Treatment Options for Cat’s Bad Breath

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Do you observe that the lovely cat of yours smells weird in addition to the usual cat odour? There is definitely something wrong. You may not figure out the cause immediately. You may be noticing the smell while trying to kiss the cat. If that is the case, there is no doubt that your cat is having bad breath. Bad breath is also called as halitosis bad breath is caused by numerous medical conditions. The cat with unhealthy gum or tooth decay will definitely have bad breath. Let us discuss about the bad breath in detail here

Dangers of bad breath in cat

Cat’s bad breath is not condition that can be ignored as many pet owners think. If not attended to as soon as detected, it may lead to more serious heath problem. If the bad breath is due to tooth decay, there will be severe pain and the infection may spread to the other parts and damage them. The bacteria can spread very fast through blood to the other vital organs and multiply there and damage them beyond repair. In case the bacteria reach organs like liver and kidney, there is a possibility of organ failure which may be life threatening.

Causes of bad breath in cat

The human beings develop bad breath due to various causes. Just like human beings the cat’s bad breath too has so many reasons. The cat’s bad breath may be due to stomatitis [ inflammation of mouth], gingivitis [ inflammation of gums], abscess and tooth decay, liver disease, kidney disease,diabetes,gastrointestinal problem, mouth cancer etc. In order to pin point the possible cause for the bad breath in cat, one should consult the veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian will conduct serious of tests such as X ray of the teeth, liver function test, kidney function test, FIV test etc to confirm the root cause of the bad breath. Read more…

How to Control Overweight in Cats?

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Fat Cat

Obese cats are burning problem amopng cat owners. A statistics confirm that 30-40% of all the cats and dogs in the United States are overweight. How to Overcome this problem of overweight in cats? This is million dollar query. Who is the main cause for this overweight? It is no other the you, the pet owners. Overfeeding, lack of exercise and too many treats are the culprits.

Our cats don’t know that they are overweighed and need to go for dieting unlike human beings. But we, the pet owners can contain this obese condition by changing our ways of feeding them, giving them more exercise and holding back on extra treats.

The cat diet should include less carbohydrates, and no fas diets. As the weight of the cat is increasing day by day, they will eat more than it requires. Most of the cat owners are in a false hope that cat spayed or neutered is the reason for overweight. It is not so! If the cat is fed with too much of calories, no exercise and normal aging will help to add on the pounds.

An overweight cat should be shown to a vet in order to check the following parameters-

1.Heart check up

2. Thyroid check up and

3. Minor blood parameters to rule out metabolic problems.

The cat should eat everyday but with less quantity of nutrient rich feed. Don’t think that fasting a cat will help your kitty to loss excess pounds.

Obese cats are prone for all diseases, which include diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and hepatic lipidiosis. Never start to reduce your kitty’s weight without consulting a cat vet because their metabolism is entirely different that of dog. Cats are carnivores, but dogs are omnivores.

If you want to change the diet, do it carefully. Mix current food with that of newfood. Gradually reduce the old feed with new feed in order to reduce weight of your cat.




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Siamese cats, what are they? One may wonder. These are cats of exotic origin. The native of the cat is temples of Siam. Siam is called as Thailand today. These cats are loved all over the world because of the unique colored coats and talkative nature. The cat breeders in Siammix other cat breeds to have a mixed breed. Hence for those who are interested in buying genuine pure bred Siamese cat, the information provided in this article will be of immense help.


Physical appearance


There are two types so Siamese cats, namely modern and traditional. The modern Siamese cats will have a long body and triangular head. The traditional Siamese cats will have compact body with apple shaped head and will look robust.


But Siamese cats of today have slender, long bodies, leg and tail. The hairs are very short. Moreover, the cats have blue eyes and have white and black coat. The color of the coat changes as the cats grow older and the end color may be chocolate, seal, lilac, tabby, fawn and blue.




The Siamese cats are very friendly with the humans. These cats are very social to the human beings and have very effective communication with the human. These cats love to play with the children and are active and swift.


But, one thing that pet owner needs to be wary. These cats will walk away from you once they get bored and tired with your company. These cats require constant attention and can’t be left alone for longer period of time. These cats are extremely vocal and are ready to express their happiness or dislike.


Siamese cats are very easy to maintain. But, they require to be bathed at least twice a month. If good care is taken, these Siamese cats live as long as 15 years or even more.


Dear readers, we are of the opinion that we have offered few valuable inputs about the Siamese cats, which are simply the most sorts after cats in the world. It is needless to say that your choice of Siamese cats is something really worth a fortune.

Tuxedo Cat Facts

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The natural adaptation of  grace and style constitutes the description of a tuxedo cat. They are always proactive and lively. These are cats that every cat lover should possess as they are really endearing and charming pets with appreciable beauty. You may not know what actually is a tuxedo cat? Is it something representing the species of cat or a color pattern of the cat? The truth be told, it is not a cat breed but the ones which have a distinctive fur texture and different color scheme on it. To be exact they are dual colored cats. They are the customary beauties bearing black and white colors and are having a great demand in the pet shops.

Tuxedo cat pattern

For a cat to be referred as a tuxedo cat it must possess following traits.

1.The cat should contain black color all over its body and some white patches scattered on the black color in a small proportion.

2.The white patches should be predominantly present on her cheek, upper body, tummy and paws.

3.The black color should be present more than that of the white.

As their external appearance with white and black colors ,resembles a tuxedo coat they are named so.

It is significant to observe every cat that has a black and white spots are tuxedos. There are quite a lot of multi colored, black and white cats which are not primarily Tuxedos. A considerable number of these cats, for example, may have larger white spots than that of black  or have black or white colors in a marginal proportion  or possess firm white patches all the way through their bodies and just have a small number of  black spots. These kitten should not be mistaken for tuxedos.

Are you familiar with a well-known tuxedo?

After having identified what a real tuxedo cat is ,now we must know about the cats that are treated as celebrities.

In the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, which was composed by T.S. Elliot  ,tuxedos were commemorated and in the play the black and white cats were leading central characters.

Silvester the cat featuring in the Looney Toons show ,Felix the cat who is said to have gained immense popularity rapidly and Socks, the beloved at of Bill Clinton, the former president are the famous ones that have to be mentioned. Moreover the Cat Socks is the recent inclusion to the list of cats that has lived in the white house.

Present ideas and tuxedo cat names

If you own a tuxedo yourself or know others who have this kind of cats it is better if you gift them some pictures, calendars ,magnet and many other cat apparels and accessories.

If you are thinking of owning a cat and you don’t have idea about the tuxedos ,just give a thought about having them as your beloved pets for they being a spectacular and affectionate buddies. Once you make your mind to get a tuxedo cat for yourself consider these names while getting down to complete a daunting task of choosing a particular catchy name. They are Mime,Chess Piece,Jellicle and Domino.

Understanding Cat Breeds

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Cat breeding have been performed by themselves for the last thousands of years. Our ancestors used the cat breeds for only one purpose- killing and hunting rodents. Now days we began to breed cats according to our desire. At present, there are numerous breeds of cats – which you can assess if you have taken a close look.   

In the cat registries there are 70 distinct cat breeds. But some of the cat registries register only 40 breeds or so, as they didn’t include the more wild breeds such as tigers. 

Some cat breeds have a deep history. Say, Japanese Bobtail, a Japanese breed is having a good old history of 1000 years. These cats were very well known and common throughout Medieval Japan. 

The common cat breeds, which are abundant in North America, include the Persian cat, longhaired cat and alley cat. Although Siamese cats are known for their foul temper and destructive behavior, it is having their own pet owners through out this world. 

If you want a loving companion, then you can prefer to rear Persian cats. Persian cats are really popular cat breed among the pet owners although it is more expensive. The cost of a Persian kitten depends on the factors- what type of Persian cat it is and where you get it. 

In North America, the next best cat breed is Alley cats. Although there are several different breeds of alley cats, most of us call to them as alley cats. This cat is really a GOOD pet. As we know cats are prolific breeders, the Alley cats outnumbered any other breeds in North America, as there are hundreds of them in the streets of North America. 

You can easily find out the breed of the cat by means of its appearance. Some people classify the cat breeds on color. But identifying a cat based on the color is not an easy task except Siamese cat. Most of the Siamese cats are almost black. You can easily identify a Persian cat by their hair and body type. 

Do you know cats were the first pets of the human race? Although there are different breeds of cats are in existence, only few breeds got good patronage among the cat owners. No matter what breed you’re having – you’re sure to have a pet that brings a great joy for years and years to come.

Polycystic Kidney Disease- a Serious cat Health Persian Problems

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Persian cats are really originated from Persia, currently which is called as Iran. Persian cats are charaterized by the presence of long hairs all over the body.  In the cat health, persian problem is noticeable one. Before discussing about the cat health- persian problems, it is manadatory to look into the charateristics of Persian Cat.

During 16th century these cats were noticed in Turkey and other neighboring countries. Due to mutation, the shorthaired variety of Egypt gave rise to long haired Persian cats. The cold climates prevailing in these countries make a way to go for mutaton of this breed.

Polycystic kidney disease is the common persian cat health problem. This disease is mostly seen n persian cats due to induction of particular genes. Hence this disease is called genetically induced disease. This polycystic kidney disease is due to autosomal dominant gene. Since 1967, this disease has been noticed among Persian cats.

Although the occurrence of Polycystic kidney disease is seen in adults (above seven years), the cysts in the kidney will be present during birth. As age advances, the cysts grow in size and number, which in turn increase the size of the kidney. This leads to total failure of the kidney.


Excessive thirst and excessive urination are the initial symptoms of this disease. The affected kitten will be more depressed, which may lead to loss of appetite. Severe weight loss is the final stage of this disease. Since old cats are the mostly affected ones, they may succumb to death. In rare cases, the cysts are noticed in the liver and uterus also.


As this cat health, Persian cat problem is inherited, it is not possible to treat polycystic  kidney disease in cats. Only supportive treatment is possible. Supportive treatment includes reducing dietary protein and phosporus. The cat must be provided with large quantiity of water. Anemic cats should be treated accordingly.

The autosomal dominant gene should be identified in the positive cat and should be eliminated from the group. The presence of the cyst can be identified using ultrasound technique immediately after birth. Such kittens should be avoided to get involved in breeding. This cat health- persian problem can easily be avoided once you have identified the positive ones in the initial stage and avoid breeding the same.

Cat Breed Information

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Cats are lovable ones and many persons choose the cats because of their long or short hair. Cat breeds with curly hair are highly welcome ones. There are different cat breeds.

Yeah. Is it amazing for you? But, it is true. A cat breed is established if the pedigree of this dates back to the four generations at least.

Various cat registries are available through out the world in order to record the different types of cat breeds.

Bengal breed is the fourth generation crossing between the domestic cat and the wild Asian Leopard cat.

Yeah… This is a descendant of these cat breeds and multiple breeds have various colors that develop over a period of years due to genetic mutations.

We have breeds like American Shorthair, American Bobtail, British Shorthair, American Wirehair, etc.

In these, the American Wirehair has every hair in hooked status and this produces the dense coat with whiskers that have same type of texture.Cat breeds are wanted especially by children all over the world.

British Shorthair is a stocky purebred that has an attractive appearance. Birman breeds are having darker color in the extremities like ears, tail and limbs.

They are also said to be the colorpoint cats due to the dark colors in the ends. These cat breeds are also called as the sacred cat of Burma.

is another breed that resembles the cat that is reminiscent of the Indian black leopard. Yeah. Due to this, the name is derived for these cat breeds and is also called as the Burmese cats.

Abyssinian cats
are the ones that resemble the Egyptian statues. Yeah. These cats are having rich tabby coat with a dramatic facial marks but there the tail, neck and legs are having no different colors. These cats have red, blue, ruddy and fawn colors.

German Rex
is a breed of domestic cat that has medium sized eyes in addition to the slender legs.

These cats are more alert in nature, in general. Angora cat and Russian blue are the other breeds bred by many breeders.

Norwegian Forest, Birman, Javanese etc. are the cats with curly hair materials on body and are liked by many cat breeders, in general.

The long haired cat comprises breeds like Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, American Wirehair, LaPerm, Selkirk Rex etc. Bengal, Birman, British Shorthair etc. are the examples for the short haired breeds.

Egyptian Mau, Oriental Shorthair, Savannah, Scottish Fold, Siberian, Somali, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van are the other cat breeds and these cat breeds are more famous among cat lovers in this world.

Superstition Pertaining To Black Cats

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Cats have long been considered pets by human society. Despite being typically viewed as free and unfettered from the bounds of a human home, it is actually quite easy to form a bond with one. Cats have played a pivotal role in many belief system.

In ancient Egypt and Rome, for example, cats are considered sacred and the killing of one may land you a death sentence! On the flip side, medieval European cultures saw them as familiars for witches and the Devil, where their presence is usually thought to be an evil omen.

The Bombay Cat And Other Breeds

Most cat breeds (Persian, American Shorthair, Britsh Shorthair and Burmese) may produce black offspring. Both long- and short-haired varieties exist.

There is one breed, however, that stands out by not having any other possible colors associated with them; the American Bombay. Created in 1958 by a Louisville breeder, the Bombay was bred from an American Shorthair and a Burmese. The express purpose of the breeding was to produce a domesticated cat that with the appearance of a panther, hence the name (India is home to a panther variant).

Black Cats and Witches

In medieval Europe, black cats are considered to be witches’ familiars. This is probably due to their natural advantage of being almost invisible at night, associating them with darkness, which if of course a most "witchy" thing. This lead to the belief that witches and Satan himself regularly transform into black cats (typically Shorthairs) to roam the night hours unseen. Black cats may also be burned at the stake, with or without women suspected of witchcraft. Modern day witches may choose to have black cats with them to honor this tradition.


What To Look For In Persian Cats

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Persian cats are a highly-prized breed. It’s no wonder, really, considering how attractive their long fur can be. The immense number of Persian Cat breeders around the world shows how badly people want them, such that the cats are snatched up faster than the breeders can provide for.

An unfortunate effect of this phenomenon, however, is the increasing number of "kitten mills". An offshoot of the Puppy Mill, kitty mills refer to profit-oriented breeding facilities designed to churn out as many cats as possible, as fast as possible. What this means is that the cats’ welfare takes a backseat to production. Most of them are kept in cramped conditions with many other cats, unprotected from the elements.

Female cats are also forced to mate everytime they are in heat. Kittens are weaned well before they actually finish nursing. Cats produced by such inhumane treatment are typically unhealthy, unsocialized and may exhibit a higher level of genetic defects.

Because of this, industry insiders recommend adopting Persians from reputable, certified breeders or from animal shelters. The latter usually screen their residents medically and provide the necessary treatments before offering one up for adoption. For the former, though, here are some things to consider when choosing a breeder.

First of all, of course, is the program that the breeder runs. It is important for you to understand the methods and procedures taken by said breeder to ensure quality cats. You should also ask for him/her to provide a pedigree for the feline and have it verified by a registry organization. Kitty mills frequently provide fake pedigrees to fool customers into buying their stock. The mother’s condition also may also tell you more of the kitten’s, so always ask to be shown her.

A good way to choose a breeder is to have one recommended by those with experience in such matters.

Responsible breeders also exhibit love and affection for their animals. You can see it in the way they handle the cats. Kitty mill operators typically show no compassion for the cats under their care. A genuine breeder’s pride and passion for his/her business, on the other hand, shines through.

So yeah, it might be hard sometimes to find a good and caring breeder, making it all too easy to fall back on the inferior stock provided by kitty mills. Don’t be too squeemish when asked to fork over a larger amount of cash for your cat; quality should always come first.


The Five Most Popular Cat Breeds Today

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Cats come in an astonishingly wide range of kinds. All possess a unique and distinct appearance and personality. If adopting one has ever crossed your mind, it’s highly recommended to pick from one of the five most highly-prized breeds listed below. Of course, it is entirely up to you to choose. This list, which is by no means exhaustive, serves merely as a suggestion.

The Persian

Hailing from the same country they take their name from (Ancient Persia, modern Iran), these cats are famed worldwide for their bushy coats and soft temperament. Persians are available in many different colors and patterns, white being one of the more popular. Research into hieroglyphs shows that they have been around as early as 1684 B.C.

The Siamese

Also taking the name of their country of origin as their own (Ancient Siam, modern Thailand), Siamese generally are hungry for attention. It’s no wonder, really, since their distinctive "masked and gloved" appearance only demands the highest amount of adoration. They have no qualms on making their dissatisfaction known with their well-known crooning. A very social cat, they’re really suitable for doting individuals.

The Maine Coon

A very flexible strain is the Maine Coon. These felines, one of the biggest breed of domestic cats, can make themselves comfortable in a wide spectrum of surroundings. Thought to be the ancestor of the American Long-Hair, they are highly social and enjoyable. A suitable choice for families with infants.

The Ragdoll

Named for their tendency to become limp and relaxed when picked up, Ragdolls are sometimes seen as puppies due to their constant seeking of human companionship. They enjoy greeting their owners at the door and can easily be thought to play catch. A little bit of grooming is necessary to keep their medium-length fur looking their best. The Ragdoll’s high tolerance to mistreatment make them another good choice for family living. Just make sure you keep it indoors; their relaxed nature basically means an almost-zero chance of survival on their own.

The Burmese

The short length of their coats mean that they don’t need to brushed as often as the Persians, Maine Coons and Ragdolls. They’re also very social and affectionate, good for both the individual living alone and the family. Their meows are somewhat similar to the Siamese’s, albeit a bit sweeter.