Pet Care tips for Cat Sneezing

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We know it is very important for you to keep your cat’s health. Sometimes you worry a lot when you see your cat sneezing several times. Not always the sneeze is a signal of health problem in your cat, but when it is occurring often you should think in the possibility to receive the attention of a professional. The sneezing is just the symptom of something is occurring to your cat, but sometimes it is not a serious problem. Sometimes a cat sneezes because there is pollution in the air or your cat is eating something. The sneezing in your cat is normal and occurs in the same way as humans and you can deduce what is happening with your cat according to some behaviors. I would like to share with you some care tips that will help you to determine what is going on with your cat or at least know what to do when your cat is sneezing.

1. Don’t worry about occasional sneezing, but you should see if it happens again:

Sometimes I have seen people worrying about occasional sneezing in their cats. But when it starts to happen often, you should take your cat to the vet. In other occasions, cats could have a respiratory tract infection that leads them to sneeze. But a specialist is the only person that could make a diagnosis for your cat. Most cats are susceptible to air pollution and that’s why you should keep your house clean to prevent all kind of respiratory infection in your cat as well as humans living at home. On the other hand, by keeping your environment clean you can prevent many types of diseases.

2. Check frequently your cat’s teeth:

Believe it or not in your cat teeth could be the cause of sneezing problems. Abscesses formed in your cat’s teeth may cause severe discomfort to your cat.

3. Be aware of other symptoms beyond sneezing:

In many cases sneezing is only one of the symptoms of many that could have your cat. But there are other symptoms that you should also check.  For instance, if you see that your cat has fever or cold when the outside temperature isn’t cold, you should take it to your vet.  There are also other symptoms that often come along with sneezing such as loss of appetite, sniffle and others.

Have You Ever Hit Your Cat With a Squirt Bottle of Water?

January 14, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior
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Hitting a cat with squirt bottle of water is the most horrible thing in the world. Some of the weird cat owners did this mistake,if they are very much frustrated with the cat behavior. You should never hit a cat.

You should never spank your cat even if they do things that you don’t like. The weird things they do include they may urinate inappropriately, get on the counter, and fight with other cats.Then what is the best way to  deal with your cat?

UNDERSTANDING your cat is the best way to deal with behavior problems in your cat. You should spend few hours to understand WHY your kitten is developing such activity.

For example, you cat would always urinates outside the litter box owing to the reason that it smells dirty. For this act, if you hit your cat with squirt bottle of water, you’re a bad owner who doesn’t understand your kitty. You should fix this issue to made your cat urinate in his/her litter box. You can make your cat’s litter box more attractive by placing it in a friendly location, introducing clean litter with no foul smelling and also you should have enough litter boxes.

In other words, make the litter box perect fit for your kitty, then your kitty will use it effectively than ever. Next time, if you see your cat begin to scratch on the furniture, don’t squirt him with the water. Try to understand your water. ALL THE BEST!!!

First Cat India Lost Its Breath

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First cat

The Bush family’s 18 year-old cat India has died just weeks before they were due to leave the White House

A black American Shorthair cat – INDIA lost is breath last week before Bush family left the white house. India died peacefully at home on last Sunday. It was named in thememory of former Texas Rangers player Ruben Sierra, whose nickname was "El Indio".

In July-2004, angry youths of India burned the effigy of President Bush In July 2004 because they declared that naming his cat India was an insult to their country.

How Long A Cat Will Sleep?

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Most of the house cat owners should know- how much cat sleep is too much? And what should you do if you think your cat is sleeping more? Generally indoor cats sleep a lot than outoor ones because there is no need for search of food for indoor cats.

Cat sleep varies on cat’s personality, activity level, health and age. The cat sleep will be more when they are-

1, Older and Tired

2. Sick

3. Bored

The kittens tend to sleep more than a grown ones because the growth hormone is only released during cat sleep. Cat sleeping is noticed among the house cats at the rate of 13 to 16 hours per day. In contrast, the wild cats are spending only 8 to 12 hours per day.

If your cat is sleeping more than the prescribed hours, it clearly indicates that your cat is going for illness. Cat sleep is also an important factor in diagnosing a cat disease.

Most of cat sleep are light sleep. They can be quickly awaken. The cats will be asleep with their eyelids slightly open. Normal cats will awaken very quickly. There us a thumb rule- " A cat that can be awaken quickly can escape easily from their predators and enemies".  

You can notice that your cat may twitch paws and faces while sleeping. This indicates that your cat is having deep sleeping with dreams. This is quite normal. Don’t panic!!! Immediately consult your vet, if your cat sleeps more than a normal.