Cat Book Details Explored Here…

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Cat book is the one that displays details about the various breeds of cats that are loved by many persons through out the world. Yeah. Many different types of cat book like Book of the cat are available in book stores.

Often you may get amazed to see the various facts on the cats during the reviewing of such cat book are available commercially.

Now a day, the cat coloring books have come in the market in order to stimulate the kids to use the book and thereby you can make your children learn about the different breeds of cats available in various regions of this globe.

Yes. This is true. Such books encourage the children to go through them willingly. 
Splendid cat breeds starting from native ones to exotic ones like Bombay, British shorthair, Ragdoll, Japanese Bobtail etc. The CFA complete cat book is available with discount too.

You have to ask whether the concerned firm is giving any concession in the form of discount during the purchase of the cat book.

The Well Cat Book and the Manual on Cat Breeders are the famous ones and if anybody wants to acquire more knowledge on the cats and the cat breeders, it is better to go for these books immediately.

Yeah. This is true. Believe me. Online orders of such books on cats are available and the shipping is done many times at free of cost in order to promote the sales of such informative resources.

Associates of CFA have written the book entitled The Cat Fancier’s Association complete cat book and if any body goes through this resource, they may come across plenty of information about their beloved cat species that are owned by them.

Similarly, there are resources entitled as 300 questions about cats. Yes. Such books are of more valuable ones that may provide many messages on the cat species.

The owners as well as the breeders of cats may have to purchase all these in order to get enriched with more information with regard to the rearing and breeding of cats.

One can understand a lot about the various behavioral aspects of cats and hence, the training of cats may be carried out by themselves in more scientific and systematic manner.

Further, there is a cat book titled Cat behavior answer book that reveals more facts on various habits of cats that must be known by all, in general. Browsing through web sites like etc. may help to reveal the cat book available in the market. 

Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

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Natural health for dogs and cats is given additional priorities now a day. This is due to the fact that in the current periods, more number of persons is going for rearing of dogs and cats. So, natural health for dogs and cats is most significant one.
Whenever your dog or cat is having problem with urination, you may even add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water.

Hence, the urine may become more acidic in nature and helps to relieve the condition. For renal or bladder stones in the pet animals like cats and dogs, allopathic medicines may not provide correct kind of remedial measures.

Many veterinarians in the current periods have started offering the alternate medicines and in fact have started offering Chinese medicine and traditional medical agents quoted in the homeopathic medical practice.

The patients have lots of improvements in their clinical conditions. Yeah. Believe me. It is true. If the dog or cats love sugarcane juice when given in thirsty condition, it is said to be better in case of jaundice like conditions.

Alternate food based remedies are now a day prescribed by many veterinarians through out the world and they do wonders in effecting the recovery from hair loss, itching etc.
Similarly, when the dog reveals severe itching, try to bath the dog many times with natural water and bathing itself may help to reduce the scratching or itching in a serious manner.

To calm down the dog or cat, Bach flower essence is one of the natural products that is more useful. Yeah. Try to avoid the usage of synthetic products.

Similarly, try to use the herbal repellents in order to tackle the tick or lice problem in case of dogs and cats.

Natural health for dogs and cats can be enriched by usage of natural products without any coloring agents.

Products like Doggie Rye Crisps are there commercially and in such products, often whole-wheat flour, lard, bone meal, soy flour o etc. are added as natural products and such products are more useful in the boosting up of the health status.

Of course, water will be added in adequate amounts to all these contents. Many natural products pertaining to the natural health for dogs and cats are reviewed in many websites.

Such products that have natural materials, as contents have produced no side effects during the provision of natural health for dogs and cats. Hence, the pet owners often prefer the maintenance of natural health for dogs and cats in an intensified manner.

Cat Feeding Tips – Secrets Exposed

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Cat feeding tips include how much to feed and when to feed the cat. You ought to ffed your pet cat at least twice daily. Overfeeding the cat should be avoided in cats because such cats will be highly susceptible for digestive disturbances including diarrhea, constipation, etc.

The food quantity and quality varies according to the age. The older cats must be fed with easily digestible food as well as little quantity when compared to an adult cat. The lactating cat requires high bounty of calcium to maintain the loss of calcium through milk.

If you are supposed to take of orphan kitten (below three months), you can give diluted milk at least four to five times a day. The adult orphan cat (above six months) should be fed twice daily as discussed earier.

Cat owner can get enough data and idea about perfect feeding schedule from other cat owners and veterinarians. As cats are not good at digesting milk sugars like other animals, one should restrict the feeding of milk. 

Protein rich food is manatory for feeding cats, but the time of feeding is utmost important. You should not feed your cat with meat before sleeping time because it may go for improper digestion, which may lead to indigestion and related problems. During sleeping the digestive organs won’t perform their functions at their peak.

Cat feeding schedule includes water intake also. You should provide germ-free, and hygeinic water to your kitten ad libitum. If your cat is provided with dry food, you should provide the drinking water of at least three hundred ml. The consumption of water also varies depending on the cleanliness of water, climate and type of feed.


FLUTD- A Serious Cat Urinary Health Problem?

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Cats are normally prone for urinary problems. Among many cat urinary health problems, FLUTD is considered as a major one. Other cat urinary health problems include non-obstructive feline urinary disease and cat urologic syndrome. As title suggests, FLUTD is a serious cat urinary health problem.

What is FLUTD?

FLUTD is nothing but Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. This is a major cat urinary health problem. Previously this disease was termed as Feline Urologic syndrome. This disease affects the urethral part and urinary bladder of the cat. 


The major causes for this disease are bacteria and virus. Sometimes urinary tract cancer, crystals in the urine, and bladder stones predispose this serious cat urinary health problem. The common factors that catalyzes FLUTD are mineral rich {especially magnesium) diet, too much stress, excess acidity or alkalinity of the urine and insufficient water intake. In some cats, ths disease is noticed as congenital abnormality, which cannot be cured.


If the cat is not treated for Feline lower urinary tract disease, it may succumb to death. This cat urinary health problem is that much serious. The common symptom is struggling to pass urine. Even after much struggle the cat will only pass little urine or no urine. Your kitty may cry with pain while micturation. Sometimes blood is also noticed in the urine. vomiting and lethergic movement are noticed among the sufferers of this disease. Some cats may lick their genitals frequently. 


If the cause for this cat urinary health problem is crystal formation in the urine, you should provide a perfect cat food that is good for urinary tract health. The same diet should be provided through out its life time. If the cat refuses to take the diet, you can think of acidifiers to increase appetite.

The low intake of water by cat can be mamaged by making your kitty to drink more water with extra force. In extreme cases, fluid administration will ease this cat urinary health problem by flushing the bladder and prevent dehydration.

If this cat urinary health problem is due to bacteria, then antibiotics are the perfect solution. The best option for cancer in the urinary tract is surgical intervention by the specialists.

When your cat feels discomfort to urinate, you can suspect for blocked bladder or urethra. This can be easily cleared off by passing an urinary catheter through urethra into the bladder. The catheter will be placed in the same place for 24 hours to avoid recurrence of the block.

This serious cat urinary health problem can easily be cured if the causes underlying includes blockade in the urinary tract or bacterial origin FLUTD. It is really a Herculean task if this serious cat urinary health problem is congenital in nature. Any way, it is a better option to seek an appointment from your vet to clear off your doubts regarding FLUTD.

Useful Hints and Tips on Feral Cat Neutering

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You might think what made a owner to go for cat neutering. It is nothing but a large number of feral and homeless cats in the world. This factor made the people to get to know about the importance of cat neutering.

The reproductive pattern of the felids is really prolific in nature- cats can reproduce several times a year and mature quickly. Say, just two feral cats are more than sufficient to become twenty in an year.

How Feral Cats are Being Produced?

These feral cats are released by owners who no longer could care for them. Do you know a colony of feral cats herbor various disease? These feral cats can spread diseases to pet dogs and cats. Hence it is mandatory to take care of these feral cats not only providing enough health care but also neutering.

Problems of Feral Cats

The common problem encountered with these feral cats include raiding trashcan, destroying shrubbery and soil lawn furniture. Sometimes the female cat in heat can literally keep people up all night with their crying and fighting. do you know why the cats are crying and fighting while mating. Click here to find it out…

Benefits of cat Neutering

You can’t handle the racket caused by a cat in heat. The un-neutered feral tom cat is having the tendency of mark every new object with their odorous spray. In addition to this, you’re reducing the number of unwanted kittens, which will become as a part and parcel of the feral cat colony.

Unaltered cats may develop severe contagious reproductive diseases. In addition, unaltered cats are more liable to reproductive organ cancer than unaltered ones.

Drawbacks of Cat Neutering

Do you know the altered cats can compete in the showring? But in case of dogs it is not allowed. If your cat wins the champion trophy in a show, there would be a great demand for getting kitten’s out of this majestic one and you will not be able to have a litter.

Age of Cat Neutering

As neutering process is really difficult in queens than tom’s, you can perform this operation at the early age of eight weeks in case of males. Neutering can be performed for your femae cat after six months old.

Post-operative Care

Mostly there would be no problem with the neuered cats immediately after this surgical procedure. Ocassionally, the incision become infected. Hence it is the duty of the owner to look after the surgical wound and proper administering of pos-operaticve medicaments.

Check your kitten daily for development of any abnormality at the operation site. The common problems include licking and chewing at the stitches of the surgery, and the surgical area may turn puffy and red. Seek an appointment with your vet to use surgical collar to keep the kitten from being able to reach the stitiches.

You can release the male cat the next day of the operation, whereas the female cats should be confined indoors for 3-5 days after the surgery.

Polycystic Kidney Disease- a Serious cat Health Persian Problems

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Persian cats are really originated from Persia, currently which is called as Iran. Persian cats are charaterized by the presence of long hairs all over the body.  In the cat health, persian problem is noticeable one. Before discussing about the cat health- persian problems, it is manadatory to look into the charateristics of Persian Cat.

During 16th century these cats were noticed in Turkey and other neighboring countries. Due to mutation, the shorthaired variety of Egypt gave rise to long haired Persian cats. The cold climates prevailing in these countries make a way to go for mutaton of this breed.

Polycystic kidney disease is the common persian cat health problem. This disease is mostly seen n persian cats due to induction of particular genes. Hence this disease is called genetically induced disease. This polycystic kidney disease is due to autosomal dominant gene. Since 1967, this disease has been noticed among Persian cats.

Although the occurrence of Polycystic kidney disease is seen in adults (above seven years), the cysts in the kidney will be present during birth. As age advances, the cysts grow in size and number, which in turn increase the size of the kidney. This leads to total failure of the kidney.


Excessive thirst and excessive urination are the initial symptoms of this disease. The affected kitten will be more depressed, which may lead to loss of appetite. Severe weight loss is the final stage of this disease. Since old cats are the mostly affected ones, they may succumb to death. In rare cases, the cysts are noticed in the liver and uterus also.


As this cat health, Persian cat problem is inherited, it is not possible to treat polycystic  kidney disease in cats. Only supportive treatment is possible. Supportive treatment includes reducing dietary protein and phosporus. The cat must be provided with large quantiity of water. Anemic cats should be treated accordingly.

The autosomal dominant gene should be identified in the positive cat and should be eliminated from the group. The presence of the cyst can be identified using ultrasound technique immediately after birth. Such kittens should be avoided to get involved in breeding. This cat health- persian problem can easily be avoided once you have identified the positive ones in the initial stage and avoid breeding the same.