Cat Allergies Revealed Here…

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Cat allergies always tend to indicate that humans may be allergic to the cats. However, you have to note that many times, the cat allergies also occur due to the allergic factors attacking the cats.

Yeah… Cat may become allergic if they get exposed to various kinds of allergens in the air. If they have smelt the air with lot of pollen grains, then the affected cat breeds may be revealing a constant type of sneezing activity in the house.

Similarly, if there is a smoke inside the house the cats may develop some kinds of allergic reactions and are mostly reflected by a constant type of sneezing.

If they have opportunities to have a closer contact with some substances like floor cleaning chemicals or fertilizers applied over the garden plants etc. , then the cats may become allergic.

In such occasions, the cats may reveal a constant itching and due to the continuous pruritus, the skin may become frequently dry and gets damaged. Finally, secondary bacterial infection may occur in those cats.

Hence, you might have to go to a veterinarian to get your cat relieved from the constant type of itching activities. 

Many times, cat allergies may occur to the food items consumed by the cats. Mainly the protein content found in chicken or pork or beef may finally lead to the allergic type of reactions.

The affected cats may develop some diarrhea or dysentery and some times, may have digestive upsets in addition to the serious degree of itching and scratching.

Steroids may ease the allergic reactions but these have to be avoided unless it is most essential. This is due to their suppression effects of cat’s immunity.

However, if you suspect your cat suffering from any contact type of allergy, then it is better to give frequent bathing to the cat.

Yeah. This is true. Bathing activity helps to remove or minimize the allergens if the cat allergies are due to the contact allergens.

Suspect any food allergy if you get reactions of cats after few hours of feeding. This is true especially if you switch over to a new type of brand that has altogether different types of nutrients.

Cat allergies are to be treated immediately and if not, there may be many clinical complications. Cat allergies may finally lead to the death also if not treated in proper manner by the cat owner or the cat breeder.

How to Tell if your Cat is Pregnant?

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Cat pregnancy is one thing that may baffle many persons who own the cats. Yeah… Cat pregnancy is to be dealt in a systematic manner if one wants to know something on the gestation aspect of the cats.

First you should know that the gestation period of the cat is about sixty to sixty seven days and the average period is about sixty three days, in general.

After the twenty eight days from mating, sagging of belly may become one of the cat pregnant signs and the cats may even have increased body weight in such occasions.

So, you need to become suspicious about the probable existence of pregnancy status in that cat.

However, you have to differentiate the pregnancy based weight gain and the fat cat. In case of fat cat, the neck and leg also are fatty in general. There is no sudden increase in body weight in general with these cats.  

Pinking is the term used to denote the occurrence of the pink color in the nipples of the pregnant cat.

Yeah… Such pink color may occur at about three weeks after the mating incidence. By this, you can tell that the cat is pregnant.

Gently run your hands on the abdomen and if you feel lumps or growths inside the abdomen, then you should have suspicion about the probable presence of pregnancy.

The pregnant cats demand much attention from the concerned owners.

Yeah… You can find some definite change in the behavior of the cat if it becomes pregnant.

It may some times resist your palpation in the belly and even to the extent of pushing your hand to the chin or head region only. She may not be willing to be away from you for most of the periods.

Some times, by using the ultrasound, your veterinarian may be able to say about the presence of pregnancy. Yeah. However, this may be more possible only from twenty two days after the mating event.

Many times, you may come across the nesting behavior of the cats that have advanced status of pregnancy.

Yes. They may seek some secluded places like cupboards, boxes and may even start scratching of places for giving birth of new kittens.

Two days before giving birth, there may be an enlargement of the mammary glands and there may even be secretion of the milk from nipples.

All these signs may indicate that the cat pregnancy. Cat pregnancy is easy to diagnose well in advanced state.

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell?

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 Cat urine odor is somewhat obnoxious in many ways. Yeah. Many times, persons who rear the different species of cats want to remove Cat urine odor by adapting many techniques.

As a person rearing the cats, you should know some things on this. No doubt that what ever be the products used to remove urine smell; clean cat urine then and there may help a lot in reducing the urine smell related problems in general.

Some times, if you do the family planning operation in cats like spaying in case of female cats, the urine smell may get some change and the urine of such operated cats may reveal less pungent smell as reported by many owners.

Similarly, if neutering is carried out in cats, it becomes one of the remedial measures for the removal of this strong smelling urine problem.

Many may like to spray some herbal preparation over the spot on which the urine is passed by their lovely cats. Bio enzymatic products are available for these purposes.

But whenever you use the strong smelling chemicals or herbal preparations, there is no doubt that you are able to remove the smell of urine in such occasions.

However, you have to understand that such smelling substances should not interfere with the smelling based domestic activities of their lovable cats.

Got it? So, you need to exercise cautions in using such medicaments or substances that can make some sorts of counter smell in the urinated places of the house.

Many products like Odorcide 210 concentrate are available in the pet shops. You have to select some herbal or some chemicals that may not have many residual effects, during the removal of cat urine odor.

Such enzyme based products are highly useful in removal of obnoxious odor of cat urine.
Most of the times, the cat urine remover with regard to the smell or stain should be capable of tackling the ammonia smell as well as the mercaptants in particular and the stain.

Bio Pro Research products are available in the pet markets and are helpful to remove both the stains and smell caused by urine from the cats. New products have now come up in the market with much expected discounts also.

Whatever be the preparations you select, you have to make it sure that the cats in the house should not get affected by the contact chemicals or substances used in the name of removal of stains or odor of cats.

Yeah… This is one of the most important things, which the owner often forgets during the removal of cat urine odor. Hence, take care in using products for elimination of cat urine odor.

Cat Urine Odor Is Obnoxious -Why?

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Cat urine is obnoxious -Why? Do you know the reason for this?  I hope you will at least accept this statement on cat urine.  When you ask some cat owner by saying Cat urine odor is obnoxious –Why?, they begin to break their heads.

There are many factors that are associated with the development of some odor in the urine of cats. Am I right?  Many owners rearing the different species of cats in fact are of the opinion like this.

Many pheromones might contribute to the development of such odor in cat’s urine and this smell is often highly objectionable for many pet owners.

Though pheromone effects are there in the urine, it is to be understood that when compared to the urine of dogs, the cat’s urine is having bad odor.

Mainly the reason can be assigned to the concentrating ability of the cats with the urine formed in body.

Yeah… Cats are able to pass concentrated urine unlike the case with dogs. Hence, like a desert animal, often cats pass only little urine but in a very concentrated form.

Hence, it may some times difficult to differentiate the bad smell due to acute nephritis and the physiologically existing obnoxious odor.

However, some specialists are of the opinion that the genetic factors also play a vital part in making the urine obnoxious.

Yeah… There are some reasons to believe this also.

Similarly, food may form one of the added features that contribute for the development of this kind of smell that is experienced by the cat owners.

Many cat owners revealed that if the cats are exposed mainly to the dry type of food, then due to the lack of water content in them, they start passing of urine sample with unwanted smell.

When the cat becomes dehydratred, then also they may pass such stinky urine sample. The concentrating capacity may get affected by many diseases also.

If there is a oliguria due to diseases like acute renal problems or oliguria due to less intake of water contents in food materials, then the urine of the cats reared may smell in a more pungent manner.

Anybody entering into the house with such cats may immediately identify the smell quickly and you might have to apprise them of this urine odor intelligently to avoid their additional questions in this regard.

I hope that now you know the answer for why the cat urine is obnoxious? Before going for the rearing of cats, you should know why cat urine odor is obnoxious?

Cat Scratch Fever

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Cat scratch fever is the infectious disease that is caused by bacterial organism and affects human beings when they have more contacts with the cats. Cat scratch fever is affecting mainly the children belonging to the age group of five years to fourteen years.

The scratch by claws or tooth or bites by tooth or licks by the cats all lead to the development of this problem. Often this problem is termed as the syndrome by many medical persons.

Many times, the affected persons develop pyrexia. Most of the times, the fever found in the affected persons is of low grade one.

However, you can find swellings of lymph nodes found in areas like armpit, neck and groin regions. Some times, lymph nodes of other regions may also get affected. 

Children affected by this may develop brownish red colored bump over a period of seven to twelve days after the scratch by the cats in their arms or other regions. Some times, anorexia and sore throat may occur.

In few patients, even symptoms pertaining to the central nervous system may be encountered and the headache may be pronounced.

It is to be remembered that about ten per cent of persons with this disease problems may some times get the atypical symptoms or unusual problems and such persons may usually show some systemic reactions to the pathogen entered through the injuries caused by cats. 

Many times, you may come across persons revealing general tiredness. Possibly head ache may be seen.

So, whenever you come across these signs with anybody who rear cats, you have to remember this problem. Scratch from the tooth or claw of the cat may finally lead to this kind of clinical problem in case of persons.

Further, there may be an evidence of cat scratch on the hands or other regions of the body.

There is actually no specific test that can be carried out with ease to diagnose. Many times, the medical experts try to fix the signs with the evidences like rearing of cats, scratch marks on the body regions etc.

Some times, biopsy of the swollen lymph node may be carried out to rule out any tumors etc.

Usage of antibiotics is recommended if there is swelling of lymph nodes. Some times, the lymph node may have an abscess and once it gets ripened, abscess gets burst over and pus occurs flowing from these swollen areas.

Antibiotic like gentamicin may be of more useful many times. Tuberculosis or any other protozoan disease that is transmitted from the animals to man have to be ruled out if the condition does not respond to the therapeutic measures adapted in the concerned persons. 

Cat scratch fever
is to be always taken care of. Cat scratch fever should not be taken in a casual manner.

Cat Pregnancy Calendar

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Cat pregnancy calendar
is the one that is much useful to the pet owners who love their cats. Yeah… Cat pregnancy calendar helps to estimate the date of giving birth of young ones by the female cat. The cat gestation period is sixty five days.

When you come to know when the kittens will come newly to the house, you get naturally delighted. Got it?

Further, you may be able to keep up your appointments in a systematic manner and can track things.

However, during the review of the cat pregnancy calendar, you have to remember that the whole pregnancy length may either three or four days shorter or three or four days longer. In this manner, it may be either sixty one days or sixty nine days, in general.

If you know the exact date of mating, it is fine and you can easily estimate using this calendar about the date of birth in future.

If you don’t know the date of mating, then you have to depend on the occurrence of red color in nipple. Once you see the red colored nipple, you have to wait for another forty or up to forty eight days for the new kittens that are due to be born.

Suppose if you have the mating on January 21, then the nipples may acquire the red color on February 11 and in this case, the date of birth that can be expected in that female cat is March 27.

Like these estimations, the different dates are given and hence, the cat owners are able to know about the exact date of birth in a fast manner without the need for even to calculate these dates.

The values given in the cat pregnancy calendar are generally based on the three hundred and sixty five days comprising a year.

However, one may get confused when it comes to the question of leap year. In that case, you have to reduce one day from the actually estimated date of birth. This can be further explained in a simple manner.

Yeah… If the date of birth is March 23, then it is to be taken as March 22 if it is a leap year and similarly, you should read as March 5, then it is to be read as March 4.

So, to know on how your queen carry the pregnancy, any body has to refer the cat calendar in a serious manner and in this manner, the cat pregnancy calendar is highly useful for the cat lovers. Cat pregnancy calendar is available in many web sites.

Tips to Select A Perfect Cat For Your Family

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A pet can make a splendid addition to a family. They can have a stress-relieving effect as well as being an object of affection. Cats, for example, are particularly suitable for this purpose. Determining what kind of cat is best for your family environment, however, requires a lot of thought.

The many factors you’d have to consider when getting one means that it might be best to include everyone in the choice.

What You Should Consider

As in the case when accepting a new tenant into the home, you’d have to think about the size of your pad. How much space is available? Would it be to crowded? Although popular opinion might suggest that cats spend their day just lazing around, the opposite is actually true in most cases. 

Cats, being natural predators, need a lot of space for physical movement. Left in a confined area, they might just grow bored enough and decide to turn furniture into beach balls. That expensive China vase? Gone.

The health and hygiene required by your family members should also be taken into consideration. Adult cats shed fur almost constantly. Some people may have allergic reactions. Recent development, however, has brought felines that are purported to be hypoallergenic (they evoke a much lower allergic reaction).

Some cats, especially the longhaired breeds, require constant grooming. Brushing, bathing and drying is a given for these types. Definitely not for the busy individual.

Also, once adopted, a cat incurs expense. This includes the cost of feeding, grooming and medical care. Cat food and vet prices can get quite steep. Experts discourage feeding cats with leftovers since some chemical compounds may not be ingested properly by the feline physiology.

The final item on the list is the cat’s temperament. Different breeds display different personalities. Some cats prefer to run around outside and are quick to retaliate when mishandled, while others are comfortable with human companionship and may even drop limp when picked up. 

Certain strains exhibit a higher incidence of genetic abnormalities than others. Some recommend adopting adults instead of kittens, since personalities are morelikely to have been clearly developed at this point. It is important to account for the individual cat’s personality, lest you find your expectations dashed.

So in essence, the choice to adopt a cat should not be made purely on physical appearance. A cat’s inner self, like a human’s should be understood so that both parties may fully enjoy the relationship.