Why your Cats are Passing Bloody Stools?

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The pet owner will love that his cat expresses that he or she is ill. That is not likely to happen. The cats by nature tend to hide the discomforts as much as possible. Hence it is the duty of the pet owner to get the help of the veterinarian in case if the cat is found to be lethargic or sleeping for long time than required.

If the cat is not responding to your, has glassy eyes, fever etc then the cat requires medication and hence should be rushed to nearby vet clinic. Warfarin is the rat and mouse poison that is being used often in the house which is highly dangerous to cats if consumed accidentally.

One can find blood in the stool of a cat. There is nothing to worry much as it could be due to simple constipation. The main cause of constipation cat is lack of required moisture in the food. The cat also must be drinking less water. The blood in the stool can be a result of less fibre diet. Because of the constipation the cat will struggle to push out the stool which will damage the blood vessels of the rectum which is the reason for blood in stool.

Most of the commercial cat’s food are dry and are not having required water content for the smooth flow of the stool. Hence the pet owner should prefer wet food as much as possible.

The cat should also be provided sufficient quantity of water and the pet owner should ensure the water provided is consumed by the cat. The pet owner should read the label and check for the ingredients before purchasing the commercial food.
The fibre content of the ingredient should be taken in to account before deciding about the purchase. By following these simple tips one can prevent blood in stool of the cat.

How to Keep your Cat Safe during the Holiday Season?

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The Christmas season has just passed and the New Year is fast approaching. The people will be busy in decorating the house, preparing sweets, spending the time with guests etc. The cats and kittens, just love all those things, except the loss of attention by the pet owner.

As you know the cats are very much interested in moving objects. The curly ribbon, tinsel that moves by the breeze and the blinking lights distract the cats and kittens. As the house hold will be busy with the festive mood, there is very little attention is paid to the cats. The cats will of course enjoy the attention paid to them by the visitors.

Poinsettia tree will be on display in lost of the houses. The cats are likely to bite them out of curiosity, but that can make the lovely cat to be ill. The sap of the plant is likely to cause irritation to the mouth and the digestive tract of the cat. If the cats consume large quantity of the sap, the lovely cat may die. Hence, the vet should be contacted immediately if there is suspicion that the cat had consumed poinsettias sap.

You are sure to have decoration on the Christmas tree. The decorative objects found moving in the breeze will get the attention of the cat. The cats while attempting to play with that will end up swallowing the tiny little objects which will choke the throat which may be highly dangerous. Hence once should be careful about this if they have any cat at home.

The cats are likely to chew the electrical wires that are rolled around the Christmas tree and any other decorative material. Though the voltage is mild and the same can be harmful to the kittens. Hence the pet owner should take in to account while decorating the house on festive season. It is advisable to keep the cats in separate shelter till the function gets over or the cats and kittens should be constant watch.

Treatment Options for Cat’s Bad Breath

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Do you observe that the lovely cat of yours smells weird in addition to the usual cat odour? There is definitely something wrong. You may not figure out the cause immediately. You may be noticing the smell while trying to kiss the cat. If that is the case, there is no doubt that your cat is having bad breath. Bad breath is also called as halitosis bad breath is caused by numerous medical conditions. The cat with unhealthy gum or tooth decay will definitely have bad breath. Let us discuss about the bad breath in detail here

Dangers of bad breath in cat

Cat’s bad breath is not condition that can be ignored as many pet owners think. If not attended to as soon as detected, it may lead to more serious heath problem. If the bad breath is due to tooth decay, there will be severe pain and the infection may spread to the other parts and damage them. The bacteria can spread very fast through blood to the other vital organs and multiply there and damage them beyond repair. In case the bacteria reach organs like liver and kidney, there is a possibility of organ failure which may be life threatening.

Causes of bad breath in cat

The human beings develop bad breath due to various causes. Just like human beings the cat’s bad breath too has so many reasons. The cat’s bad breath may be due to stomatitis [ inflammation of mouth], gingivitis [ inflammation of gums], abscess and tooth decay, liver disease, kidney disease,diabetes,gastrointestinal problem, mouth cancer etc. In order to pin point the possible cause for the bad breath in cat, one should consult the veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian will conduct serious of tests such as X ray of the teeth, liver function test, kidney function test, FIV test etc to confirm the root cause of the bad breath. Read more…

Home Remedies for Cat Dandruff

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As I visit the pet forums very often, I came to know that the dandruff in cat is a big problem to many vet owners and most of them are not aware of the ways and means of controlling the same. If you are owner of a black pet cat, the dandruff problem will be appearing bigger by many folds. Let the pet owner not fear any more. There are so many home remedies for cat dandruff that help to overcome the problem without having to spend time and money at vet clinic.

Home remedies are easy to follow and one has to just observe the symptoms, environment and take appropriate action that is all. In most of the cat dandruff cases only three factors are involved.

Let us discuss about all here. If the cat is aged or overweight, it will have dandruff at rump or tail. This reason for this is very simple. The cat because of it’s over weight not able to reach the tail and rump for self cleaning. The aged cats also will not be able to reach these parts to clean because of lack of agility and flexibility. All one has to do is to clean the cats regularly. Such cats should be groomed at least once in two months. Read more…

How to Control Overweight in Cats?

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Fat Cat

Obese cats are burning problem amopng cat owners. A statistics confirm that 30-40% of all the cats and dogs in the United States are overweight. How to Overcome this problem of overweight in cats? This is million dollar query. Who is the main cause for this overweight? It is no other the you, the pet owners. Overfeeding, lack of exercise and too many treats are the culprits.

Our cats don’t know that they are overweighed and need to go for dieting unlike human beings. But we, the pet owners can contain this obese condition by changing our ways of feeding them, giving them more exercise and holding back on extra treats.

The cat diet should include less carbohydrates, and no fas diets. As the weight of the cat is increasing day by day, they will eat more than it requires. Most of the cat owners are in a false hope that cat spayed or neutered is the reason for overweight. It is not so! If the cat is fed with too much of calories, no exercise and normal aging will help to add on the pounds.

An overweight cat should be shown to a vet in order to check the following parameters-

1.Heart check up

2. Thyroid check up and

3. Minor blood parameters to rule out metabolic problems.

The cat should eat everyday but with less quantity of nutrient rich feed. Don’t think that fasting a cat will help your kitty to loss excess pounds.

Obese cats are prone for all diseases, which include diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and hepatic lipidiosis. Never start to reduce your kitty’s weight without consulting a cat vet because their metabolism is entirely different that of dog. Cats are carnivores, but dogs are omnivores.

If you want to change the diet, do it carefully. Mix current food with that of newfood. Gradually reduce the old feed with new feed in order to reduce weight of your cat.