Cat Allergy Treatment Options

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Cats are very sensitive animals and hence are more prone for various allergies. Contact allergy, flea allergy, food allergy and inhalation allergy are the few most common allergies. At times, few cats are allergic to specific things such as particular type of food or fabric. The allergic reactions are to be attended to at the earliest to prevent the condition from worsening.

Most of the cats are allergic to flea bite. The best prevention is protecting the cat from flea. The cats can be provided with topical ointments that will kill the flea instantly before it bites the cat. In case the flea bite allergy is severe the cat needs to be administered with steroids to minimise the allergic reactions. If there is secondary infection to the flea bite allergy, then there should be no hesitation in administering anti biotic.

As discussed earlier, inhalant allergy is also very common in cat. The inhaled pollen grains, or mites or dust can cause allergic reactions in cats. In case of human these inhalant allergy will result in respiratory symptoms. But in case of cats, there will be skin itching and irritation. The route cause of the condition should be attended to. The cats must be administered intra venous or oral steroids that help the affected cats immensely.

There are certain general precautions required to protect the cats from allergens. The cats must be bathed at least one time in a day to reduce the exposure of the cat to allergens. Hypo allergic soaps and shampoos are available in plenty in the markets which are to be used as much as possible to the cats that have the history of allergy. Bathing helps in reducing the feeling of the itching and skin irritation at least temporarily. But one should keep in mind that the general treatment options should be employed only in case of mild allergy.

For specific cat allergy the treatment differs completely. The specific allergens have to be identified and isolated. Antigen for the specific allergy can be administered in small doses on weekly basis as recommended by the qualified allergy specialist. If this is practiced, after some time, the allergic reactions to that particular allergen will be less pronounced.


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Devoted cat lovers would like to provide whatever their lovely cat requires. This certainly includes the cat’s bed. But many cat owners don’t have any clue as what bed to buy, where to buy etc. here are few guidelines that will make you to put your hands on the best cat bed.


The comfort of the cat will be the top priority. The cat must sleep comfortably in the bed and should be well rested. The size of the bed is directly proportional to the comfort of the cat. The bed should permit the stretching of the cat as well as the adjustment of position of the cat. The texture of the bed is also important factor in selecting the cat’s bed. The bed should not be too firm or too soft.


The material is nothing but the fabric of the bed. The fabric may be natural material or the synthetic one. The most common natural fabric is cotton. Natural materials are more preferred because of less allergic problems. The synthetic materials are good as they are more durable.    


The bed that needs to be purchased should be selected based on the place where it is going to be placed. The space availability should be assessed before buying the bed. If you are thinking of buying big bed then you should have sufficient space in your house for the same, else it will not be useful.


The cat beds are in general made with one entrance and wall at sides. The entrance is for the cat to go in and the walls will prevent the cat from falling sideways. The colour of the cat bed can be the cat owner’s choice, because the cats don’t mind any colour.  The cat’s bed should complement the room and should not be the odd one out in the room.


The cat’s bed is available in different varieties. Some are easily washable and the other is impossible to wash. We should always go for washable cat bed. The material used in the bed should dry faster. Only then we can keep the bed clean and dry so that the cats don’t get in to any health issues because of allergens or microbes.


Some cat bed has covers that can be detached for washing and cleaning. We should buy the cat bed that has thin detachable facility. We should avoid the ones that have permanently attached bed covers. The bed cover material should preferably be natural material and should be easily washable and should dry faster. .

Water resistant

Water resistant cat beds are very ideal for travelling along with the cats. These beds will not absorb the urine hence are very handy while the cat owners is on travel with his lovely pet cat.


Durability, of course is certainly major factor in selecting the cat bed. No one likes to invest their money in one that doesn’t last long. The cats are very playful. They will run amuck in the bed or may even bite the bed.  Hence the bed should be sturdy and should survive such attempts to damage. One should also look at the band and warranty before buying one..