Is there any link between the Rabies and Cancer?

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The rabies is a deadly dangerous disease and there is no cure for the rabies and hence only prevention is the only way. There are many rabies vaccines available in the market and those are very effective in controlling the rabies.

There are reports of late that the cats that are vaccinated with rabies vaccine develop cancer. The scientists were baffled with the reports and started working towards finding the root cause for the cancer. Aluminium is used as adjuvant in the rabies vaccine and the same was found to be triggering the cancer growth in the cats. The veterinarians administer the rabies vaccine in the right hind leg. In case there is cancer [sarcoma], the leg of the cat can be amputated so that the cat at least can survive. The FELV used can also result in sarcomas and hence this vaccine is used in the left hind leg of the cat.

There will be swelling at the sit of the injection in almost all situations. These swellings will disappear after some time. In case the swelling does not subside then the same should be reported to the vet at the earliest.

As per the article written by Barbara e.kitchell DVM in the name of “feline vaccine associated sarcoma “, the sarcoma induced by the rabies vaccine will have following signs. The mass that develops post injection does not reduce even after 3 months. The swelling developed will be larger than 2 cm in diameter. The swelling developed will increase in size after one month.


Sarcomas are killer disease and there is very less chance for cure unless detected at very early stage. Surgical removal of the tumour and the tissue surrounding is the best. In required amputation of the leg may be tried to save the life of the cat. Chemotherapy and radiation are the other treatment options available.

Can Feline Diabetes be Cured?

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Are you aware that the cats do get diabetes? For some cats diabetes can be cured. For some others remission of the disease at least for a period of time is very much possible.

Which diabetic cats are likely to be cured or experience remission?

The cats that are diagnosed with diabetes early can be cured of the disease. The disease if it is in mild stage at the time of diagnosis can be cured with ease. The casts that are suffering with diabetes for long time without being diagnosed of the disease are not going to be cured.

Just like all other animals, the cats do have pancreas. The insulin secreted by the pancreas is responsible for the control of sugar in the blood. If the sugar level in the blood increases, the insulin released from the pancreas will act on the sugar and pushes it in to the cells thus controlling the sugar level in the blood to the normal range. But in case of diabetes cats, the insulin produced is not effectively utilized by the cat to bring down the sugar level to the normal range, for the reason best known to the physician.

In diabetic cat also the pancreas will keep on producing the insulin if not to the required quantity but some quantity. If the disease is diagnosed at this stage there is a chance that the cat’s diabetes can be cured. There are medications that reduce the blood sugar level to bring the level to normal range. In some cats during this period the pancreas can start secreting the insulin to the required level to control the blood sugar level to the permitted range.

Why some cats with diabetic are cured and the others are not?

If the cat has been suffering with diabetes for long time without being diagnosed, the pancreas in those cats may have got damaged beyond repair. The cells that produce the insulin may have burned out in those cats. Such cats are beyond cure and the pet owner must treat those cats with diabetic medication for the rest of the life of the cat. As discussed earlier if the diabetes was diagnosed early, the pancreas may not have got damaged severely and the health of the pancreas can be brought back to normalcy. In such cases the diabetes can be cured.

What can one do to insure that the cat can be cured if he develops diabetes?

It is the duty of the pet owner to take the cat to the vet clinic for periodical check up. The vet doctor will test the blood and the urine sample of the cat to find out the health condition of the cat. In case the cat is having any health problems and the same can be deducted very early which makes the vet to cure the condition completely. As a matter of fact, each and every cat should be subjected to complete health check up at least once in a year. If the cats are old, two times health check up per year is recommended by the veterinarian.

Home Dental Care for Cats

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For the very health of the cat the dental structure is very important. The problems in the dental structure of the cat will affect the nutrition intake, total health of the cat and as the result the quality of the life will be totally disturbed. In case you notice the bad breath the reason could be nothing but dental disease. Periodontal disease of the cat results in dental abscess and loss of tooth. Infected teeth and gum will be very painful to the cat.

Dental infections are not to be ignored as these infections can spread to the other vital organs such as heart, lung, kidney and liver. The dental problems can be treated by teeth extraction, surgery etc. But the point is there are few things that need to be followed on daily basis which will prevent such dental health problems. Let’s discuss about that here. Prevention is always better than cure, is it not?

First and foremost requisite is taking the cat to the veterinarian for the dental health assessment. The cat will certainly require professional dental cleaning before one start the home care procedure. The veterinarian will advise you properly about the dental structure of the cat, the products to be used and even demonstrate how the cat’s teeth should be cleaned. Once the veterinarian’s visit is over, the cat should be brought home and the owner should find the right products that need to be used. For this the pet owner must have a lot of patience as this procedure involves trial and error.

Cat Tooth Brush

There are so many cat tooth brushes are available in the market. One has to look for the one that has angular head with soft bristles. So many models are sold in the market and you can choose any one. People of late prefer the tooth brush that fits the finger comfortably. These toothy brushes offer better control and grip. Never one should attempt human tooth brushes. Be aware, that the soft latex bristles are not all that effective.

Cat Tooth Paste

Here again one should use the products made for the cats and not the ones that are used for the human beings. There tooth paste should not have very strong flavour as the cats do not like them. The paste should not have fluoride or any other ingredients that are harmful to the cats if swallowed. Cats prefer tooth pastes that are having flavours of fish, chicken, beef and tuna. It is better to go in for tooth paste that gas chemicals which help to dissolve the tartar.

Dental Healthy Treats

Dental healthy treats are definitely not a substitute for tooth brush but are effective in reducing the build up of tartar. These treats can be offered to the cats as a gift for good act. These treats help to improve the dental hygiene. It is not advisable to go in for the over the counter dental healthy treats. Vet help is the best while choosing the dental health treat for cat.

Preventing the Ear Infections in Cats

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The cats are very intelligent animals and are loved by many people. As the result many are having the cat as their pet animal. The cats are loved by the children too as the size of the cat is very small and is not intimidating the kids just like any other giant sized pets. The cats have lovely skin and hair which make them very attractive. The food habits are very simple. The cats stay indoors and are available for the kids to play all the time. There is no separate enclosure required outside the house for these lovely creatures and hence there is hardly any additional expenditure required to have these animals as pet.

These lovely creatures are very much required now days. As you know at present the world is moving at very fast rate. People have to cope up with the fast paced activities of the present world. As the result, there is hardly any time for the people to relax. These lovely cats are acting like a stress buster.

It is the duty of the owner to take care of these cats. After all these poor animals can not speak and express their difficulty. Just as the other animals these casts too get so many health issues one such is ear infection. Let us discuss about the ear infection prevention in cats.

It is the duty of the pet owner to keep the ear of the cat clean and free from any infection. The cat’s ear should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the ear infections. While cleaning the ear the pet owner will have the opportunity to have looked at the early signs of infection if there is any. The pet owner must look any redness, odour, discharge etc. in case any one of these is noticed and the same should be reported to the vet nearby and the cat should be taken to the vet doctor at the earliest appointment date.  

Keep you cat free of parasites

The ear mites are the primary reason for the ear infections in cat. There are good products that are very effective in treating the ear infections they are Revolution and Advantage multi for cats. These products are not only effective against ear mites but also highly effective against fleas, heartworms etc. The cats that are spending most of their time out side the house are highly prone for ear mite infection. The cats that stay in doors are highly prone for fleas and the heartworm type of infestation.

Feed the cat high quality diet

The cats should be given good quality diet; there is no second thought on this. The food provided to the cat should be of high quality and should have well balanced nutrients for the very health of the cat. The good quality food will keep the immune system of the cat in good condition and the cat can fight the infection very effectively. The good quality food will keep the skin and the ear of the cat very healthy. 

Cats Night Vision – an Overview

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Cats are lovely pets to have. Please be informed that you need stress busters to have a comfortable life style. The modern world is fast paced. The requisites of the modern, fast paced world are some thing that you will not understand if you belong to old age driven by moral values. Those moral values are on the decline in modern world that is so fast paced

The best stress busting technique is nothing but having a pet at home. The pet can be dog or cat or fish. The most preferred pets are dogs followed by cats. The cats are lovely little creatures and are preferred by many to have them as their pet because they are very cute looking and are easy to be domesticated.  The cats have so many extraordinary qualities one such thing is night vision .Let discuss about the night vision of thee cats in this article. 

Many are not aware the cats can see at night very well. Cats night vision is very much required for them for their nocturnal hunting. The cats do find it difficult at complete darkness but at very low light their vision is much sharper than the human beings. For cat’s night vision the cat’s eye is provided with so many special features that help for the vision in dark. The cats have vertically oriented elliptical pupil which you may be aware. This elliptical pupil opens much wider than the round people of the human beings and the result the cat can see more clearly in low light than human beings.

The cat’s eye has one special membrane called tapetum lucidum which reflects the light in to the eye and as the result the cat’s retina will receive more light. Eye shine or the flash in the cat’s eye that we see is nothing but the reflection of light by tapetum membrane. The retina of the cat’s eye has more rods than cones.  The rods are more effective in absorbing lights than cones. The cones are   primarily responsible for absorbing the colour. The cats can see violet and blue better than reds.

By now, you will be wondering that the elliptical pupil of the cat is just for the fancy, no it is not so. Please be informed that the cat’s eye is not the fancy but a need. By now you are aware of the fact the cat’s eyes is provided with some anatomical advantage that helps the cat to get benefited by the night vision of the cat.

The cat’s night vision can never be compared with the extra advantage enjoyed by the fellow counterpart of the animal kingdom like the one called bat. Bats are not as friendly as cats. Besides the cats does not play a part in spreading a disease which does not have a cure. The name of the disease is nothing but rabies. The rabies is a disease which has no cure and the same is being transmitted by infected bat.