Cat Eye Problems in Kittens

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Although cat’s normal vision is far superior than us, they are more prone for several conditions that affect eye. the common cat eye problems include soft eye, Glaucoma, cataract, and keratitis

Soft Eye

This is nothing but inflammation of the eye inner pigmented area. The common reasons for this condition includes larvae of worms, eye injury ans infection. The affected eye shows severe pain with watering and squinting.


This is also called as hard eye. If you haven’t take care of this condition in kitten, it may lead to serious effects such as damage to retina and misaligned lens. The common symptoms include redness, squinting and tears. This condition requires urgent action from your vet.


It is nothing but opacity of the cat eye. The opacity (milky whiteness) varies from spot to large area. Although this is rare in house cats, it it common in wild cats (Leopard, lion, etc). The causes for this condition included feline diabetes, iherited (no treatment), infections, and injury. 


corneal inflammation is called as Keratitis. The common syptoms include protrusion of 3rd eyelid (Nicitating membrane), constant rubbing with its paw, squinting, and eye discharge. This condition will lead to loss of transparency of the cornea. There are two types of keratitis viz.,- ulcerative keatitis and chronic degenerative keratitis.

Once you have encountered any one of these conditions, immediately seek the opinion of the vet to get rid of these cat eye problems.

Cats- a Perfect Weather Forecaster

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Cat astrologer

I have discovered few hot feline finds in the Internet, which can be called as Kitten astrology. Youc an call the cat as a perfect weather forecaster.  The behavior of  your  cat  clearly implies few facts that is going to occur within few hours. So they can predict the future in an amazing way. Although these are cat-related  folk-lore, some of them are true. Please read the following points and comment here whether it is true or false after experiencing the same.

When your cat wails out loudly and stays outdoor through out the night, it may be foretelling a period of several days of bad weather.

If you find your kitty behaves in a skittish manner, claws the ground and rolls over and over in the grass, is indicaing that a brief rain-shower is on the way.

Cats cleaning and washing their ears has long been foreseen rain.

You can expect a strong winds or storm, when the cat  clawing everthing in sight, darting here and there, and running wildly about. The storm will soon blow itself out once the cat quietens down.

Last but not least, a sneezing cat implies that the rain is on the way. If it sneezes in a row means a cold for YOU…(lol)

Health Food for Cats

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Health food for cats is most important one because the nutrition and health status have highly and intensively linked to each other. If you are providing a right kind of health food for cats, then your cat becomes more alert.

In fact, the cat may be appearing happier too. Yeah... If you don’t provide them the right kind of food items, they may become vulnerable to many disease conditions and often you might have to seek veterinarian even in midnight.

The cat food is often made by many commercial firms with fresh and natural ingredients. You might have to avoid the items when they are not having a balanced type of nutrients. Some times, the firms may claim as if it is a perfectly balanced food for cats. But, the cats may not have desire to eat it if you attempt to feed them.

Yeah… This is true! If the cat food is to be provided for health enrichment aspect, then it is to be palatable for cats. If not, no cat with smell the food item at all.

You have to be more careful in choosing the right kind of food. It seems better to select food items that have more vitamins and selected minerals in addition to some probiotics that are more helpful in the proper digestion in cats.

Many health foods for cats consist of items like ocean fish or free ranging duck and may even contain chicken from non caged birds and have the goodness of brown rice.

Such health food for cats is highly preferred by many cat breeds and the cost is not a factor at all in many times. However, it is quite natural that it has to be cost effective to the cat owner.

The food items need to be of superior blend and should not have synthetic preservatives or coloring agents that are carcinogenic in nature.

Similarly, the ingredients have to be freshly prepared ones and then only, even the finicky cats may get tempted to eat it. Got it?  

Many firms are preparing food items with special precautions in adding up the suitable ingredients.

Many food preparations may have less ash content, in addition to having of less magnesium content in them.

Such health foods for cats are highly wanted ones in order to prevent the occurrence of feline urological syndrome and the renal tissue related disorders in the lovable cats. I hope that you know some thing on the health food for cats.

Keep an Eye On Your Cat’s Urinary Tract Health

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Cat urinary tract health is associated with the physiological features. Cat urinary tract health is to be maintained seriously to avoid any complications that are more likely to occur in various breeds of cats. 

Do you know wherefrom the cats have originated? It is the desert region. Got it? Hence, most of the times, the cats may not show much tendency to go for watering.

In such occasions, often the cats end up in the infection of the urinary tract especially the lower parts of the urinary tract. Take more care during maintenance of cat urinary tract health.

Always add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water daily and this helps to increase the acidity of the urine of cat. 

Hence, the cats may not get affected by the renal stones due to the acidic nature of urine. This helps a lot in case of cats. I hope that you have understood the importance of this now. 

Being a desert animal, it gets satisfied with water available in the prey species. Hence, we need to encourage the drinking activity of cats by making appropriate changes in the watering arrangements. 

For example, one can improve the watering facility by provision of large water vessel. Hence, the whiskers of the cat will not touch the sides of the vessel and hence, the drinking activity of the cats may not get discouraged. 

Wondering? But it is true. Similarly, you may even provide the drinking fountain facility for your cats. To maintain cat urinary tract health, provide more watering vessels.  

Cats love drinking activity in such well arranged watering facility. Further whenever you provide the feed items to your cats, try to provide water along with feed items. 

Especially the dry feed items need to be added with water in order to promote the intake of water by the cats which otherwise may develop some notable problems in the urinary tract affecting the health status ultimately. 

Add chicken froth with water to the dry feed often. Never try to disturb the cats while it takes water on its own. Hence, all these steps are most essential if you want to maintain successfully the cat urinary tract health. Ok? 

Mucus and minute crystals may block often the male urinary system and such affected cats may strain during the passage of urine. 

Hence, provide them good amount of water during undertaking of measures related to cat urinary tract health. Cat urinary tract health is the most important one to avoid diseases in the body.