The ABC of Cat Rabies Symptoms

December 10, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases
Rabies tends to inflict many different animals.  The thing is that it can affect each animal in different ways.  At the same time it is the same virus and it is just as deadly in cats as it is in any other animal out there.  This is why it is very important to know the cat rabies symptoms.  Then you will know if your beloved pet is infected with rabies.

There are three stages go cat rabies. The prodromal, furious and paralytic stages usually appear in order of each other.    If you notice your cat acting anxious or tensed for a couple days then he or she could be infected with cat rabies.  At the same time if they are acting viscous or extremely irritable they could already is in the furious stage of cat rabies.  The last stage or the paralytic stage is where your cat stops eating or is unable to bite due to their jaw being paralyzed.  Seizures are also a sign of the paralytic stage.   Knowing thing symptoms will help you when it comes to the medical attention that your pet is requiring. 

You might be wondering how your cat can get rabies.  Maybe your cat attacked an animal that was infected with rabies.  If this animal bites your cat it can begin to show sign of rabies.  Rabies generally targets and destroys the central nervous system.  It can also cause many infections in your pet including respiratory and urinary tract infections.  

If you notice your pet acting strange in anyway you should seek the assistance of a veterinarian.  If you catch the virus early enough you can save your pet a lot of pain, not to mention their life.  Always be on the watch for strange behavior such as restlessness, viciousness, and if your pet becomes paralyzed.  Knowing these symptoms can save your pets life. 

Cat Colon Cancer Symptoms – Why is it tough to distinguish Them in Advance?

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One of the most harmful ailments that your cat can get affected with is the Feline Colon Cancer. Why is the colon cancer so harmful and fatal? Is it another normal disease which can be spotted out when it is on its initial stages? That are all the different therapies which you can make your cat get in order to restore good health in your cat. Reading on will positively make one aware about this disease.

Why colon cancer is feared ? It is due to a plain fact that it cannot be diagnosed and detected well in advance. Normally there is a misunderstanding which makes people to downplay the colon cancer indications to be a ordinary intestinal disorder. Diarrhea, loss of hunger, blood leakage in urine and fees, complexity to defecate  .The important aspect here is that the cats with intestinal blockages or normal infections show the same indicators which makes the pet owners to take no notice of these. Thus it spreads and makes the condition of the cat detrimental.

After finding your cat reacting and responding monotonously probably one should be consulting a vet. Considering the enormity of the feline colon cancer the pet owner should make it to the clinic as soon as possible. Doing so one will be able to protect their cats as turning up late never ever helps your cat to get back on track with a healthy state. Especially the severe the stage of the cancer development is the more will be the possibility of a casualty.

Depending on the severity of the disease which the cat has picked up the vet will provide medications accordingly. The suggestions would be treatment like operation, chemotherapy and medications that are given for cancer affected ones using radiology. Out of the above three chemotherapy is the widely preferred one. Make sure that the cat doesn’t respond badly to the pain that these treatments and their side effects bring forth to them.

Apart from the established and conservative methods, a natural therapy is believed to present extra backing up of the important organs of the cat so as to enhance its metabolic activity and augment its resistive power. The medicines of the natural therapy are said to pose lesser side effects as these products are predominantly natural. Seek advice from your vet for sure while beginning to go for the natural therapy.

Cat colon cancer is said to have some symptoms which should not be mistaken for other intestinal bugs. It is an important issue and deserves immediate attention and further inspection at the hands of a recognized vet. The lifespan of the cat is determinate on the treatment that it is being given and the nourishment that you provide. Do try to go to the vet if you find your cat unhealthy and make it live longer. As a responsible owner constantly monitor the activities of your pet and make them lead a healthy life.