How to improve your cat’s health and immune system?

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Improving the cat’s health and immune system is very important part of cat petting. There exists a close relation ship between feline diet, toxin build-up and the immune system of the cat. Providing the proper diet is the first and fore most requisite in supporting the immune system of the cat. The good feline food should contain raw meat, bone, probiotics, multivitamins, minerals and enzymes in proper proportion. As mentioned earlier providing the right diet is the most important step in conditioning the immune system of the cat. For the health and functioning of the vital organs of the cat the immune system of the cat should be in perfect condition.

Once the right kind of diet is selected and provided to the cat, the toxin build up should be cared for. The toxins in the body should be eliminated as early as possible; else they will affect the functioning of the vital organs. The toxins, if not eliminated from the body of the cat will play the spoil sport by degenerating the vital organs. Detoxing the cat using holistic approach is best advised. One can use tonics, anti oxidants and herbs for detoxifying the body of the cat. Liver and kidney are the two vital organs that are to be detoxified at the earliest as these two organs are involved in filtration and elimination of waste products from the body. 

To clean the blood the herbs such as astragalus root, milk thistle, cleavers and burdock are used for better results. These herbs are equally effective in cleaning the kidney and liver. It is advised to meet the holistic veterinarian or certified naturopathy specialist to improve the health and immune system of the cat. Herbal and natural products that boost the immune system can be purchased from the pet health stores through online. One should have clear dosage of the medications used; else these medications may become the toxin as well.

Once the toxins are removed from the cat, the balanced maintenance system should be in place in order to support the immune system of the cat. Cod liver oil, salmon oil, antioxidants, coenzyme Q etc are to be mixed with the proper diet at prescribed quantity in order to maintain the health and the immune system of the cat. Keeping the immune system of the pet cat at peak performance is very important. The improved immune system will protect the cat from bacteria, virus, pest, and fungus. Spending small money daily for improving the over all health of the cat is advised as it will prevent the owner from spending hell a lot of money by way of treating the cat once infected with life threatening disease.

Most of the holistic pet practitioners believe that people are in to too many vaccinations of late. They are of the opinion that too much vaccination will in turn harm the cat by lowering the immune level. Once the immune level is lowered because of over vaccination the cat becomes susceptible to infection which is highly undesirable. The cat’s health should be reviewed.

Top three ways to choose the right food for your Ragdoll cat

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It is an honour to have rag doll cat as pet. The difficult thing in rag doll cat rearing is choosing the right type of food for those lovely looking cat. The cat food store will have so many types of rag doll cat food and one will be confused to arrive at the decision of right food. Each and every one will love to buy the best food for their beloved pet. There are three things, one need to do in order to select the best ragdoll cat food. Let us discuss about it here

1. Talking to the vet-

The best thing one need to do is consulting the vet about the best rag doll cat food. This vet consultation is a must in case the rag doll cat that you had purchased is having any special medical concern or need. The vet should be asked to suggest the best f cat food brand available. The vet should be asked what should be looked at before buying the cat food. The vet will suggest even the store where you can buy the genuine cat food.

2. Reading the ingredients

The pert owner should never buy the cat food without going through the labels. The pet owner must know the ingredients of the cat food before buying the same. The quality of the cat food can be decided by knowing the ingredients of the branded cat food. The cat food made up of animal by products should be avoided as much as possible. Such by products will be mentioned as beef by products or chicken by products. By products are the products that are left over in the slaughter house after removal of the meat portion. The entails, bones, plasma, intestines etc come under by products category. If you see the word, meat meal in the ingredient list, it is better to avoid that cat food as much as possible. The meat meal may have the meat of Road kill animal, zoo animal, diseased animal, injured animal etc.

3. Watching the cat’s energy level and appearance

As soon as the selection of cat food is over, take a note of the energy level and the appearance of the cat. Make a note of the appearance of the fur. The fur may be non- matted, soft, or shiny. The eyes of the cat should be bright and clear. The stool should be soft and have normal color and odour. The stool should be well formed and should not be watery. The cat’s energy level also should be noted. The cat should be energetic and playing. Just make a note whether the cat is sleeping more than required. Please remember, the cat will sleep a lot as a natural process. The kittens will sleep more than the adults. If any abnormality is noticed, then take the cat to the nearby vet clinic without wasting any time. The vet may suggest changing the food if required. Follow the vet’s suggestion. When you are changing from one food to the other, please do it in the phased manner. Mix the new food with the old food more and more for one or two weeks. Never switch to the new food all of a sudden as that may trigger diarrhoea in cat. Once you had changed to the new food completely, again make note of the energy level and the appearance of the cat as you did it before.

The process of selecting the right food for the rag doll cat food may be frustrating. But it is the duty of the pet owner to provide the right food for his or her beloved pet cat.

Your cat needs a bath-how to bath a cat?

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Many are aware that the cat does not like to get wet. The only water that a cat likes is the water in the bowl. The lovely pet cat requires bath once in a while. If the cat gets dirt from something, you can not leave the cat alone. The dirt will affect the colour and the texture of the coat very much. The oily dirt is very harmful as they are very hard to be removed.

 In case you plan to bath your cat, make sure the cat does not get even a slightest doubt about it. The moment the cat comes to know that you are planning a bath for her, she will disappear at once. You may have to wait for long time to get hold of the cat. Please do remember that the cats do have claws and teeth. The cat will not hesitate to use them in case if they are forced.

It is better to have hand gloves while bathing the cat. It is also advisable to have full sleeved shirt. Have two towels ready near you. You can use cat shampoo. If you do not have one, you can use flea shampoo, baby shampoo, or a conditioner. If the cat is too have and strong, then two people should do the job. One should be very careful while bathing the cat as it will jump out at the slightest opportunity.

Let there be a towel at the bottom of the tub. You can also provide something for the cat to hold. This will make the cat secure. Let the tub be filled with 4-5 inches of water. Then slowly put the cat in the tub. Never use running water as it frightens the cat that is already nervous. You should have extra bucket full of water ready by the side for rinsing the cat. While lowering the cat to the tub, talk to her in a soft quite voice. The water should be poured on to her slowly starting from the neck of the cat. Let the cat be soaked completely using wash cloth. Let the loose hair be rinsed off. Add little shampoo. Lather well. Start from the neck. Move on to the body, leg, belly and tail one by one in the order mentioned.

Take care not to have the shampoo in the cat’s nose, ear, mouth or eye. Let the shampoo reach the hair coat by working the hand on the body of the cat. Let the shampoo remain in the body of the cat for few minutes for better results.Let the cat be rinsed using the water in the tub first. Then use the extra water for rinsing. Make sure all the shampoo is removed from the body of the cat. Then you should warp the cat in the towel. The cat should rub gently in order to remove the water as much as possible.

If the cat is not having long hair, then she will dry faster. Let the cat be provided dry towel to sit on. Have a fan near by which will help the cat to get dry faster. If the cat is having long hair, then you will require a comb and extra towel. The long hairs will join together when they are wet and hence you require comb to separate them. Let the cat be provided with treat for cooperating. Make the cat understand that bathing is good for them.

How to Adopt Rag Doll Cats?

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Are you in the process of adopting the rag doll cat? Congrats to you. You can hold your head high as you are going to adopt one of the most compassionate, loving and friendly cat . Adopting the rag doll cat is not all that easy. The process is confusing and irritating for many. Let us discuss about it here so that you will not find any difficulty in adopting the rag doll cat.

The rag doll cat can not be found at shelter as it is a pure bred cat. There are few rag doll cat rescue groups in the United States of America. But the cats that are housed are very old and are will so many health problems, hence that is not the place to look for.

Find reputable breeders

The best option to adopt the rag doll cat is from the breeder. There are so many rag doll cat breeders in all parts of America. You can easily find them with the help of internet. Make a list of rag doll cat breeders near your area. Then just start contacting them one by one. Ask for the kittens availability and make a not of them. In general the kittens will not be available all the times in reputed breeders. The reason is very simple; the rag doll kittens are sold like hot cakes as there are many takers for them. Besides the rag doll parents can not be bred all through the year which in unnatural. You should be prepared to wait for two to three months to get the kitten from the reputed breeder. So you have time to visit the breeder place in person. Do not wait; plan your visit at the earliest. You can observe the cleanliness of the house during your visit. You can also enquire about the health status of the parent cats. You can also see whether the cats are over crowded.

Ask about the health guarantee

Have a complete discussion with the breeder about the health guarantee that is assured by the breeder. The breeder should be in a position to give one year health guarantee which is pretty decent. If the breeder is giving three year health guarantee which very much appreciable. The guarantees should be in the form of letter, not oral. In case the kitten dies before the expiry of the guarantee date, the breeder should provide you with new kitten without any charge attached to it. The kitten will not be replaced if the cat dies due to pet owner’s negligence or accident. The parents of the rag doll kitten that you purchase should be tested for fatal diseases such as FIP, FELV, HCM internal parasites, worms etc.

Find out the adaptation rules

Get it clarified from the breeder that at what age the rag doll kitten can be purchased. The kittens should be at least 12 weeks old at the time of purchase. The kitten can be purchased from the breeder as it is or neutered or spayed. The purchase price of the kitten should be inclusive of the operation done. One should discuss clearly about this with the breeder in order to avoid last minute confusion.  The other clarification required from the breeder is the declawing policy. Most of the rag doll breeders will ask you sign in an agreement which states that rag doll cat should not be declawed. The declawing is considered as inhumane practice by many. But the pet owner may think of declawing the cat for some reason. This may not be possible if you are planning to buy rag doll cat.   

What is the Vaccination Schedule for Cats?

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There are so many incurable diseases that can affect the lovely pet cats. The only way to protect the cat is by providing suitable vaccination. The vaccine administered will help the cat to fight the disease producing micro organisms. This can be achieved by developing sufficient antibodies in the body that can fight the germs. These specific antibodies can be produced by administering the killed or attenuated germs that can cause the actual disease. The body in response to this antigen will produce required antibodies which will fight the germs in case of actual exposure.

As soon as the cat is purchased, the cat should be taken to the near by vet hospital. The vet will suggest few vaccinations depending on the age and health of the cat. The vaccination schedule will vary depending on so many other factors such as numbers of cats and other pets in the house.   

The general vaccination schedule is as follows:

  • Distemper Combination Vaccine (includes panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus)
  •  Feline leukaemia
  • Feline Respiratory disease and
  • Rabies

Feline respiratory diseases include calicvirus, Chlamydia and rhinotrachitis. The cat should be protected from all these diseases as these diseases are very common among the cats and these diseases can lead to death or can result in severe side effects. The cats that go outside the house are to be protected against these diseases as they are most likely to get infection from other un- protected pet cats.

In general there are very minimal side effects associated with these vaccines. The cats will be less active for few days that follow the vaccination and there is no need to worry as the cats will become normal in due course. Of course one can not rule out the possibility of severe vaccine reactions but they are very rare. In case the vaccinated cat found to have any reactions such as lethargy, diarrhoea or vomiting, then rush the cat to the near by vet without wasting any time. 

If you have purchased a kitten, then they require list of vaccinations that are must. But there should be time gap for the first vaccine. The reason is the kittens will get antibodies from their mother through milk. Such antibodies will react with the vaccine and the desired result could not be attained. Hence the vaccination schedule for cats are as follows:

  • Distemper Combination Vaccine – First shot at 6 weeks old followed by every 3-4 weeks of age until it attains 16 weeks of age. Booster at 1 year of age
  •  Feline leukaemia – Primary dose should be given at 8 weeks old and booster dose after 3-4 weeks of age. Booster at 1 year of age
  • Rabies- Vaccination should be done based on local law and type of vaccine. Revaccinate one year later.

The adjuvant present in the vaccine can lead to health problems in the latter part of life; one must be wary of this. As per the recent study these adjuvant can lead to immunological disturbances and cancer in few animals. The adjuvants are added to the vaccine only to improve the efficiency of the vaccine. Most of the vaccines are injected in to the body of the cat. Of course there are nasal spray vaccines also. For the antibody production minimum of 15 days time is required. The cat will certainly require booster vaccination every year without fail in order to protect the cat all through their life. The vet will confirm you the details of the booster vaccine depending on the age, health, environment, type of vaccine, disease prevalent in that area etc.   

Why does my cat Scratch me?

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The cats are lovely pet; there is no second opinion on this. As these animals are small, and attractive more and more people are going in for cat purchase. The cute shining hair attracts most. There one mild danger which is nothing but scratching. Let us discuss about cat scratching here.

One has to be very careful in caressing the cat as there is always the danger of getting scratched by the cat. One may wonder what the reason for the cat to scratch. The answer is nothing but the natural instinct of the cat. The cat may have declawed by the owner but the scratching behaviour will not cease. In addition to that the cats that are declawed tend to bite as they too are aware the scratching is not effective. Biting is more dangerous than declawing. Hence we would suggest training is the best alternative to declawing.

 The scratching behaviour can be stopped if you are aware of the reason for scratching. The cats love to leave their scent behind which is one of the reasons for scratching. The cats are provided with scent glands in the foot pads. When the cat scratch, bit of scent is passed on, thus fulfilling the object of the cat. Scratching is also a form of exercise as the cats stretch all their muscles in the process. The cats that were declawed find it difficult to stretch.  

There is nothing to worry as there is an effective method which prevents the cat from damaging the furniture and harming the house hold by scratching. The cat can be provided with an object for scratching. The object provided should tempt the cat to scratching all the time. As the result the cat will stop scratching you and the furniture. Scratching poles are available in the market in many varieties. The scratching pole made up of carpet, wood or siscal is considered the best by many. It is better to avoid buying scratch poles made up of cardboard as it will not last long. Let the scratch pole be placed in a place where the cat spends lot of time. Never try to hide the scratch pole as that will not work well.

The number of scratch pole purchased also matters. There should be sufficient scratch poles. If there are five cats then there should be five scratch poles and one pole extra. Let the posts be very attractive. The catnip may be rubbed in the scratch pole in order to make the cat use the pole more. You can also provide cat treats near the scratch poles to attract the cat.


You can also protect the furniture side by side. The furniture can be covered by plastic. There can be double sided tape covering the furniture. The cats do not like scratching the double sided tape down. Let the cat not be punished for scratching as they can not understand the reason for the punishment as scratching is not a vice but a natural instinct.     The owner will be guilty of punishing the cat for nothing. 

Cat Declawing-the truth

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The people do indulge in declawing of the cat. The main reason for this is protecting the furniture. The untrained cat with claw is very dangerous as it will damage the curtains, and carpets along with furniture. The cats just love to scratch the furniture. If the cats are not trained against it then be sure, your furniture is in danger.

The cat declawing also helps in protecting the owner from being injured. The children in the house are in great danger if they try to mis-handle the cat. The cats will start scratching and harming the people if they are provoked or if they are nervous.

Bartonellosis and toxoplasmosis are the two diseases that are transmitted from cat to human beings. In most cases these diseases are transmitted through bite and there is a chance that this disease can be transmitted through scratch too. According to many declawing is a very drastic step one indulges in as there are so many other ways of preventing the cat from scratchning.the owners who indulge in declawing are only concerned about their problem and do not take in to account the problems of the cat.

What does the declawing process involve?

Onychectomy is the other name of declawing. This operation is much more complicated than one normally assume it to be. Declawing is nothing but amputating the toe of the cat at first joint. Here the front portion of the cat’s toe is removed along with the muscle, nerve and blood vessels. The operation is very highly painful and the healing process is much longer. Cat clawing is more complex operation than sterilization and spaying of the cat.

Are there any disadvantages to declawing your cat?

There are many disadvantages for the cat as well as the cat owners. The cat declawing is not legal in many countries. Cat declawing is considered as inhumane practice in many countries. Cat declawing is nothing but a kind of animal abuse. Many people are not aware how painful the cat declawing can be. The cats do not show the pain outwardly but they suffer in silence. We as the responsible cat owner should under stand this. There can be plenty of surgical complications that can follow the cat declawing just as the other major operations. In general most of the vets use minimal pain killers during the cat declawing. As discussed earlier, the healing process takes long time and the post operative pain continues for even a month after the operation.  

Professional cat declawing

In case you are hell bent on declawing the cat irrespective of the disadvantages, then at least be prepared to do that professionally. Let the operation be done with bare minimal discomfort to the cat. The best method of declawing is laser declawing. As there is very less bleeding and swelling in laser declawing, this method is considered the best by many. The cat should be 4 months old at the time of declawing. The cats that are old and are not physically active should never be declawed as it will take much longer time for the wound to clear.

How to Sell a Cat using Classified Sites?

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Cats are lovely animals to have them as pet. The cats are charming, alright, but at the same time mysterious too. The cats are challenging pets to have at home. The cats are considered a symbol of power by some. The cats are preferred by many as they are cute and cuddly. The cats were revered by Egyptians. For thousands of generations cats have been a part of history.

The cats have attracted the pet lovers very much by their features, tricks and the pleasure they provide to the family. There are many cat breeds available all over the world. British short hair, Persian, Maine coon, savannah, Scottish fold etc are the most loved breeds among many other breeds.

The talent and the features differ from breed to breed. Selling a cat is not all that easy. To make the selling of cat easy, there few procedures need to be followed. Let us discuss about that here. The advertisement made should be proper. The best option is pet classified site. The pet classified site is created for the people who want to buy a pet and the people who want to sell their pet.

Just placing the advertisement in the pet classified will not be sufficient. The advertisement should be posted in social net working sites such as yahoo, twitter, face book, Google etc. as these social network sites have huge customer base, and the advertisement will reach them with ease. The placing of the advertisement in these social network site is very cheap which is an added advantage for the user. There are many kind hearted people who will love to adopt the abandoned pets and will ensure proper care for those needed ones. These social network sites will provide additional information such as the breeds, food, pet shops, accessories, vet clinic location etc.

It is always advised that the pet that needs to be sold should be taken photograph and the same needs to be pasted alongside the advertisement. This way the customer will know clearly what he or she is going to buy. The photo taken should be very attractive. It is good if the photo is taken by the professional photographers. If the quality of the photo is not good, then there will be less demand for the pet.

The advertisement should have the details about the special features of the pet. This will make the potential buyer to have a look at the advertisement with extra interest. There should be detailed information about the pedigree. The breed details are must in the advertisement. It is good idea to provide details that will make the potential buyer think that the pet cat in the advertisement requires low maintenance. In general people love to buy or adopt young pet cats than the older ones. Hence it is recommended that the pet cats are sold at very young age as there will be more buyers. No need to wait till the pet cat grows in to adult for selling. In case the vaccination and training has been provided, please mention that in the advertisement.

Why does my Kitten have Diarrhoea?

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Does your pet cat have diarrhoea? There is no need to panic. The stomach of the cat is very sensitive. The diarrhoea is just the result of reaction of the stomach for the food that it ate. Just have a close watch on the bowel movement of the cats for the next few days. If the loose motion is noticed once or twice, then there is absolutely no need to bother. If the loose motion continues for more days, then you have real problem at hand.

As discussed earlier the first and fore most reason for the diarrhoea is nothing but food intolerance. You are aware that the kittens will eat anything and every thing that comes in their way. Hence the pet owner must make sure that nothing should be left un-attended on the floor. The kitten will try to take a bite.

It is always advisable to have a close watch on the food that is fed to the kittens. The intestine of the kittens is highly sensitive to food dyes. Just check the food that is consumed by the kitten is meow mix. Meow mix has food dyes which are sure to result in diarrhoea if fed to the kittens. If you plan to switch over to other food, please do that gradually as sudden change of food itself can trigger the diarrhoea.

The cat that is having diarrhoea can be given home made food that is bland. Home made food should be preferably white rice with hamburger meat. It is always good to consult the vet if diarrhoea is noticed in kittens. The vet may even suggest fasting for some time.

The other food stuff that results in diarrhoea in kittens is milk. Hence it is better to avoid milk or milk based products as much as possible. The milk is not at all good for the cats as it invariably result in stomach upset and diarrhoea. Milk can lead to vomiting too.

If the diarrhoea is not food based issue, then it may be due to illness. The illnesses such as stress, over eating, hyperthyroidism, feline immunodeficiency virus, over eating etc can result in diarrhoea. The cats should be brought to the nearby vet clinic if the diarrhoea does not get arrested even after changing the food.

All one need to do is watching the cats very closely if they have diarrhoea issue. The reason is that the cats will get dehydrated if the diarrhoea continues for some more time. Dehydration is highly dangerous for the cat. The cat that has diarrhoea is less likely to drink water. Such cats should be provided wet food instead of dry food. If the dehydration symptoms were noticed, just rush the cat to the vet clinic at the earliest. The vet will administer fluids if required. The fluids that are administered will take care of the water content and the electrolytes and other nutrients lost. If proper care is taken then the lovely pet cats can be saved from the dangers of diarrhoea.

Pet Cats –Ways to avoid Sleep Deprivation

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The cats too suffer from sleeping disorder just like human beings. Many are not aware of this. If you notice that the cat is not sleeping in the wee hours, meowing, playing etc then there is no doubt that your lovely pet cat is having sleep deprivation problems. There are so many studies conducted on the sleeping pattern of the cat. As per that the adult cat spends nearly sixty five percent of their time in sleeping. Out of this 65 %, fifty percent is just the snap and remaining fifteen percent is deep sleep. The sleeping pattern of the kittens is bit different and there will be alternate sleep –wake cycle. The cats just like the human beings require sleep to recharge the supplies of neuron transmitter, form memories, and conserve energy and to repair the damaged tissues.

The cats are nocturnal in nature. Despite this if the cats are not able to sleep during their regular sleeping time, they become restless. If any such symptoms were noticed in your pet cat, you need to take the animal to the nearby vet clinic. The vet will examine the cat completely to rule out the medical problems if there is any. If there are sleeping disorders, the same will be confirmed by the vet by serious of tests conducted on the pet cat. At times the cat may not be sleeping because of lack of attention by the pet owner. At times the cat may not be sleeping as it used to be for want of comfortable sleeping place. If these are the reasons, the problem can be addressed at home itself.

Here are few tips to prevent the cat from disturbing your sleep. The cats can be made to play in the evening. Let the play be interactive toys such as ping pong balls, soft balls, mice toys and other cat toys. Let the cat be given full meal before bedtime. Just like the human beings the cats will get good sleep if their stomach is full. It is a best idea to have automatic feeder that will dish out the feed at appropriate time during the bed time. The feeder may be bit costly but the money spent on that is worth. In addition to that the cat will not disturb you for food as it knows that it is going to the food at required time. But here the care should be taken not to over feed the cat. If the cat is over fed then you need to care for the problems like obesity and other gastrointestinal problems. Let the day time of the cat be scheduled properly to have more active play time which will make the cat tired and such cats will have good sleep at night.

In case your cat loves to socialize with other cat, it will be a good idea to have another cat in the house for its company. The cat will spend time with its company instead of bothering you. The cats will play together at night and will sleep well once they get tired. Let the cats be provided comfortable and cosy bed, so that it can rest well. The cat may be provided a comfortable blanket as additional kit. Let the bed be provided in a secure location so that the cat will have its privacy. Train the cat properly to use the same place for sleep.