeds– the cats that are chilled very much can be treated with ease. This herb is used as digestive tonic also. This herb possess anti-inflammatory and diuretic property also

Chaste tree berry– this herb is one of the best hormone balancer.

Chamomile- this is called as soothing and calming herb. Digestive weakness, head aches, irritable bowel symptoms, colic can be corrected with ease using this herb.

Clivers– this herb is very effective in treating inflammation. The urinary tract inflammations can be treated effectively. This herb can be used as lymphatic stimulant.

Cough grass- this herb do possess urinary antiseptic property and this herb is rich in nutrients.

Devils claw- this herb has analgesic property in addition to the anti-inflammatory property. The arthritis and rheumatism can be treated with ease using this herb.

Dandelion- this herb is the best liver protector. This herb can correct kidney ailments and digestive disturbances. This herb is one of the few best pain relievers.

Echinacea– this herb is very good in treating bacterial and viral infections. This herb can boost immune systems of the body. This herb can be used for preventing the infection as well as treating the same.

Eye bright– this herb is excellent tonic for the eye. This herb can be used for regular eye bath. Fenugreek- the gastric disorders can be corrected and the appetite can be stimulated using this herb. This herb will increase the production of milk if used during the lactation. This herb combines well with garlic.

Ginger– this herb has so many therapeutic properties. This herb is very commonly used both in eastern and western herbal medication. This helps to counter vomiting and nausea.

Garlic– this herb is a natural antibiotic. Garlic is good source of sulphur and is rich in many essential minerals .

Horsetail- this herb is a good source of silica. This herb also contains phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. This herb is very effective in treating bone and joint ailments.

Tips to Remove the Cat’s Urine Smell Ultra-fast

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The cat’s owners are breaking their head to know, how to remove the cat’s urine smell fast. The cat’s urine smell is really very unpleasant. The cats are on protein rich diet and the same is the reason for bad smell of the urine.

There are so many cat odour removal products available in the market and most of them are very effective but they are very costly. Let us discuss about few simpler ways of removing the cat’s urine smell.

Baking soda- one must have observed that many people have the habit of placing baking soda in freezers and refrigerators. The reason is simple. Baking soda is a natural odour neutralizer and is very effective in eliminating strong smell. The baking soda should be applied all over the place which needs to be covered [soiled]. Allow the place to dry for some time. Then the place should be washed completely with water. The baking soda needs to be rubbed as deeply as possible in order to get best results.

Vinegar – Most of the pet owners are using vinegar to eliminate the bad smell for many years. Undiluted vinegar is the best in eliminating the cat’s urine smell. The vinegar needs to be used liberally to soak the contaminated floor board or carpet. White or apple vinegar is the best in business. Vinegar is absolutely safe as it will not damage the spot on which it is used. Within an hour the strong smell of vinegar will dissipate taking along with it the cat’s urine smell.

Hydrogen peroxide-In general bleach is used to clean the stain. If you do not want the colour of the area to be lost, then hydrogen peroxide is the best choice. Hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria there by eliminating the odour completely. One need to apply hydrogen peroxide on small area and wait for two hours to see whether there is any bleaching. If there is no bleaching, then one can proceed with the same to the entire area. As hydrogen peroxide is very good at killing the bacteria, the bad smell dissipates gradually.

Although these are the simple home remedies available to get rid of cat urine smell fast, you can get more ideas by visiting these Home remedies for cat urine smell.

Treatment Options for Cat’s Bad Breath

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Do you observe that the lovely cat of yours smells weird in addition to the usual cat odour? There is definitely something wrong. You may not figure out the cause immediately. You may be noticing the smell while trying to kiss the cat. If that is the case, there is no doubt that your cat is having bad breath. Bad breath is also called as halitosis bad breath is caused by numerous medical conditions. The cat with unhealthy gum or tooth decay will definitely have bad breath. Let us discuss about the bad breath in detail here

Dangers of bad breath in cat

Cat’s bad breath is not condition that can be ignored as many pet owners think. If not attended to as soon as detected, it may lead to more serious heath problem. If the bad breath is due to tooth decay, there will be severe pain and the infection may spread to the other parts and damage them. The bacteria can spread very fast through blood to the other vital organs and multiply there and damage them beyond repair. In case the bacteria reach organs like liver and kidney, there is a possibility of organ failure which may be life threatening.

Causes of bad breath in cat

The human beings develop bad breath due to various causes. Just like human beings the cat’s bad breath too has so many reasons. The cat’s bad breath may be due to stomatitis [ inflammation of mouth], gingivitis [ inflammation of gums], abscess and tooth decay, liver disease, kidney disease,diabetes,gastrointestinal problem, mouth cancer etc. In order to pin point the possible cause for the bad breath in cat, one should consult the veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian will conduct serious of tests such as X ray of the teeth, liver function test, kidney function test, FIV test etc to confirm the root cause of the bad breath. Read more…

Home Remedies for Cat Dandruff

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As I visit the pet forums very often, I came to know that the dandruff in cat is a big problem to many vet owners and most of them are not aware of the ways and means of controlling the same. If you are owner of a black pet cat, the dandruff problem will be appearing bigger by many folds. Let the pet owner not fear any more. There are so many home remedies for cat dandruff that help to overcome the problem without having to spend time and money at vet clinic.

Home remedies are easy to follow and one has to just observe the symptoms, environment and take appropriate action that is all. In most of the cat dandruff cases only three factors are involved.

Let us discuss about all here. If the cat is aged or overweight, it will have dandruff at rump or tail. This reason for this is very simple. The cat because of it’s over weight not able to reach the tail and rump for self cleaning. The aged cats also will not be able to reach these parts to clean because of lack of agility and flexibility. All one has to do is to clean the cats regularly. Such cats should be groomed at least once in two months. Read more…

How to Control Overweight in Cats?

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Fat Cat

Obese cats are burning problem amopng cat owners. A statistics confirm that 30-40% of all the cats and dogs in the United States are overweight. How to Overcome this problem of overweight in cats? This is million dollar query. Who is the main cause for this overweight? It is no other the you, the pet owners. Overfeeding, lack of exercise and too many treats are the culprits.

Our cats don’t know that they are overweighed and need to go for dieting unlike human beings. But we, the pet owners can contain this obese condition by changing our ways of feeding them, giving them more exercise and holding back on extra treats.

The cat diet should include less carbohydrates, and no fas diets. As the weight of the cat is increasing day by day, they will eat more than it requires. Most of the cat owners are in a false hope that cat spayed or neutered is the reason for overweight. It is not so! If the cat is fed with too much of calories, no exercise and normal aging will help to add on the pounds.

An overweight cat should be shown to a vet in order to check the following parameters-

1.Heart check up

2. Thyroid check up and

3. Minor blood parameters to rule out metabolic problems.

The cat should eat everyday but with less quantity of nutrient rich feed. Don’t think that fasting a cat will help your kitty to loss excess pounds.

Obese cats are prone for all diseases, which include diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and hepatic lipidiosis. Never start to reduce your kitty’s weight without consulting a cat vet because their metabolism is entirely different that of dog. Cats are carnivores, but dogs are omnivores.

If you want to change the diet, do it carefully. Mix current food with that of newfood. Gradually reduce the old feed with new feed in order to reduce weight of your cat.