Cat Drooling – An Introduction

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If you ride the cat to the vet clinic you may notice foam at the mouth of the cat. The foam can also be noticed after the administration of a dose of medicine. Many are not aware that these little drool has a long way to go. Let us discuss about cat drooling here. The cats salivate more when they are agitated or scared. Few other cats suffer from motion sickness if they are put under tense situation. This motion sickness problem can be identified from drool soaked cat carrier.

Few cats have the habit of developing the foam at the mouth if they feel nauseated. This kind of foam formation can be noticed in few cats while they are about to vomit the hair ball. Few cats form the foam while they are in happy mood especially when petted by the person liked by these lovely animals. What we had discussed above are the few causes for the drooling in cat. All these reason or the causes are very much short lived and are usually benign.

At times the cat may be drooling or foaming at the mouth for no apparent reason, one should not take this lightly. In any case if the drooling continues for mare than half an hour and if there are no other symptoms noticed, then one should rush the cat to the nearby vet clinic without wasting any time. There are two major reasons for abnormal drooling. One major reason is the problems occurring inside the mouth of the cat. The other major reason is the problem present in some other part of the body. In general the drooling is stimulated by nausea or pain.

Drooling is nothing but over flow of the saliva. This kind of overflow is caused by the interference in the act of swallowing. The interference in swallowing is caused by oral problems or any other neurological problems. There are so many mouth problems that result in the over flow of the saliva i.e. drooling. They are listed below. Dental diseases such as abscessed teeth, broken teeth, decayed teeth etc can result in drooling.

The drooling can be caused by gum diseases such as stomatitis, periodontal disease. Oral foreign body like fish bone, fish hook, string wrapped around tongue etc can result in over flow of saliva. Oral mass such as granuloma, tumor, eosinophilic etc can also result in drooling. Oral ulcer and oral laceration can lead to drooling. Bee stings and salivary gland cyst can also result in drooling. There are so many other oral disease symptoms that may accompany over flow of the saliva. They are foul breath, eating difficulty, blood tinged saliva, refusal to eat the food that is being provided to the cat in general. The cat will show visible signs of discomfort.

The cat will be looking very uncomfortable and will be seen pawing the mouth. At times the drooling may be the first and the only sign of the problem. As discussed earlier the problems present at the other part of the cat other than the mouth can also result in drooling. Disorder of the stomach, disorder of the intestine, disorder of the esophagus etc can result in drooling.

A rare liver disorder called portosystemic shunt can also lead to drooling. Over flow of the saliva can also be due to advanced kidney disease.

Deadly dangerous disease called as rabies can also result in drooling. The cat exposed to caustic chemicals or toxins can also show drooling as a symptom. As far as drooling is concerned, exposure to the toxin is one important consideration. The cats are more likely to be exposed to toxins or harmful chemicals. These toxins are very much available in the house. There are so many cleaning products are available in the market and the house holds buy them to clean their house. This is being done with good intention of keeping the surrounding clean. But these poor house holds are not aware that these chemicals present in the cleaning agent can actually harm the lovely little cat. These chemicals are directly ingested by the cats by hook or crook. At times these chemicals may be rubbed by the cats accidentally.

The cats are very clean animals, many are not aware of this fact. Given a chance, the cat will indulge in grooming using their tongue. While grooming these chemicals may gain entry in to the mouth of the cat. The toxin or the chemical thus entered may damage the lining of the mouth which is very soft. The lining that is damaged may lead drooling. There are certain flea dips and insecticides that are very commonly used by the house holds. These chemicals are very toxic to these feline friends and drooling is caused by these chemicals. These chemicals will cause other symptoms such as muscle tremors, lethargy, weakness, vomiting etc. the moment you notice any of the symptoms mentioned here , it is sensible to take the cat immediately to the near by vet clinic and seek the help of the professionally trained vet doctor.

You should carry along with you the label of the chemical ingested by the cat. This will help the vet to diagnose the problem and to treat the cat without wasting much time by subjecting the cat to various tests. The treatment started earlier will bring about the relief much faster. Dental disease is as such a bigger problem in our feline friend. More that eighty percent of the adult cats suffer from one or the other dental diseases.

The dental diseases such as tooth decay, periodontal and other problems of the oral cavity will result in severe pain which in turn result in drooling, over flow of saliva. Most of the people will think that their cat is suffering from rabies the moment they notice the foam formation in the mouth of the cat. This is very much unlikely if the cat is vaccinated against rabies. The best thing is vet consultation.

Why Cat’s Tongues are rough?

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The cats are lovely pets. The people just love them like anything. The kids are very crazy about these lovely little creatures. The cats are preferred by many as these animals are looking very cute. These animals are very handy and the size is not intimidating like few other pets. The tongues of the cats are rough. Many cat owners are aware of this fact. Let us discuss about it here.

The cats may groom you accidentally. You will come to know that the cat’s have very coarse tongue. The cat’s tongue is covered with a structure called papilla. The papillas are nothing but backward pointed spikes. You will have a feeling that you are rubbed with sand paper if the cat licks you. All those spikes called papilla will be tugging at your skin.

Cats tongue are eating utensils

The cats are using their tongue as eating utensils.The cats use their tongue to remove the meat from the bones of their food or prey. In the forest, the most important role played by the tongue of the cat is nothing but this. But this is not the only function of the tongue of the cat. There are so many other functions of the tongue. The tongues have the taste buds. There are salivary glands that aid in digestion of the food particle. Human beings use their hand for consumption of the food. These poor cats do not have that luxury; hence they have to depend on their tongue as far as the feeding is concerned.

Cat’s tongues are brushes and de-tanglers

The cats use their tongue for grooming purpose also. While grooming the cats utilize their tongue for moistening the fur with the help of the saliva. This will help the fur to remain clean and smell fresh. This also helps to regulate the body temperature of the cat. The spikes in the tongue will remove the debris and the lose hair from the cat and also helps in detangling the mats.

The tongue of the cat is acting like the brushes in fact. The human beings use hair brushes to comb their hair. The poor little cat can not afford this comfort and there is no other alternative but to depend on their tongue. The cats are very clean animals. They indulge in self grooming more often. That too the cats that are roaming around the house and those cats that are moving about the outside of the houses are more likely to get dirt. Such cats can be noticed grooming their body using the tongue. The cats use their tongue as detanglers too. The dirt that had formed a cake involving the hair can be removed only by the tongue of the cat. The saliva softens the texture of the cake formation and the hair gets released. Hence the cats are the perfect de-tanglers for the cute little cat.

The cats tongue can assist in those chores

The barbs or the spikes in the tongue of the cat are pointed inwards. As the result the materials are either grabbed or pulled inside. The cats find it very difficult to spit the loose hairs that were grabbed while grooming. As the result the cats ingest the loose hairs. This is exactly the reason for the formation of hair balls in the digestive system of the cat. Not all the hairs ingested are removed from the body of the cat which is the reason for the formation of the hair ball. The long haired cat breeds are more susceptible for the hair ball problem. The cat’s anatomy is such that the hair balls are ingested in to the stomach of the cat more often than not. If these hair balls are not coughed out, this will lead to very serious health problem.

String is dangerous once caught by cat’s one way tongues

The objects such as yam, dental floss, ribbons etc should be kept out of the reach of the cat. If the cats are playing with the objects that have string attached to it, then the cat should under observation by the pet owner or a sensible adult. Once the play session is over those toys should be checked and kept out of reach of the cats. As discussed earlier the spikes in the cats tongue are curved inside and hence anything that is licked by the cat tends to reach the digestive system of the cat causing trouble. This way, the string material once reaches the mouth of the cat ends up in the stomach of the cat and there is less chance for material to get out of the cat’s body.

Cat’s tongues are drinking utensils

Just like all other animals the cat too requires water. The cats are not fond of water in general. The cats should be forced to drink water. It is the duty of the pet owner to ensure the cat had consumed enough of water. The water should be provided in a clean plate and the water should be available near the cat house all the times. Many cat owners prefer to give wet food instead of dry food as the cats are not keen in drinking water unless forced by the owner.

The water plate should be cleaned at least once in a day. The water should not be contaminated with any kind of microbes. Is it advisable to give treated water to these lovely pets? If the water provided is not of good quality then we will be inviting trouble. We may need shell out hell a lot of money in treating the cat to protect it from the infection. There are so many diseases that can be transmitted through contaminated water and one should be very careful about the water provided to these feline friends.

While drinking the water the cats form their tongue in to a cup shape. The taste buds of the cat are located in the tongue of the cat are very sensitive to the taste of the water. Hence the water provided to the cat should be clean always.

How to raise a healthy kitten?

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It is always better to select the kitten from the whole litter. You should select the kitten that is active, playful and friendly. The kitten selected should be confident looking and should approach you happily. The shy and sensitive kittens should be left behind.

At the time the kitten is taken home, it should be 7-8 weeks old. Some pedigree breeders will keep the kittens with them up to 12 weeks old so that they can complete the vaccinations needed. There are certain things one should look for while selecting the kitten. Let us discuss about it here.

The ear of the kitten should be clean and should not have any unpleasant smell. The cat’s eyes are blue in colour. The cats with white blue eye are highly prone for deafness. This can be checked by making sound outside the field of vision of the cat.

The eyes of the kitten should be clean and bright and there should not be any discharge. The teeth of the kitten should be white and the gum should be pink. The coat should be clean and shiny and the coat should not have any flea. The area under tail of the kitten should be spotless.

Setting the new kitten

One should have good pet carrier to take the kitten home. This way the transport stress can be minimized. Let the kitten come out of the pet carrier on its own. Never try to rush the things as the poor kitten may get frightened. The food and fresh clean water should be ready for the kitten.

Let the kitten be left on its own for some time. Make sure the bed and the litter tray are in proper place so that the kitten can find that out with ease. Let the children in the house play and handle the kitten gently. Let the kitten be confined at house for a week or so.

You should accompany the kitten when it goes out of the house for the first time. This way the kitten will feel secure and develop the bond towards the owner. Let the other animals and the pets be introduced to the kitten slowly.

Be sure the other pet does not harm or frighten the kitten as it is a new arrival. If proper care is taken for a week or so, then the kitten will amuse itself as well as the other pets and house holds by its playful activities.

Cat Equipments

Bed- cardboard box along with a blanket or a cushion is more than enough for the kitten. As the kitten grows, you may require covered bed or wooden box. The bed should be washable only then the bed can be kept clean. Let the bed be provided in warm, quite and draught free place.

How to choose a kitten as family pet?

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Kittens are very cute and the kids just love them a lot. The kitten will grow faster and will become an adult and will live for 20 years and more. Choosing a kitten is not easy as you think. One should spend sufficient time and study the options available carefully before arriving at the decision.

Never decide to buy the first kitten you see or the cutest kitten of the lot. It is better to use the head instead of using the heart while selecting the kitten. You need to visit the place of the kitten in person before selecting the kitten. Just watch the behaviour of the kitten with the mother. Observe the interaction of the kitten with the other kitten. Then you can make the decision.

There are two important things that need to be considered while selecting the kitten. The health and the personality of the kitten are the two things mentioned. Please remember the kittens born to single mother will not be the same.


One should select the healthiest kittens in the lot. There is no need to select the kitten seen by you in the first litter. Try and have a look at all possible litter before making the selection. You can also request the help of the vet to select the kitten. You should be aware that you need to pay charge for this. The vet will charge you for every visit.

Your selection will be good if the following criteria are taken care. The kitten selected should be alert, active, inquisitive and lively. The kitten should be feeding well and the coat should be shiny. The eyes should be clear and not have any discharge. The ears of the kitten should be clean. There should not be any coughing or sneezing. The rear end of the kitten should be clean.The kitten should be steady on its feet and the legs should be straight.


The personality of the kitten selected should be good. It is easy to identify the personality of the kitten if it is in the litter. The kitten should not be wary or covering which indicates that the kitten had very little human contact. Such kittens are very difficult to domesticate.

One will have to spend more work and time to correct this behaviour. The kitten that comes near you the moment it sees you will be aggressive and dominant. Such kittens are difficult to control. The kitten may be cute but if found to be sensitive then it may not enjoy the company of other animals housed in the family.Sensitive kittens will take long time even to mix with the pet owner.


As discussed earlier, one should spend sufficient time is choosing the kitten and one should never rush the procedure. The kitten purchased will be almost like new member to your family and hence the kitten selected should match with the likings of the family member. You should ensure this. If the health and the personality is good then the kitten selected by you will sure to be good.


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You can see a pet cat in most of the houses in western countries especially united states of America. The people just love these creatures as they are very cute, handy, attractive and affordable. The cats are such a lovely pet and for that reason more and more people want to have them as pet. The cats are very friendly with the kids in the house.

The cats are not as ferocious as dogs and the kids just love to play with them as the size of the cat is not at all intimidating. Just like all other living things, the cats too have so many health issues. Scabies is one of them .let us have few information about the scabies and its home remedy here.

Scabies is a skin infection caused by tiny parasite called mite. These mites gain entry in to the skin and reach the place beneath the skin to settle. The presence of these mites results in severe itching and hell a lot of discomfort to the individual. The scabies is very common among most of the mammals and the symptoms are just the same as the human beings. Infected cat will have severe itch all through the day and the itching will be more pronounced at night, just as it shows up in human beings. The cats may be showing different behavioural signs as they could not distinguish and differentiate the discomfort.

The scabies infection in cat is generally termed as mange infestation and this condition will make the cat very uncomfortable if the condition was not treated at the earliest. There are plenty of medications available in the market as far as the scabies treatment is concerned. One should know about the physical condition of the cat before deciding on the type of treatment and kind of medication.

The cat may be allergic to few ingredients that are present in the scabies medications selected by you. Such medication should never be tried in that cat. Most of the medications used for scabies treatment are very strong as they are used to kill these tiny organisms. Hence the animal that gets this medication should also be strong to resist the adverse effects of the medication. There are also home remedies for scabies infection. These home medications help in great deal in alleviating the symptoms of the scabies.

As the scabies is highly infectious, the infected cat should be separated and should never be allowed to mingle with the other pet animals. The people living in the house too should avoid contact with the infected cat as the infection can spread to the human beings as well.

The scabies infection will spread from one host to the other just like that. It is the duty of the pet owner to have the surrounding of the cat very clean which will help in speedy recovery. Permethrin is very commonly used chemical for the treatment of scabies. As there are side effects associated with chemicals, it is better to choose home remedies for the treatment of scabies.


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In general, scabies in cat do not require emergency treatment. As the result, the hospitals will not have equipment and medications to treat scabies on emergency basis. Scabies is not a killer disease and it is common skin pathological condition.

Millions of people and animals are affected by scabies worldwide. Though scabies is not life threatening, the symptoms of rabies bring about hell a lot of discomfort to the affected person. Scabicide such as permethrin and lindane are prescribed by the doctors if there are severe scabies symptoms.

There are many different medications available to treat the scabies symptoms. There is even herbal and holistic approach to treat it. The itching symptoms may persist for a week or two even after the successful treatment, one should be aware of this.

Oral anti histamines are very effective in alleviating pruritus at least partially with the help of antihistamines such as hydroxyzine hydrochloride, diphenhy dramine hydrochloride or cyproheptadine hydrochloride .

Oral or topical steroids give extra comfort if combined along with. The steroids should be used only for short time as the long time usage may lead to crusting or diffuse erytherma.

The secondary infections are dealt with appropriate antibiotics. The persons who are in close contact with the affected cat also need to be treated with medication as a measure of prevention. The other people in the house should also be treated in case the person in the house is infected with.

The dermatologist and the preventive medicine department should be notified if there is an epidemic in the town or village. One has to remember that scabies infestation is not because of poor hygiene. Even the person who is good at maintaining his personal hygiene can also get scabies. There are so many ways to kill the scabies in cat from the home. It is better to go in for a method which is 100 % effective instead of wasting time is treating with inferior quality medicines.

Gingivitis – a Cause of your Cats Bad Breath?

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There is hardly anybody who does not fall in love with the furry friend, the cat. The people just love these cute looking animals for their colour, size and the unique personality. There are so many health issues for these cute cats. Let us discuss about gingivitis and bad breath here.

The kittens should be weaned [removed from their mother] at about 6-8 weeks of age and not before. The kittens at that age will have twenty six deciduous teeth. The kittens will have thirty permanent teeth at the age of 6-7 months.

The cats are carnivores, which one should know. The cats will feed on vegetarian food only when there is no other alternative. If the cats are left on their own, they will relish meat diet. The cats are provided with sharp teeth and even the molars do not have sufficient grinding surface. According to many, the cats have the sharpest teeth in the world. Those who have experienced the bite of cat will vouch this. The bite of the cat is more painful than a prick of the sharp needle.

The cats too are affected with periodontal diseases just as the case of dogs and human beings. Gingivitis is the precursor for the periodontal diseases. If the dental hygiene of cats is not properly taken care, nearly 70-75 % of the cats will show the signs of gingivitis or periodontitis.

The first and foremost sign of gingivitis is nothing but bad breath. The gingivitis should not be taken lightly by the pet owner as if not treated at the earliest; it will lead to more severe problem. It is easy to prevent and treat gingivitis if detected early. The best prevention technique is nothing but brushing the cat’s teeth on daily basis. Daily brushing will prevent most of the dental problems in cat and will save hell a lot of money that ought to be spent if problem like gingivitis occurs.

Whenever the cat is taken to the vet clinic for routine check up, please talk about the dental care with the vet. The vet will recommend the tooth brush required and will even show you how to brush the cat’s teeth. Never try to use your tooth paste for those lovely pet cats in order to save the time and money for purchasing the tooth paste required for the cat. The foaming agent present in the paste of yours will not suit the cat and as the result the cat will become sick. The cats do not know to spit and hence there is chance for the foam to choke the cat.

Most of the human tooth paste will have xylitol in it. Xylitol is a sweetener which is highly toxic to cats. It is highly recommended to use the tooth paste that has flavour that suits the feline friend of yours. If the flavour used in the paste is liked by the cat, then brushing the teeth will be pleasure experience for the cat and there is very less chance for getting the bite from those cute creatures. The secret to the healthy pet is nothing but healthy gum and teeth.

Various Types of Cat Beds

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Sleeping and proper rest is very essential for all. That holds good for cat also. The cats requires comfortable place for sleep. In most of the houses the cats do prefer to sleep in their owners bed. This will result in hell a lot of discomfort to the owner. In order to solve this issue one need to go in for cosy, warm and comfortable bed for the cat. The cats will love to sleep if the bed provided suits their requirement. This will prevent the cat from disturbing you by sleeping in your bed. There are so many varieties of cat beds are found in the market. The cats beds can be purchased online or in near by pet shops too. Browsing the internet is the easiest way of finding the cat bed that suits the requirement of your lovely cat

Luxury cat bed

The luxury cat beds are quite expensive. These beds will provide maximum comfort to these lovely pet cats, there is no doubt on that. The cats will be warm while sleeping as these beds will have few layers of fabrics. These fabrics are very useful in insulating the cat from the coldness of the floor. These luxury beds are spacious and hence the cat can stretch itself. The space provided by these luxury cat beds is sufficient for more than one cat. The quilted surface of these luxury beds offer additional softness and puffiness which is the other important characteristics of the luxury cat beds. 

Cat baskets

The cat baskets are the other comfortable thing the cat requires. These cat baskets are not only comfortable but also add value by decorating the house. These cat baskets are provided with pillow and head pads that make the cat very comfortable and also provide required warmth. The cat baskets are as sturdy as they are made up of willow. Blankets can be used in the cat baskets which add extra comfort for the lovely pet cats.

Cat window mats

Few cats are fond of watching the happenings of the outside  by resting in the window sills. For such cats window mats are very useful. These mats should be placed in the windowsill as the cat spends most of their day time resting there. These cat window mats provide warmth, softness and the much required comfort for the cat. These window mats can be easily transformed in to padded beds at night for the cat to sleep comfortably. The cats will just love the window mat.

Cat radiator beds

The cat radiator beds are very useful during the cold days in the house which is having radiator. As you know the cats love to sleep in warm places and for that reason only they look for your bed to sleep. This will be a serious problem as most of the cat owners will not like to share their bed with their cat. The best solution for this issue is placing the bed on the radiator. Thus the cats are provided with cosy and warm place to sleep and hence the cat owner will not be disturbed at all at night. 


Symptoms of cat rabies- protect your family from this deadly disease

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Cats are the lovely cute pet.  In this modern world there is tension and tension everywhere. The people hardly find any time to relax. Spending time with the pet really relaxes the mind and chase away the tension, depression etc. The cats are liked by entire family members. The females like the cat as they are soft and have attractive coat. The kids love to play with them as they are small and handy.  These lovely cute cats have so many health issues and one such is rabies.

There are so many misconceptions about rabies. Many are of the opinion that rabies is the disease of dog. It is not so, rabies can affect cats and even the human beings. Rabies is the most dangerous zoonotic disease as there is no cure for the affected animals. Let us discuss about rabies in cat here which will help you to protect the family from rabies.


 Rabies is a viral disease and the disease spreads from one animal to the other by bite. The virus will be transmitted to the body through saliva. The virus is a fragile virus and can live outside the body for a period 24 hours [maximum]. Once the virus is introduced in to the body, the virus will reach the brain through nervous system. The incubation period varies from 2-6 weeks. In the process the virus will reach the salivary gland of the infected animal and multiply there. 

Stages of rabies

There are 3 different stages of rabies. Let us discuss all that here. It is important for the pet owner to protect himself and his family from this deadly dangerous disease.

Prodormal- this is the 1 st stage of the rabies. The symptoms are as follows- there will be anxiety, solitude, fever and nervousness. The cat will be showing erratic behaviour and this stage will last for 2-3 days.

Paralytic– this is also known as dump form. The cat will be salivating. This is because the cat will find it difficult to swallow. There will be deep breathing for the cat as there will be paralysis of face muscle and diaphragm. The jaws of the cat will appear dropped.

Furious- this is the third stage of the disease.  The cat will be vicious and will be roaming around aimlessly. The gait and the movement will be disoriented. The cat will die eventually preceded by a seizure.

The cat owner will not be aware that their lovely pet cat is infected with rabies virus most of the time. The owner should have close watch over the pet cat. If the owner could detect the infection early, he can protect other pets and also the households. It is the duty of the cat owner to protect the cat from this deadly dangerous disease. He should never allow the cat rabies to affect the loved ones. For more information the owner can contact the nearby vet clinic or can browse through the internet.


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The pet of yours like all other living things require nutritious food for the well being and over all health. If the pet dog of yours is not provided the well balanced nutritious food then the health of the dog will be in danger. The food that is provided to the dog should have all the ingredients and nutrients required for the health of the dog. Hence it is always better to buy the dog food from the reputed company so that you need not to worry about the quality of the food.

Royal canine dog food is the most popular brand and this brand of dog food is available in more than 90m countries around the globe. This company is in business of dog and cat food since 1967. Royal canine dog food is made taking in to consideration all the requisite of the dog.

The dogs that are not provided good quality food soon will become dull and lethargic. If the right amounts of minerals are not in the food, the dogs will be depressed. If you find your dog dull and lethargic and is not active as much when compared to the dogs of the same age, then you need to switch over to the good quality food sooner than later as your present food is lacking the required nutrients. You dog food should have right combination of carbohydrate, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Most of the commercial dog foods that are available in the market at present are aware of this fact and the food they make do have all the nutrients required for the dog at proper combination. Royal canine dog food is highly suitable for all types of dog breed. There are breed specific food available in royal canine dog Food Company. The food that is specific to Labradors control the weight of the dog by muscle toning.

The food made for shih-Tzu keeps the dog shiny and healthy. This company has food for puppies. As the puppies will find it difficult to chew the hard food, royal canine company makes food that is soft to suit the requirement of the puppy. The food made for the boxer’s breed of dog builds the muscle and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Royal canine includes ingredients that are of high quality compared to the ingredients used by the other dog food companies. The royal canine food is very tasty and palatable.

Royal canine have different dog foods made for the different breeds taking in to consideration certain special requirement of that particular breed of dog. While buying the dog food from royal canine, inform the company about the breed you have and buy the food that is made for that particular breed. When the right kind of food is provided to the dog, the dog will relish and stay active all through its life.

As it is the duty of the dog owner to provide best food, he or she should not leave any stone unturned while selecting the right brand. Royal canine dog Food Company is the best and there should not be any hesitation in selecting the same.