Flower Essences for All Animals

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Cats are lovely pets. There are so many health issues that the cat need to counter. Let us discuss about use of flower essence in treating certain behavioural problems. Deeper emotional imbalances are often manifesting in the form of physical health conditions. There are so many examples for this. A dog may develop skin problems as soon as the arrival of new baby or new pet in to the house.

The stress can affect the cats in a big way as it affects the human beings. Anger, jealousy, anxiety, loneliness, resentment etc are the different forms of stress. If the health problem that is affecting the cat found to be the result of any one of the stress mentioned above, then we must address the stress problem instead of treating the cat ailment by medications.

Flower essence can mitigate the behavioural problems such as biting and aggression. Flower essence treatment should be combined with appropriate training. The cats show aggression mostly due to insecurity or aggression. Flower essence is very effecting in helping the abused, abandoned, or mistreated cats to restore the confidence and trust. Flower essence will benefit the cats that have behavioural problems such as territorial spraying, separation anxiety, fear of thunder, fear of fire works etc. The submissive and the timid cats also get benefit from flower essence.

Here are few most commonly used essences.

Chicory- very effective in treating jealous, possessive cats. Jealous cats will try to be very near to you always.

Holly- angry, vengeful, suspicious and jealous cats can be treated.

Larch- the cats with low self confidence can be treated with ease. The cats that are low in pecking order can be treated well.

Aspen- the cats that are suffering from unknown fear can be very well treated.

Beech- the cats that have zero tolerance for certain situation or people can be treated well.

Century- the cats that are excessively eager to please the owner can be corrected with this essence.

Cherry plum- this essence can treat the cats that are continuously biting or scratching.

Chestnut bud- few cats will be making the same mistakes again and again. Such cats can be treated with this essence.

Crab apple- this essence can be used effectively for cleansing the body after illness or surgery. Mimulus- the cats that have fear for thunder, fireworks, sight of vet hospital can be treated with ease using this essence.

Star of Bethlehem- some cats may have ill-treated or abused in the past. This essence will treat those cats and hence be used in shelters which have newly adopted cats.

Vervain- the hyper active cats can be treated using this essence.

Vine- some cats will like to dominate the other cats. These cats can be seen bullying the other cats in the group. This behavioural problem can be sorted out with the help of vine essence.

Crisis cure [rescue remedy] – this is one of the most popular essence. This essence helps to calm the cat. This essence helps to relieve panic after injury or accident. The cats with any kind of stressful condition can be treated with this essence.

Fasting and Detoxification in Cats

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Fasting is very common and is normal for all kinds of animals in the world. When the animal is sick, they do not eat which is very useful for healing process. Hence one should never force feed the food to the animal that is sick as that will disturb the healing process and the animal will take long time to get out of the illness. The animal with fever should never be fed unless the temperature returns to normal.

The animal can be with little or no food for a day or two, nothing is going to happen. One day in a week the cat or the dog can be fed with bone and broth. This way the cat’s body is given a chance to detoxify or cleanse the body. Excess eating leads to overweight which creates so many other health problems in dogs and cats. The over weight cats suffer from heart problems more often than not. There is a thumb rule for identifying the over weight cat and dog. One should be able to feel the rib of the cat. If the ribs could not be felt, then the cat is definitely over weight. Hence it is the duty of the owner to feed the cat as recommended by the vet specialist.

Excess feeding is like killing the cat with kindness. While subjecting a cat for fasting, please do remember to feed them with the following broth in place of regular meal. The broth should be placed in to a large pot and covered properly with unchlorinated water. The following are the contents of the broth. They are meaty bones, chopped sweet potato or carrot, little parsley and a pinch of kelp granules. The mixture should be simmered for 20-30 minutes and the strain obtained needs to be cooled. This broth can be provided to the cat two-three times a day.

The cat also can be provided with fresh juice squeezed from fruits like apple, grape, water melon etc. vegetable juice also can be prepared from carrot, beet root etc. dilute the juice with 50 % water. The cat should be given sufficient quantity of water while on fasting. We can add a spoon of honey in the water for extra energy. We can use colopet which is very good in cleansing the digestive tract. We can also think of providing herbal DTX blend for extra support during the fasting. Green pet supplement is a very good nutritional supplement for fasting animals.

It is always better to consult holistic veterinary practitioner before thinking of subjecting the cat for fasting. Proper Care should be taken while subjecting the cat for fasting. The cats that are suffering from cancer, diabetes, or any other serious health problems should never be fasted.It is the duty of the pet owner to have the pet in good condition. Though fasting the animal has its own health benefits by eliminating the toxic material from the body, the owner should have the required extra support ready at hand.

How to control worms in your cat naturally?

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Intestinal worms are common in all creatures which includes human. These worms feed on the nutrients that are for the host and deprive the host from those vital nutrients there by disturbing the health of the host. These intestinal worms should be kept under control else they play havoc. As long as these parasites are kept at minimal number, there is no issue. Once the numbers increase then the disease symptoms are bound to appear.

Strangely some animals will appear normal with heavy load of worms while many other will show their discomfort soon. The symptoms of worm infestation vary from one animal to the other. The most common symptoms are impaired assimilation of nutrients, disturbance of digestive systems, vomiting, frequent eating of grass, rubbing the anus to the ground, decreased appetite, increased appetite, immune dysfunction, heart problems, respiratory problems, etc.

There are so many medications available for treating the worm infestation. But most of these commercial preparations are very harsh and hence if used for long time, they are harmful to the body parts. These commercial preparations can damage the lining of the digestive system and can lead to toxicity. The young puppies and kittens that are under 6 month of age should never be treated with these harsh commercial medications for deworming.

Adopting preventive measures for warms is the best alternative. These parasites feed on the waste products that are left behind in the intestine. If the digestive system is kept clean then there will not be anything for these parasites to feed on. The animals that are provided with processed food are likely to have more worm burden than those animals that are fed with raw, fresh foods. The reason is very simple the animals that are fed with natural foods are healthier than those are fed with canned foods. The processed food and the canned foods build up more toxins in the system there by paving way for the multiplication of the worms by feeding on those waste toxin materials.

It is better to go in for natural dewormer than the commercial dewormer. The natural products used for deworming do not pose any adverse health issues to the host. Full moon time is the best time form deworming the cats. During this period the cat will be very active thus the efficacy of the medication is much improved.

Heart worms are very dangerous and can kill the cat instantly once their number increases by choking the heart. The parasites are transmitted to the cats mostly by mosquitoes. Heart worm infestation can be seen in cats that are only 2 months old. If the worms mature in the heart, they can affect the function of the heart thereby killing the cat. The cats infested with heart worm may show the following symptoms. They are vomiting, lethargy, impaired blood flow to the organs, loss of appetite, weight loss, digestive disorders, low vitality etc. the heart worm can be diagnosed by blood test . It is better to go in for professional heal to counter worm infestation by natural way.

FIP – a Dreadful Cat Disease?

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Feline Infectious peritonitis is shortly called as FIP. This dreadful viral disease is noticed throughout the world. Most of the cats are acting as carriers for this virus who don’t develop symptoms of FIP, but will eventually fall ill.

Causes for FIP

A corona virus is the causative agent for this disease. It is not contagious in nature as it doesn’t shed from the affected cat. But benign feline Corona virus is contagious.

Symptoms of FIP

The disease occurs in two forms viz., Wet form and Dry form. The symptoms varied for these two forms.

Wet form symptoms of FIP

  • Loss of weight
  • No appetite
  • Elevation in temperature (won’t respond for any treatment)
  • Dyspnea
  • Fluid retention leads to abdomen distension

Dry form symptoms of FIP

Most of the symptoms of wet form is noticed in dry form except organ failure. The function of different organs will be affected that solely depends on the involvement of the organ concerned (commonly involved organs include nervous system, pancreas, liver, kidneys, eyes, etc)


The main diagnosis is by symptoms only. The confirmative diagnosis involves microscopical examination of the tissue sample from tissue biopsies including special tests to identify the virus presence.


THERE IS NO CURE FOR FIP. Currently the affected cats are treated symptomatically to get rid of the pain temporarily.


The wet form is more acute than dry form. Hence the cat suffering from wet form succumb to death within few weeks to months.


The only way to prevent this disease from the occurrence is not allowing your cat to mingle with other cats outside. Although vaccine is available for this disease, it is not yet recommended by any government as it doesn’t give complete cover against this disease.

How to deal with cat hairballs?

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Do you know your cats are prone for hairballs? Yes!!! Normally your cat grooms her/his hair to remove dead hairs from its body. While doing so, the loose hair passes through the gastrointestinal tract and comes out in the feces.

In general, carnivores, alimentary canal is designed to digest or sending them as such in the scat as they will fed on other animals with fur. Due to breeding of different cats, there is possibility of development of long-haired cat breeds. When these breeds groom and collect the hairs in the stomach rather than passing out in the gut, they form hairballs, which irritate stomach lining and formation of hairballs, which is otherwise called as “trichobezoar”.

Symptoms of hairballs

  • Frequent vomiting
  • Vomitus contains hairball


  • Frequent combing with fine toothed flea comb
  • The cats will self-medicate by consuming grass to initiate vomiting in order to expel hairball

Differential Diagnosis

Feline asthma, Hepatitis


  • Including  high fibre diet
  • Administering lubricant to push the thing in correct direction
  • Giving Nux vomica to propel the difficult hairball in vomitus
  • Petroleum Jelly – The molecules of Jelly I high enough o get absorbed in the system. So they will pass as such to remove the formed hairballs