Common Kitten Diseases

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Though cats belong to the scientific family ‘Felidae’, they are considered as our own loving family ones. Pet care plays an important role in pet health. Keep your kitty healthy by keeping yourself informed that the cat will be healthy. Learn about the warning signs and symptoms of many common cat diseases. You can also pick up a few recovery tips to help speed up the healing process.

The most common cat or kitten disease are urinary tract infections, feline distemper, upper respiratory infections, chronic kidney failure, and diabetes. Each of the above said diseases has their own cat illness symptoms and you can find information about them on the internet or in the veterinarian’s office. Like most cat illness most of the ones mentioned are due to viruses. Which means they are transmitted from other cats. Kidney failure is the one cat sickness from the above mentioned that is particularly common in older cats. It is not a viral related. If your cat has kidney failure there is no cure but there are measures that can be taken to enhance the quality and length of your cat’s life. Diabetes is another non-viral disease and it can be seen in an array of cat sickness symptoms.

The other common disease is the eye disease which has pus like sticky mucus or clear watery discharge or reddened eye. The other common eye disease is blindness in cats. This is due to stress and hypertension which causes dilated pupils bloody eye chambers. Other common body disease is arthritis which causes limping visible pain and discomfort in cats. Paralysis in Cats is the common one wherein the cats limbs would be paralyzed leading to change in voice and difficulty in breathing while eating. The other common cat sickness is hair loss in cats and cat’s dandruffs.

Get to Know Cat Furniture Types before Buying one…

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In many homes we can see cat lovers who know that cats love gifts. They understand that the more they keep them in luxurious and adventurous environment, the better the cat is. You can find cat furniture such as cat trees, cat towers as well as the necessary cat litter box in many pet stores. The refined cat litter box interior is easy to clean with parts that can always be replaced if they are worn out or damaged. There are many websites available where you can find all cat products. The products like the cat trees, cat tower are unique, elegant, appealing, and safe for children and other pets, sturdy, tested for strength, and made of non-toxic materials that do not need any special products or chemicals for cleaning. There are also modern cat walks and cat houses that are unique so that the kitty can create his or her own world of wonder, whether it’s a daring leap from shelf to shelf on the wall-mounted cat cloud or a comfy snooze inside the privacy of a cubby.

Cat furniture like The Lotus cat tower and Little Lotus cat tree, for instance, are constructed from best quality wood in a variety of wood grains and colors and modern Zen-like design that complements almost every décor. In addition, these cat products provide kitties with virtually enormous climbing, jumping and scratching delight. All cat furniture and accessories come with warranties and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. All these products come with all the tools and equipment necessary for installation or you can arrange for it to arrive pre-installed. While the cats appreciate themselves by keeping they always clean and it’s always good to keep the furniture clean and are maintained properly.

How to Get Rid of Cat Constipation?

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Constipation in cats is a serious problem because it may lead to various ailments like idiopathic megacolon. Hence you should eliminate this problem in the initial stage. Cats bothered with constipation usually are lethargic have pot bellied abdomen as well as poor appetite.


Cat constipation is usually appreciated among older cats. Sometimes young cats amy also get affected with this condition due to any serious problem within the intestine.


The common causes for this condition are tumors, ingestion of foreign materials, hair balls, faulty diet. and lack of exercise.


Most of us think that constipation is a disease. It is not so! it is symptom that indicates that something is wrong elsewhere.


Adding more fibre content in the cats diet may help a lot to get rid of constipation. Other simple therapies include offering mild laxative like milk of magnesia in the diet. In serious conditions, the best way is to go for enema.


Other home remedies for constipation includes adding pumpkin in the cat food as it is considered to be one of the best dietary laxative available. Another thing to try is to feed your cat with tuna that is packed in oil.


If nothing worked for you, it is always advisable to seek an appointment from your vet to get rid of the cat constipation at the earliest possible time.