How to Avoid Cat Litter Box Problems?

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The common problems faced by cat owners are the smell and the difficulties in cleaning the cat litter box. Some go to the extent of giving up the cat ownership for the same reason. Little understanding about the cat’s litter behaviour and providing proper sitting will solve this issue with ease. It is mandatory for a cat owner about the cat litter box problems as well as how to get rid of the same.

The cats in general prefer sand like structure in the litter. The cats are very particular about the place where they want to excrete. Hence the cat litter box has to be placed in a proper place. The location has to be convenient for both the cat and the cat owner to clean. The colour of the litter box also can be changed to attract the cat. If need be, the size of the litter box also can be changed periodically. The cat owner need not worry because the cat litter boxes of different s colour and size are available in plenty in market.

Some of the cat owners prefer to go for hidden cat litter box. It is not a specialized litter box. You should keep the cat litter box out of the sight of the cat -Just like that of your toilet that is hidden behind closed doors

The periodical change of cat litter box helps in many way. The smell problem will be completely eliminated. The cats also will find it attractive and tend to use more and more instead of looking for some other place. The cats are very sensitive to the smell of the litter as well as the texture. Hence, if proper care is not taken then they try to spoil the other place of the house. Changing the litter type periodically and cleaning the cat litter box very regularly will make the cat use litter box with ease.

In case the cat is suffering from medical problems, then it is very natural that it may pass the litter out side the litter box. Crystal formation in the urine and urinary infection is common in felines. Both these conditions cause severe pain to the cats. The cats may associate these medical conditions with litter box and may avoid the litter boxes. Any such condition is observed, and then one should waste no time in taking the cat to the veterinarian.  The problem needs to be solved as early as possible. The cats also will get cured quickly and the litter problem also will be solved.

In case you have more than one cat, you need to use separate cat litter box to each cat. The cat litter boxes should not be kept together to avoid wrong usage. By following these simple procedures one can easily avoid cat litter box related problems.

Cat Diabetes Feeding Strategies

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It is now widely believed that the diabetes in human is disorder of immune system. Same is the reason for diabetes in cat too. Here the disorders results from insufficient production and release of insulin from the pancreas. It is mandatory to get to know about cat diabetes for a cat lover. Nowadays cat diabetes is mostly appreciated among house cat population.

In general the reason for break down of immune system is the excess load put on the immune system. The burden mostly is chemical burden. If more chemicals enter the feline body, sooner than latter the immune system will go on strike. The chemicals gain entry in to the feline body by way of drugs, vaccines, garden pesticides, the cleaning chemical used for cleaning the utensils of the cat etc. the chemical do enter the cat’s body through the preservatives used in the food.

The commercial cat food is well processed and is delivered packet, box or can. One has to use the preservatives in the commercial food as the food is not going to be consumed immediately. These preservatives are nothing but few chemical substances. These substances are not organic and hence exert chemical pressure on the immune system of the cat.

We all know that the cats are very sensitive to chemicals and hence are affected most. The cat that stays in cattery is worst affected as most of the catteries use very strong chemical to clean the pens and utensils to reduce the load of the contamination. But the cats suffer in the long run because of the chemicals used.

There are few things that one can try to prevent these cats from suffering. Let’s discuss about then here.

1. The cats once diagnosed of diabetic, they should be given diabetic cat food immediately. The food should not contain any preservatives.

2. The cat should be given 3-4 small meals instead of 1 or 2 large meals.

3. The food that is offered to the diabetic cat must have low fat content because the pancreas needs to produce more enzymes to digest the fat in food.

4. The food should not contain simple sugars and carbohydrates. Suficient care should be taken to select such a cat food.

5. Chromium helps in better utilization of insulin; hence care should be taken to provide sufficient chromium in cat food.

6. Allow the cat to play more. This way the cat will spend some energy and get some exercise. Exercise reduces the need of insulin.

Obtaining knowledge about the cat diabetes not only help to maintain the affected cat , but also help a lot to prevent the cat diabetes.

Cat Lovers will Ever Turn Dog Lovers?

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In general, the people who are cat lovers remain so and don’t become dog lovers that soon. Are you one among the Cat lovers or dog lovers? Can cat lovers become dog lovers or vice versa? The answer remains elusive. Let’s discuss little information about the chosen topic in this article.

Dog Lovers

A person loves his dog. The reasons are many. The dogs love their owners very much. They are very playful. The follow the owner wherever he or she goes. The dog spends most of their time near the owner by resting under his chair or chasing its own tail etc. The dogs bark very often for varied reasons. Sometimes to seek the owners attention. At times to show their disagreement. But no one will ever forget the joy and affection the dog shows the moment the owners comes home from outside. All the trouble that the dog had created will be forgotten the moment the owner realizes the pet’s unlimited joy and affection.

Cat Lovers

The cats are very different from the dogs. The cats don’t follow the owner like the dog. The cats are in general very independent. This doesn’t mean that the cats are less affectionate when compared to the dogs. The cats too will play with the owner if they want to. The cats will have their own character, which may be good or bad, but the love and affection shown towards the owners is un-adulterated. The cats will never greet you on your arrival from outside like dogs, but they have their own way of showing affection.


Having gone through the facts about this animal behavior it appears that the cat lovers and dog lovers have different mentality. But there is no concrete proof to make one believe that cat lovers can’t become dog lover. But at the same time, we understand that the personality of the cat is certainly different from the dogs. The dogs can be helpful in protection but the cats can never play that role. The cats may venture in to the kitchen un- warranted but the dogs never do so. The scratching of the furniture, the vice of the cat can never be seen in dogs. Likewise the cats are not ferocious like the dogs, where the cats score more positive mark.

If you are dog lover and want to become a cat lover, think a lot before venturing understand the positives and negatives and then decide. One of my friend recently switched over from the dog lovers group to Cat lovers group. What about you? We hope this article would have helped you little in that regard.

Cat Food Info – a Perfect Eye-opener

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Cat food info is an important criterion to be looked upon by the cat owners. There are so many cat food brands available in the market. The owners may question which the best cat food brands is. Before choosing a cat food from market, you should have cat food info. 

Info-1 –Cats need Protein in their Food

 The food that we give to the pet cat should be rich in protein. This protein should be derived from fish, poultry and meat. The protein can also be derived from beef, tuna fish, chicken etc. There are many commercial cat food companies who use these products as a source of protein. However, it is the duty of the pet owner to check on the veracity of the manufacturers claim.

Cat food info-2 – Cat Food requires Taurine

Taurine is nothing but an amino acid. This amino acid is very important for the overall health of the cat. Hence, it is advisable to buy the cat food that has taurine in it in sufficient quantity. If you buy a cat food that has less quantity of taurine, your cat will eat a lot more till it consumes sufficient quantity of taurine. As the result, you will end up paying more by way of cheap cat food. Hence, it is better to buy a food that has all the required nutrients, even though it is bit costly. 

Cat food info -3 Dry Cat Food Vs Canned Cat Food.

Commercial cat foods are available in the market both as dry cat food as well as canned cat food. Many are not sure which one is better. As the result they end up buying the food that is available nearby and at affordable price. This is absolutely a blunder, I would say. The dry cat food should be given to the cat when you are at home, because you can provide sufficient drinking water side by side. But, when you are away from home for a day or more, then you need to go in for canned food only. Because the canned food will have more water content and more protein than the dry food which will take care of the cat’s requirement even when you away.

Cat food info-4 Avoiding Cat Food Fillers

It is better to keep the cat food fillers to minimum. Because cats require more protein in their food. The cat food fillers will prevent the cat eating sufficient quantity of protein thus affecting the health of the cat very much.

Treatment and Control of Flea and Heartworm in Cats and Dogs by Revolution

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Revolution is nothing but a type of systemic, topical and on- spot medication. Selamectin is the active component of Revolution. Selamectin is not only the parasite killer but also flea regulator. Selamectin prevents flea eggs and prevent the larvae from developing. Revolution treatment should be done at least once in a month to get best results.

Revolution treatment is not only effective against flea problems, but also prevents ear mites, ticks, and sarcoptic mange. Revolution treatment is effective against heartworm disease too. Revolution treatment destroys microfilae heartworm in the blood.

Application Method

Revolution application depends very much on the weight of the dog or cat. More the weight more is the requirement of the active principle. The hair at the base of the neck of the pet [dog or cat] has to be removed. The medicine has to be poured on it now. Care is taken to air dry the medication. The area should never be touched. Sufficient time, preferably two hours should be allowed for the medicine to be absorbed in the system. Now, the pet is ready for bath.

Required Consideration while using Revolution

It is the duty of the pet owner to subject the cat or dog to heartworm test before going for revolution treatment. This test must be done by a qualified veterinarian and he should certify that this cat or dog is fit for revolution treatment. Only then one can go for revolution treatment.

Precautions and Warnings

The pet owners must avoid skin contact. The owner should never come in contact with the medicine. The owner should also never touch the part of the pet that has medicine. Since the revolution contains volatile substances, one should be very careful while handling.

Revolution and its advantages

Revolution is very effective if they are applied on regular basis. Though there are many medication available for flea problems in pet, revolution is cheap, available readily and are very effective as mentioned above. Revolution prevents hookworms and round worms in addition to flea control. Revolution is available in pill form also. Those who want to keep away from the hassles of topical application procedure can very well go for pill form.


Home Remedies for Minor Injuries in Cat

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Minor injuries in cats are inevitable. The minor injury may be abrasions, scrapes, cuts etc. The minor injuries are mostly seen in cats that live outside the house whole day.  Of course, these injuries heal on its own in healthy cats. But the pain, swelling and the discomfort that the injuries cause needs to be taken care by the pet owner, is it not?

The minor injuries are in general treated with antibiotics and anti inflammatory agents. The conventional treatment can be topical or systemic.  It is true these antibiotics and other chemicals bring comfort to the cats, but the prolonged or frequent use can lead to damage of the immune system of the cat. The cats may lick the chemicals applied topically. The chemicals absorbed may not be digested properly and may result in digestive disturbances thus deteriorating the health of the casts.

Hence, it is always advisable to go in for home remedies for minor injuries as they are safe and have no side effects. Although there are numerous home remedies for cat urine removal, the natural remedy for minor injuries are only in negligible amount. Let’s discuss it out here.

First the wound should be observed and assessed. In case if there is no bleeding and the wound is small, it is better to leave it as it is. The wound will heal on its own.

If the wound is deep, then it needs to be cleaned with sterile saline. The fur or hair in the area needs to be trimmed. Take two tea spoons of Epsom salt. Dissolve it in the warm water. Soak a piece of gauze in it. Compress the gauze gently on the wound.

If the wound is bleeding, then attempt should be made to stop the bleeding. Cold compress is the best option as it controls the bleeding and also reduces the swelling. For Cold compress, place crushed ice in small plastic bag and wrap the same with dry towel and use it for compress the affected area for about five minutes.

We can also use natural disinfectants such as honey or aloe vera. The honey can be applied with cotton swab and juice of aloe vera can be applied over wound. The wound can be covered with fresh clean comfrey or plantain leaves and can be secured with bandage immersed in cold water. But, the dressing should be changed daily. 

Food recipes for cat – nutritious, easy and quick

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Many people are of the opinion that the best cat food is the one that is available in the market in can or pack or box. The reason is that the labels of the  commercial cat foods  carry words like “ Proven Scientifically “ ,  “ recommended by the vets ‘ , “low in ash “  and many more catchy things. This makes the people thing the manufacturers of the cat foods are the best in that field and they know everything about the cat and its food habit.

I was also on the same lines of others who thought about the best cat food until very recently. While I was reading few articles that talks about chemicals used in the cat food and the cats sensitivity to chemicals, I confirmed to myself that commercial cat foods are not the best to for the lovely cat.

After all, the commercial cat food producers are just a human being and are running the business for profit and not for charity. Besides they may not be cat lovers or cat owners. For business profits they are bound to cut corners. More the cut more is the profit. More the profit more is the harm for the cat.

The food that we make for cat must be nutritious.  The food should be well balanced. The food should contain sufficient, energy, protein, fat, vitamin and minerals. The food must be tasty and preferred by the pet cat than the commercial food. Above all, the food should be made quickly.  Mostly importantly the cat food prepared at home should be cheap.

Making food for cat at home is not going to be all that easy. One has to experiment trial and error method.  But at the end of day, one is sure to strike right balance. Sooner than latter one can find a food that is well balanced in nutrients, liked by the cat, easy to make and is cheap.

Being a cat lover one will know for sure, the ingredients that can be used. The ingredients are not very different from the one we use for human beings. Just by altering the ratio of one or the other many different recipes can be made. But one should always keep in mind the nutritional requirement of the cat. Yes!!! You can make a best cat food in your home itself. All the best!!!

Simple Cat Health Tips

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Cat health is an important topic to any cat lover or who owns a cat. These beautiful pets bring great joy into their lives and can provide incredible companionship. But just like human beings, they are also prone to a variety of health issues throughout the course of their lifetime. And when your cat is not well or is showing some concern of a physical problem, it is important to pay attention to the kitty and take care of him or her.  For which you should be knowing the health tips and some worth home remedies.

Your cat’s coat is one of good indicator of the state of your cat’s health. The coat reflects the caliber of level of activity, its diet and overall condition; it should be free from dandruff and have a gleam to it. A dull, dry or course appearance with unusually raised fur is the first indication that you should make some cat wellness checks. If your kitty has any bald patches due to scratching your vetenary doctor will give advice and possibly prescribe treatment.

When your cats sleep for long hours and the whole day, which again is means that the cat has some health issue. The kitty is not willing to eat or even drink there could be a possibility that the cat is unwell.

The eyes of a healthy cat are clear and moist and not be dilated. The cat’s third eyelid plays an important role in cat health. Yes!!! If you notice this third eyelid when your cat is normal. i.e. if it covers the eye even during normal time, your cat is suffering from severe eye illness. This is the high time to go to your vet’s office to get rid of this dreadful situation. If your cat’s eye is affected with a foreign body or subjected to severe stress. Apart from this, if you notice thick yellow discharge, corneal ulcer, redness or swelling in your cat’s eye, it is a casuse for concern.

How to Care your Cat’s Teeth?

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Dental health is very important to cats just like that of humans. A regular checkup of teeth will ensure your cat will enjoy his senior years with all his good teeth.

Dental disease affects cats as much as it does dogs. As a cat owner regular brushing, dietary controls, and regular teeth cleaning of your kitty needs to be done to prevent painful oral conditions in your cat and ensure better overall health for your kitty.

When an unpleasant odor comes from your kitty’s breath this indicates infections in the gums. While examining your cat’s teeth if you find his back teeth for yellowing, plaque or darker material called tartar check for cracked or broken teeth. Observe the color of the gums – they should be in good pink in color, not an angry red or a pale pink. Ensure your cat co-operates with you while doing the examination.  If the cat is not co-operating then reward the cat with a treat, give up the teeth check up and try another day.

If the cats teeth are not taken proper care they end up in different type of dental diseases. One common disease is Peridontal Disease caused due to accumulation of  plaque calcifies, that leads to formation of tartar, which pushes the food debris and bacteria under the gum line, thereby  infecting the gum and bone structure that support the cats teeth. This causes inflamed gums, swelling, bleeding gums or bad breath. Regular cat dental cleaning can avoid this disease and your vet might prescribe some antibiotics too for your kitty.

The other common dental illness is Malocclusion which is usually visually evident, and can cause difficulty in eating, which leads to subsequent weight loss. Veterinary medicine has come so far that now there are veterinary dentists who specialize in orthodontics.

Why Cat Declawing was not listed as a Good Suggestion for Cat Scratching?

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Dear pet owners, you might have read many articles that talk about  ways and means to get rid of very common vices of the cats, i.e. scratching the furniture. There are many suggestions, but one would never have read about cat declawing as one. Let’s know here in this article, why cat declawing was not listed as one good suggestion.

The declawing surgery in cat can never be compared with manicure of human beings. This is because the cat’s claw is more than a nail of a human being. Declawing in cat is a major surgery by itself. The procedure is very painful. The recovery period is too long. The claws are direct extension of the bone of a cat. Declawing really means amputation of last joint of the cat’s toe.

During the recovery process the cats has to use the operated claw as there is no other way around. You can just imagine the pain that the cat had to endure. The claw will further damaged in the process. There can be blood poisoning due to contamination. As the cats are more sensitive to pain, they suffer a lot.

As discussed earlier, the claw of a cat is an important part of cat’s anatomy. This means the amputation changes the confirmation of claw very much. The cats will be left without its powerful part that helps in its defense against predators.

Besides, the personality of the cat whose claw was amputated changes to a great extent, possibly due to the imposed limitations after the surgery. Many professionals fail to make a note of it.

It is worthwhile to know that declawing is not legally permitted in few countries as they consider it as inhumane practice. Even in countries where it is permitted, few vets don’t perform declawing for the above said reason.

Any good pet lover would never indulge in such an activity of cat declawing for the sake of protecting lifeless furniture. Yes, it is agreed that furniture and antiques needs to be protected. There are many ways to do so. But, declawing is not one to be preferred that is for sure. Is it not? what’s your opinion?