Cat Food Analysis

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Cats, of yore, were consuming whateveravailable at home. But recently, commercial, high quality, well balanced foods are available in the market. Cat owners prefer to have a food that has good quality protein, carbs, other nutrients and preservatives etc.

As you know, cats is a carnivore basically, meat source in must in the food. If the source of meat is beef, then up to 95 % can be permitted in the food. In case of chicken, only 25 % inclusion is advisable. In case, the constituent of the cat food is meat by products, grains and glutens, then, the food is not considered healthy.

The cats require more protein in the food than carbohydrates. In cat food proteins is added in addition to meat, through meat by products, meat digest, bone meal, meat meal etc. In chicken, we can very well use the feet, intestine, necks etc as source of additional protein. Having said this, the byproducts will never be a match to chicken meat. The carbohydrate rich food will only make the cat put on weight.

Good combination of protein and carbohydrate is required to make the healthy food for the cat. Artificial preservatives are imperative for any cat food. But then in the long run, the preservatives are to trouble the health of the cat for sure. There few preservatives that are very commonly used in cat food. They are ethoxyquin, propyl gallate, BHA and BHT. Vitamin E or C is the best alternative for artificial preservative.

The dry cat foods are much better than the wet cat food. Dry cat foods are cost effective can be stored easily and also make the cleaning of the litter box easy. The food that comes in cane is much like a raw cat food which has less carbohydrate and fillers but has more water to aid hydration.

The experts are of the opinion that wet food is the best when compared to the dry cat food. As an alternative to commercial cat food, we can prepare and give raw food, matching the natural cat food as much as possible. But this is time consuming, expensive and messy affair.

The advantage is the food has natural ingredients and hence healthy. The food is without artificial preservatives hence, less hazardous in the long run. But the care must be taken the balanced food is offered with the right mix of healthy ingrediets.

Few pet owners prefer vegetarian food. It is ok as long as the food has right amount of protein, carb and other nutrients. But the cat’s life span is compromised in vegetarian food. There are different cat foods are available in the market right from commercial food to premium food. Though the premium food is costly, the cat consumes them less thus making the cost effective.

Cat Corneal Ulcer – An Overview

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The health problems are aplenty for a cat to face. Cat corneal cancer is one such malady. In case the pet owner is well informed about the causes then he can prevent the cat from getting troubled by the same. If the early symptoms are known to the owner, then he can immediately attend to it and prevent it from getting aggravated. As a cat owner, you should have an idea about cat corneal ulcer.

It is important to know about the cornea and its functions before knowing about the corneal ulcer and its complications, treatments; preventions etc. cornea is nothing but a protecting covering of the eye. It is transparent and shape resembles a dome.

The cornea does two functions. The first and fore most is protecting the eyes from any damage. The other one is helping in refraction while focusing the light. The cornea consists of four layers. The corneal ulcer is nothing but hole in the first layer. This ulcer needs to be attended immediately. Otherwise the hole will get wider and the microorganisms will enter. Thesemicroorganisms will then multiply and play havoc.

There are many nerve fibers in the cornea. Once these nerve fibers are attacked by the microorganisms, the condition becomes very painful. This can lead to irreparable damage to the eye of the cat.

In general the corneal ulcers are caused by the presence of foreign body in the case the cat scratches in an attempt to remove the same; the damage to the cornea is likely to happen. The moment you notice yellow or green discharge coupled with redness of the eye, the veterinarian needs to be consulted immediately.

Once, the cat corneal ulcer is confirmed by the vet, he will advise the pet owner to follow required medication. In case the ulcer of the cornea is in initial stage, the vet will adviseeyes drops to reduce the pain and to kill the microbes. The medication needs to be followed strictly as per the advice of the vet. In general the drops must be applied 5-6 times a day for 7-10 days. The vet may also advise you go for E-color to protect the eye from scratching.

In case the cat corneal ulcer is in advanced stage, then the vet may go in for surgical procedure. Here, the third eye lid of the cat is pulled to cover the hole till it is cured.Hence it is essential that the cat corneal ulcer should be attended immediately thereby preventing it to move to more severe condition involving surgery. It is needless to say, the surgical procedure is more stress on the cat as well as the owner.