Do Your Cat Require ID Tag?

February 15, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - General

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Some of the cat owners are having difference in opinion with regard to the ID tags for cats. It is mandatory to have a separate ID tag for your cats regardless of whether your cat is outdoors only, indoors and outdoors, or indoors only.

You indoor cat can escape out of your home, if someone leaves the door open or in case of tragedy like burglary or house fire.. If your cat lost or get out, an identification tag will be the best method to get your cat back.

As a cat owner, you may ask what should be written on the ID tag. You should know that the tag should contain permanent letters and also the information should be current. even you can imprint your cell number on the tag for getting reunited with your cat as soon as possible. 

Apart from the normal cat ID tags, there are beautiful engravable cat collar name tags. The popular engravable cat tags are silver cat tag and a gold fish ID tag.

Please tell me what is your Cat ID Tag…

Halitosis in Cats

February 10, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases

Most of the cat owners find halitosis (oral malodor) is a significant problem in their cats. As they percieved, halitosis in cats is a serious problem. As a cat owner you should know about halitosis in cats.

What is Halitosis?

Halitosis is a condition which causes bad breath in cats. This is a manifestation of more serious dental disease and may be the first clinical sign that owners report to their veterinarians.

Oral or non-oral factors are responsible for bad breath in cats. Non-oral factors include systemic diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

The main cause for cat halitosis is the microbial flora of the mouth. Other reason for bad breath in cat includes saliva pH and glucose concentration. In general, the saliva with high glucose concentration and low pH prevents odor formation. Whereas the cats are having saliva with low glucose contration and alkaline pH, which will increase the odor of the cat’s mouth.

Halitosis in cats is also associated with periodontis and gingivitis.

How To Prevent Cat Halitosis?

Cat Halitosis is not so different from human bad breath. Cat owners know for a fact that cat halitosis can be downright awful. If possible, brush your cat’s teeth daily, which will help eliminate and prevent tartar.

Hill’s Feline t/d (from the veterinarian) and Science Diet Feline Oral Care (from the pet store) holds good to contain cat’s bad breath as these substances require more chewing than ordinary cat foods and very helpful to prevent cat’s bad breath.

Provide at least one or two enzyme-treated dental chew biscuits daily for your cat. This will help to prevent cat halitosis.

How To Make your Cat So Busy?

February 05, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - cat toys

Do you know cats are natural hunters and predators? Actually they are born to hunt and stalk. Most of the wild cats are spending their energy for chasing their prey.

But what your pet cat will do for chasing? If you have a mice in your house, there is no problem. Otherwise, your cat may have very little to stalk and chase. 

Have you ever thought this point? You should provide indoor cats with something they can instinctively try to stalk and track. The thing you should provide will help your cat to bat around with her paws.

I searched the market to get a perfect replacement for a live mice and came across a  very cool mouse toy that claims to satisfy the needs of your cat’s "inner hunter". This toy is called the Undercover mouse. This cat toy is adjudged as the best new cat toy of 2008 by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.