How do train a cat not to urinate on other cats?

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How to stop cat urine problem?

If you allow a new male to an existing male cat, it urinates on the other cat and they will start fighting. In this situation, most of the owners break their heads to find out perfect solution for this cat urine problem. Even they may think to train their cat.

Do you think is it possible to train a cat not to piss on other cat? First and foremost: You can’t train cats! If your cat isn’t neutered, then I suggest you do so. That will help the problem tremendously, but only if the other cat is also. Males tend to fight with each other more than with females since it is in their natural instinct to.

What this cat is simply doing is “marking his territory“. This is a natural instinct of a cat. Even big cats also mark its territory. Neutering usually fixes this problem, but not always. They aren’t used to each other either.

Introducing a new cat to the existing is always a dangerous one even they differ in sex. After they are both neutered (if not already done so) put them both together, regardless of urination (deal with it at the moment) and give them some time to get used to it.

Hope this will solve the problem of urinating on each other and start fighting. Please keep in mind that neutering is not a perfect solution as it all depends on cat’s attitude and nature.

Cloudy Eyes in Cats

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Cloudy Eyes in you cat may be a precursor of many diseases including ulcers, fatty acid accumulation, glaucoma and bacterial infections. As this is a sequel of many conditions, in no case is this something to be ignored. 

Some of these disorders are not only really serious, but also lead to severe blindness with incredible pain. In addition to this, cataract also being noticed among the cloudy eyes cat. Hence you get an appointment with your vet as soon as possible to get rid of this cloudy eyes in your cat.

You need to take your cat to a vet as soon as possible. Cats also get cataracts (although it is not particularly common), this is a clouding of the lens and is more common in older cats. Some of these disorders are serious, they can be incredibly painful and lead to blindness if untreated.


Dancing Cat- Not good for health

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Just see the video below to see how a cat manages from sedation–just returned after surgery. Moreover it is not advisable to feed the cat immediately after surgery and also not relieved completely from sedation. Feeding at this stage may cause aspiratory pneumonia and death.

Grooming a Cat- Is it Necessary?

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You may think is it necessary to groom a cat? please check this Youtube video to see how this felid is enjoying while grooming.

Now you may get idea how and why should we groom?

Sarcosporidiosis Symptoms in Cats

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Cat sarcosporidiasis

Sarcosporidiois has been considered as one of the most common parasites affecting the cardiac and skeletal muscles of several species of mammals particularly herbivores. Dogs and cats have been identified as final hosts for cattle, sheep, pig and horse sarcosporidia.

Even a rare report of sarcosporidiasis in zoo lion has been published (Bhatavedkar and Purohit, 1963). Sarcosporidiosis not only demonstrated in the cardiac muscles and Purkinje fibres but also reoriduced the disease in mice. It was indicated that the lion has acquired the infection through ingestion of infected meat.

The sarcosporidiosis in cats can be found only during post-mortem as it does not exhibit any reaction.

Sarcocysts seldom produces any definitive symptoms of pathogenicity among cats.

The symptoms of sarcosporidiosis include painful muscle swelling, accomanied by fever, generalized muscle weakness, muscle tenderness and erythema.

Other specific symptoms of sarcosporidiosis include muscle wasting, lymphadenopathy, malaise, headache, transient pruritic rashes, arthralgia, and cough.

Cat Kidney Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment

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Cat kidney disease

Cat kidney disease is rarely diagnosed during life but it is possible to detect renal damage by the following criteria-

  • Clinical signs
  • Estimation of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine
  • Routine urine analysis and other renal functio tests
  • Renal biopsy
  • Hemotological examination for anemia
  • Cultural examination of blood
  • Histopathology after postmortem examination

Treatment of Cat Kidney Disease

Since kidney disease of cat has a complex etiology, symptoms, treatment has to be resorted to until etiology is established. A course of systemic antibiotics to check bacterial infection followed by fluid and electrolyte therapy and multi-vitamin supplementation will be useful.

Symptoms of Cat Kidney Disease

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I think now you can get few idea about cat health disease. Now it is time to get know about the symptoms of cat kidney disease.

The clinical signs of this disease rarely observed during life. It is mostly an accidental finding during necropsy examination. However, nephritis is suspected when there is history of prolonged anorexia.

Other important symptoms of cat kidney disease include increased transit time through gastrointestinal tract, anemia, vomiting, polyuria/anuria, polydepsia, convulsions, ulceration in mouth with strong smell of urine and elevation in blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine.

Incidence and Causes Of Cat Kidney Disease

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Cat kidney diseaseCat kidney disease is one of the most readily recognized spontaneously occurring pathological conditions encountering among the felids. This disease appearing in acute/chronic stages is easily detectable by morphological appearance of one or both the kidneys and longitudinal incision of the organ and examination of capsule.

Cat kidney disease is widespread throughout the world and one of the most common causes of mortality not only among domestic cats but also wild felids.

Feline Kidney disease is also one of the common pathological conditions encountered in tigers, lions, leopards and lesser cats of several zoos.

Kidney disease of cat has multi factorial etiology. It is either infectious or non-infectious in origin.

Feline kidney is not primarily affected by any infectious agent but secondarily involved in FIP, Feline panleucopenia, feline leukemia, pasteurellosis, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, colibacillosis, dirofilariasis, immune complex glomerulonephritis, dental infections etc.

Non-infectious causes of cat kidney disease include congenital anomalies, nutritional disorders like hypervitaminosis D, chronic multiple vitamin deficiencies, urolithiasis, traumatic injuries, diabetes mellitus, poisoning by glycol/oxalate, neoplasia etc.

Ameobiasis in Cats

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You may be astonished to hear that your cat may suffer from Ameobiasis. Cat Ameobiasis caused primarily by Entamoeba hystolytica is responsible for clinical/subclinical/inapparent infection in domestic felids.

The symptoms of ameobiasis in cat include off-feed, constipation, watery diarrhea, frothiness in the diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

Diagnosis of this condition is mainly fecal examination of a cat suffering from dysentry with black colored stool and anorexia.

Ameobiasis in a cat can easily treated by administration of sulfa drugs and metronidazole.

Therapeutic success was achieved with administration of Meron syrup followed by erythromycin esterase syrup, Tiniba, and B-complex syrup twice daily for 12 days.

My First Post in Cat Health Blog…

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Cat healthSo this will be my first post. Guys, We’re up. Finally. Please excuse me if you find it boring or banal. The birth of this cat health blog is after weeks and week’s months of hard work, I decided to put up our first blog on kitty health…

This blog will be mainly about my experiences in Cat Health with emphasis on Home remedies, Cat names, etc. I will also try to discuss some of the simple diagnostic techniques for a felid vet.

Also I will try to share some of my personal life experiences with my lovable kitties. (Just now my queen gave birth to three cute white kitties…) Lets see what I have got to share with you…

Although this is my first time blogging, I am not new to this pet’s world as I am having my dream site- (PR-4). But you can consider as a newbie in blogging! So let me welcome myself into the bloggers world…