Feeding cat with raw food – Secrets Exposed

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Some of the cat owners feeding cat’s raw food like meaty poultry bone to chunks of meat. Feeding cats raw food like meaty poultry bone will let them tear the food off, smashing the bone and eating little bit bone as well as cartilage.

I have once searched the net for getting info about feeding cat raw food. I came across a video that shows how a cat easily dealing with large chunks of various types of meat.

So, feeding cat’s raw food is advisable for the cat owners….

Once you weaned your kitten, you should start with raw food by feeding them with raw chicken. You can get good quality chicken relatively cheaper. You can provide chicken drumstick, raw wing, and thigh. The young kitties will drag it around and gnaw on the raw food you have provided thinking that they were prey.

If you want to strengthen and clean the teeth and gums of your kitten, you can provide them chicken necks as it is being soft for them to chew. The chicken necks will provide enough calcium to the cats that feed on them.

As bottom line, I would like to conclude that NEVER FEED YOUR CATS WITH COOKED BONE. Cooked bones of any kind will get hardened and will seriously cause digestive disorders due to improper digestion of the same. So feeding your cat with raw food will help you to get hale and healthy kitties.

Atopic Dermatitis in Cats

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Atopic dermatitis is nothing but a skin allergic reaction caused by various allergens such as pollens, dust, moulds etc. This condition may be seasonal depending on the allergen involved


The cats that are suffering from atopic dermatitis develop skin redness or rashes. At times there can be inflammation of the ear. The cat will be seen pawing her face more frequently or rubbing the face against rough surface. This is due to the itchiness. Few cats develop skin lesions which are due to the frequent scratching. The cat will have running nose if the allergen involved are inhaled.  The allergic reaction may be seasonal if it is due to pollens. If the pollen level is high, the cats will show the symptoms. The atopic dermatitis can be chronic if not treated with proper medication.

Diagnosis of atopic dermatitis

The affected cats should be taken to the near by vet at the earliest. The vet will conduct complete physical examination to find out the route cause of the problem.  The cat will like to know about the medical history of the cat. The vet may go in for skin scrapping test in order to rule out the other causes such as mange mite. Then the vet will perform intradermal blood test to check the immune system response to the allergens. The vat may go in for fungal culture test and general blood test.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis

The vet will require the help of the pet owner to find out the allergen in order to eliminate the same completely. The cats that have chronic dermatitis will be administered immunotherapy shots just to reduce the hypersensitivity reactions that are likely to appear in common allergen exposure. There will be series of injections and the pet owner should cooperate with the vet to administer the injection on time.  The cat will be given antihistamine medication to counter the allergic reaction. The vet will also administer antibiotics to counter secondary bacterial infection. The cat may also be treated with hydrocortisone to soothe the itching and inflammation. The pet owner should take sufficient care in preventing the cat from licking the medication.

Commercial allergy treatments

The following are the commercially available allergy treatments. They are panalog, excel hydrocortisone shampoo, dermagard hydrocortisone medicated spray and oat meal and aloe vera conditioner.

Other treatment options for Atopic Dermatitis

Omega-3-fatty acids supplemented in the diet of the cat are found to be of great help in treating atopic dermatitis. Omega 3 fatty acid reduces the immune system reaction to certain allergens in addition to improving the health of the skin and fur. This supplement is sure to bring about the desired results in few weeks.  Corticosteroid seems to reduce the inflammation and hence can be tried for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Corticosteroids usage should be limited as there are severe side effects if used for long time.  It is better to find out the allergen and to remove them once for all from the surrounding is considered to be the best for atopic dermatitis problem.

What cats signal with their tails?

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The cats are lovely and cute looking animals. They have expansive tail. The cats can communicate very well with the help of the tail.  The cat can not use their tail to write the English alphabets but they can definitely say a lot of things. The tail of cat does more than providing balance and uses the same as hand to shoo away the insects. The tail of the cat can of course signal their more very clearly. Arden Moore is the author of the book named cat behaviour answer book [storey, 2007]. There are few inputs in the book that help one to understand the message communicated by the tail of the cat. Let us discuss about it here.

Hoisted high

If you find a cat moving about in his territory with the tail held high in the air, then you can very well understand that the cat is very confident and content. The cat uses their tail to communicate to others that it is happy and in friendly mood by hoisting the tail like flagpole. The cat usually gets to this position while approaching a person. If the top portion of the tail twitches as the cast comes near you then the message is clear, the cat loves you very much.

Question mark

You can also find the tail of the cat bent like a question mark. This means that the cat is in playful mood. This is the right time for the pet owner to engage the cat in play session for ten to fifteen minutes.

Flying low

If the tail of the cat is found straight down lying parallel to the legs, then one has to be very careful as the cat is in aggressive mood. But the fact is there are exceptions to this rule. The breeds such as exotics, persions, and Scottish folds tend to keep their tail lower even in the normal circumstances.

Tucked away

You can find the cat with its tail tucked beneath the body. This is a very clear signal of fear and submission. There is something that has made the cat nervous. One can be very sure about it. It is the duty of the pet owner to protect the cat from the danger near by.

Puffed up

The puffed up cat tail indicates that the cat is severely frightened or agitated. The cat is trying to look bigger than the normal size in order to protect itself from the approaching danger=


You may notice the cat whipping its tail back and forth rapidly. This means the cat is in both fear and aggression. This way the cat is trying to communicate “stay away” to the other animal


If the cat is focussed on an object, then it swishes the tail slowly side by side.  The cat normally swishes its tail while it is ready to pounce on the real mice or toy mice. This type of tail position is a part of cat’s predatory position.


Twitching the tail is nothing but a sign of excitement or curiosity. It is better not to disturb the cat at this time

Cat to cat

The tail wrapped around the other cat clearly indicates that both the cats are real pals. This position conveys their friendship.

How to stop your cat peeing in the house?

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The cats are very clean animals. These lovely creatures want their litter box also to be clean. Few pet owners do not clean their litter box every now and then. As the result the cat will be reluctant in using the litter box. They will start peeing out side the litter box. We can not blame them. The litter boxes should be kept clean. The boxes should be cleaned thoroughly once in a week at least. This is must to encourage the cat to use their litter box without ant hesitation. There should beclean all ways one litter box extra when compared to the number of cats in the house. If you are having only one cat, you should have two litter boxes. This will help in such a way that the cat will use the fresh clean new litter box in case the old litter box is not cleaned due to some unavoidable reason.

The urine of the cat will be extremely pungent and will have unpleasant odour. This unpleasant odour is due to protein metabolism. There will be combination of phosphates, uric acid, aerates and calcium oxalates. If there is any infection or inflammation in the urinary tract of the cat, then the smell will be much worse. If the urine dries, then there will be formation of the crystals which are very difficult to clear. There are specialized products available in the market to help us get rid of the urine smell problem. These products will have enzymes that will act on the crystals and break down them in to simpler chemicals and remove the stain and smell. The regular house hold cleaners will not be of any use as far as cat urine smell is concerned. The active chemical that is present in the house hold cleaners is ammonia. As the urine of the cat is ammonia based, this house hold cleaners are not effective in removing the stain or odour.  In other words the house hold chemicals will encourage the kittens to urinate in the same place cleaned by the house hold cleaners. The ammonia present in the chemical will remind them of their own urine.

If the litter boxes are clean and the cat is still urinating outside the litter box, then the reason should be investigated. You may think of shouting at the cat. But this will not help in any way. In turn this will only confuse the cat further. In case you your cat peeing at the carpet placed in the bed room, do not yell at him. Just pick him up gently and place him in a room with litter box and close the door completely for some time. The cat is peeing at the carpet instead of using the litter box because something must have prevented the cat from using the litter box. You should find out the stimulation factor instead of shouting and punishing the cat.

Top Ten Tips for New Cat Owners

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Cats are great companions. The cats look good and are very good at keeping the mice at bay. These creatures are pretty cool. Before petting a cat, there are few things that need to be known. Let us discuss about it here.

1. In general the cats are independent animals. But they are not capable of that, you should be aware. Hence one should make sure that he should have sufficient time to take care of these animals on daily basis. Even you are extremely busy, you should allot specific time in a day to spend on these creatures. Some breeds are extremely sensitive and intelligent and the personal attention is must. Such breeds should never be thought of by busy people. There are some breeds that require less attention, such breeds should be selected by those who are not sure of spending time with these lovely cats.

2. The circumstances may change after you adopt the cat. Which is very much possible as one can not predict the future to hundred percent. You may be working long hours in office and may like to have a greeting face at home to receive you. In such cases you should be able to provide one companion for the cat adopted.

3. There are people who are prone to allergic reactions. Such people should test them for feline allergy before adopting a cat.  Such people should select the cat breed that is likely to generate less allergen. You can take the advice of the vet or person at the shelter.

4. The cat should be taken to the near by vet clinic for routine health check up before bringing the animal home. The cat should be neutered as soon as possible if the age and health permits it. The cast’s sharp claw should be taken care to avoid the furniture and the other objects from scratch.

5. The owner should get a good litter box. It is better to go in for closed litter boxes which are good for cats as well as your privacy. The litter box should be kept clean and dry which is good for the health of the cat.  The food purchased should be of good quality and well balanced. The vet in the near by vicinity should be consulted for buying the food that is good for the cat.

6. The cats like to play. The cat can be provided with string, feathers, toy mice, empty boxes etc for amusement. There is no need for the playing things to be expensive. The toys can be homemade. All one has to do is that the toy provided should keep the cat active, mentally occupied and happy.

7. There is a definite need for scratching pole if you want the sofa and other furniture to be protected from the cat’s claws.

8. The cat should be properly trained. The cat nip and freeze dried nuggets are very good bribe for the cat’s training.

9. The cat should be insured. We pray that you do not require this. But it is better to be safe than sorry.

10. If you plan to bring home a kitten, then it is good to start the grooming routine early.