Feline Scent Marking

March 10, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

Scent-marking is a form of communication, which has territorial and personal implications. It allows the cats to announce its priority over the living space, objects, people and other cats. It also serves as a method of advertising the position of breeding females.

Domestic cats are often involved in scent-marking in one form or another and enjoy their time Bunting, other forms of marking behavior urine, feces, or scratch furniture. These are not as attractive to us!

When a cat defecates on its owner or colcha urine on the legs of a homeowner, this behavior should be seen as a huge compliment, which is a close connection.

However, this is not the owner of the pet interpretation.

Play Behavior in Cats

March 01, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

All the cats will play when they’re young just like that of our children. But the cats will play even they have grown up. Playing with other cats or toys will help kittens develop social relationships although it is a complex learning activity. Playing activity helps them to build their mental skills as well as physical power. As this act of playing is really fun even the adult cats are playing among themselves.

Most of the cat owners are really enjoying the cat playing activity because watching a cat play is one of the most entertaining patimes. You can also spend many enjoyable hours with your pet cat than spending time before the idiot box (TV).

There are three forms of cat play, which includes locomotor play, object play and social play. Actually it is very difficult to separate them.

Locomotor play help them to build their flexibility, locomotor, and strength. The running and jumping activity of cat is termed as locomotor play. 

Tossing, bating and poking around small objects are considered as object play. This help the cat to capture their prey as well as help them to buold their survival skills.

Social Play help the kitten to get to know about the interaction with their littermates, mother and other cats. This social play will give a room to develop the social interaction with their human care givers.