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The children just love the company of cats. If more than one person is providing the attention and care, the cats will enjoy the same very much. The children can play safely with cat than any other pet. The cat and the children should know to respect each other’s desire and need. The elderly person should always be around while the children play with the cat and the children should never be left alone with the cat.

The kids may accidentally hurt the cat. The cat will get frightened by this and may attack the child in return. The children who have cat at their home should be taught some basic handling technique. The cat should be lifted in such a way that one hand should rest with the chest while the other should rest at hind limbs. The cat may also be allowed to perch with her fore legs on to your shoulder, but her back leg should be supported with your hand or arm. One should let the cat go, if it struggles or tries to get away.

If the cat’s ear is flat and the tail is lashing, then the cat should be left alone as it is not in good mood. One should never touch the stomach of the cat, as the cat may get frightened and may even bite the person. Appropriate toys should be used while playing with the cat. Teasing the cat with your hand is not a good idea as you mat get hurt in the process. The cat should be left alone, if it is sleeping, using the litter box or eating. In most houses the elders expect the children to do the feeding, watering and practicing the litter box usage which is not a good idea. If the children do not do proper job, the sufferer in nothing but the cat. It is better for the elders to do the chores of the cat.

Right Food for Your Kitten

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Cats are lovely pets. More and more people are going for it of late. The issue here is most of the people are not aware which right food for the cat is. As kitten, they are very small and cuddly but soon they will grow big. In order to ensure that the kitten is healthy and happy as a responsible owner one should understand the specific need of a kitten.

Like all other animals the kittens do require certain basics. They are precise nutrition, lot of affection, time to play and sleep. The kittens require individual needs as well. As the kittens love to play aggressively as a basic instinct, most of the pet owners think that the kittens are healthy and ignore proper feeding. The kittens require more proteins and calories than the adult cat. Hence feeding the kitten with the same cat food will not work. Improper feeding will lead to problems like obesity, poor immune response, poor muscle and bone development.

The kittens require sufficient nutrients in order to remain healthy all through life. The kittens require taurine and other special nutrients for proper growth and development. Providing the kitten proper nutrition is very much required for the well being of the kitten. Providing properly formulated kitten food is the need of the hour. The kittens should be provided -2-3 meals a day. Free feeding of the kitten is not recommended as it will lead to obesity.

The kitten can be provided with dry or canned food so that they can be used to their textures. The cats are very affectionate animals and the children will love to spend their time with cats as much as possible. The kittens are cute looking and are highly playful. These lovely creature require right food, there is no second thought on that.


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In general the casts are very clean creatures. Even the very clean cat also will be benefited by periodical grooming. The long haired cats require regular grooming. Grooming the cat all by you help to build special bond with that lovely creature. Grooming provides very good opportunity for the owner to check the skin abnormalities if there is any.

The grooming should start very early so that the cat will be used to it. Grooming removes the dear hair and makes the hair free from unwanted knots. This way one reduces the chance of hair ball ingestion by the cat. The long haired cats should be groomed at least once a day. Where as the short haired cats may be cleaned once in a week time. There are so many specially designed tools for grooming. You can do grooming with a help of good quality comb. It is better to take the advice of veterinarian as far as grooming tool is concerned for short haired cat.

Brushing- in case the hair of the cat is too tangled, there is a need for good brush. Brushing should be done for at least 15 minutes. The cats in general love to be brushed. The fur of the long haired cat gets matted very often. If such thing is noted in your cat, then one should be careful in brushing the cat. The brushing should be done with care and gently. The hair should hold just below the knot while brushing in order to prevent the hair from getting pulled out of the skin. If the brushing is unmanageable, then it is better to go in for professional help. One should also consider providing right nutrition to reduce shedding.

Bath time- the short haired cat do not require bathing unless they are very dirty. The long haired cats should be bathed occasionally in order to keep the hair coat clean and prevent the formation of grease build up. It is better to have a consultation with the vet as far as bathing of the cat is concerned. The vet may advise you to use cat shampoo also.

Preparing for bath- the cat should be brushed thoroughly in order to get rid of knots. This way we can prevent the shrinking and tightening of the knot in the water. Let the water be allowed to run before bringing the cat in for bath. This way, there will be less noise and motion during the bath time. Let the water level be belly high for the cat. The water should not be too hot or too cold. We should use separate water bowl for soaping and rinsing. As soon as the cat come in, it is better to shut the door. No one will want a soapy cat running around the house and soiling the floor. It is better to have cotton ball in the cat’s ear in order to prevent the water entering in. let the cat is lower in to the water slowly and gently with reassuring words. The cat may show her objection by howling, one should not worry about it much as soon the cat will be used to it.

Cat’s Meow – What does it mean?

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As many think, the cat’s meow is not mere the sound of the cat. Meow is in fact a sophisticated way of communication. The cat’s meow is specific to each and every cat and is not the same.

The cats are of different kinds. Some are very talkative while others are not interested to peep even. The meow sound will differ from breed to breed. The shrill wail is very specific to Siamese cats.

The most common reason for meow is crying for attention. In case the cat is seen walking front and back in the kitchen, then the reason for meow is nothing but want of food. In case the cat is meowing at the very sight of you, then the cat is expressing its happiness by meowing. The cat may want you to pick her up and stroke her. If the cat is found to be meowing continuously, then she or he may be interested in mating. The female cat that is meowing when it is in heat is trying to express her availability to the male cats. If you find a cat making strange chattering or bleating, then there is chance that the cat has discovered a prey that is not reachable.

Some are of the opinion that the meowing of cat is nothing but a sound of frustration or anticipation. Some are of the opinion that the cats are meowing to attract its prey. Spitting, growling, hissing and shrieking are aggressive or defensive cries. The quiet cat that is meowing loudly all of a sudden or if loud cat that has stopped meowing, then there is chance that the cat is sick. One has to pay proper attention if the cat starts meowing continuously while using the litter box. There can be distress of some sort to the cat.

How to make your new cat to drink from bowl?

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The cats are not very fond of water and hence the water intake of the cat should be monitored carefully. The proper water intake is very much needed for the over all health of the cat and the health of the urinary tract in particular. Sufficient water intake will reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

The cat may not go near the water bowl provided to them full day but may rush towards the same the moment the faucet is turned on. Few cats will drink water from their bowl but may waste the water by splashing. Few other cats may force the water out of bowl and prefer to drink from the floor.

The animal specialist is not aware of the reason why the cats are finicky about water. The wild cats will drink water from flowing water body such as river. The water provided in the bowl is not preferred by the cat may be because of basic instinct aversion. The cat may prefer cooler water which is why they like the water from the tap. But the fact of the matter is that the cat needs to be hydrated properly in order to stay healthy. Here are few things that encourage the cat to drink more water.

Moving his water bowl- let the water bowl be mover close to the food bowl which may attract the cat to drink water.

Changing the temperature of the water- the cats in general prefer cooler water. Hence one can think of adding few ice cubes in it.

Changing the bowl- the taste of the water differs from one bowl to the other. If the water bowl is made up of plastic, then you can think of replacing it with metal or ceramic water bowl. It is better to have wider water bowl as the cats do not like their whiskers touching the sides of the water bowl.

Natural Relief from Cat Skin Allergies

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The skin allergies are very common in pets. There are so many reasons for skin allergy. The fleas are not the only reason. Of late more and more pets are suffering from skin allergies. The cause for the same can be weeds, shampoo, house hold chemicals, grasses, chlorinated water, preservatives, certain foods etc. the skin allergies can be seen as dry and flaky skin, eczema, hotspots, excessive itching, dandruff, chewing at paws, loss of fur, smelly coat, excessive licking etc.

The external parasites such as ticks, fleas, mange mites, lice and ringworm can also cause skin allergies. In some cats you may find more fleas but the coat health will be good. In some other cats, you will find only one flea but there will be severe allergic reactions and the cat will be scratching the skin frantically. There will be bleeding and bald patches will be visible.

The cat will respond well for cortisone treatment. This treatment will be only symptomatic and does not cure the problem once for all. For permanent cure one should treat the underlying cause. The natural treatment for skin allergy aims at providing good nutrition, detoxification, and natural remedies that strengthen the immune system.

The majority of the cats that are with skin allergies are fed with processed food. The processed food is tasty, easy to serve, not messy and are loved by the cats very much. For the reasons mentioned, the processed food is used by many pet owners. But the health of cat is taken for a toss. The processed food is not natural and will never have the nutrients in balanced quantity which is the reason for deterioration of cat’s health.

The best way of detoxifying the cat is fasting. Fasting if combined with herbs and homeopathic treatment; bring about desired results much faster. The healthy cats can be under fasting for 2 days without any fuss. Under supervision, the healthy cats may be kept under fasting for even more days. The cats that have cancer, diabetes or any other serious health issue should never be fasted. Fasting is not just starving as many pet owners assume. The cats can be provided with fresh vegetable juices and broth [made from vegetables or bones]. The pet owner should spend sufficient time with the pet during fasting. The cat may be taken for a walk or the cat may be allowed play its favourite game during their meal time to change the mood away from food.

The herbs such as red clover, burdock, milk thistle, dandelion, yellow dock, chickweed, parsley and alfalfa are very effective in treating skin allergies. The homeopathic treatment can be combined with fasting in order to hasten the healing process. If the skin allergies are due to emotional disturbances, then you can think of flower essence. Skin conditions are corrected effectively by good nutrition. The natural diet free from artificial preservatives is need of the hour for treating the cats with skin allergies. The nutritional deficiency is often manifested by poor quality skin and coat. There is no need to bath the cat very often as it may dry the skin there by paving way for skin allergies.

Cat Flea Home Remedies

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Fleas’ problem is one of the biggest problems in cats. The fleas can consume hell a lot of blood from the poor little creature called cat. These fleas can lay about 50 eggs in a day. The fleas can suck blood fifteen times more than its body weight, which really astonishing fact, is it not.
The eggs laid by the fleas will fall in to the environment where the cat lives. In a matter of 2-12 days these eggs hatch out in to larva. This larva will feed only on the flea faeces for up to 21 days. This larva will start growing and will soon complete three more stages of development and become pupa. This pupa will remain dormant for 150 to 200 days from the day the eggs are laid. These eggs are hatched near carpet, backyard, and car due to the vibration caused by the movement of the object and man.
The fleas are very strong and can live without food for about 2 months. The fleas can live comfortably for 8 months with food i.e. blood. These fleas will thrive on the blood of the cat and other animals and make the animal weak. The weak animals will be prone for infection and so many health hazards. Hence the cat’s environment should be kept clean in order to keep the flea number minimum to protect the cats from the potential danger.
The fleas can be killed by heat in all stages. The bed, carpets, rugs etc should be cleaned with hot water mixed with soap. The cloths can be exposed to dryers and steam cleaning to keep the flea’s nuisance under control.
There are very effective natural treatments for flea problem. The natural treatments are as effective as chemical treatment but one need to use natural treatment options more frequently than the chemical treatment. The topical treatments are effective but care should be taken sensitive parts should never come in to contact with. Yet more and more people are opting for topical treatment option as it is easy to follow. While opting for topical treatment option, care should take not to hurt the skin of the person who is treating the cat.
Those who want to get more information about the natural treatment can contact green pet and can send email to the mail ID provided in the website. Regular grooming is one of the best ways to control flea in cat. Running the flea comb is the simple and easy way of clearing the flea from the cat. For over all health of the natural diet is highly preferred. Hence it is the duty of the cat owner to provide natural food for the cats as much as possible. The natural food should have sufficient garlic and vitamin complex. One can think of using green pet nutritional supplement powder as it is rich in organic minerals, vitamins and herb like garlic. The cats are lovely creatures and are enjoyable pet and hence needs to be protected from fleas in all possible way=

Home Remedies for Arthritis in Cat

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Arthritis Is a big nuisances to all. The cats are no exceptions to that. In general arthritis is a problem of over weight cats. This does not mean that the smaller cats should not have this problem. If proper breeding practices and required nutrients are provided, then all kind of joint problems such as arthritis and hip dysplasia can be prevented in cats. The cats that are prone for joints problems should be provided with vitamin C from the birth in order to prevent the cat from arthritis and other joint ailments.

In general the arthritis is caused by genetic predisposition or toxin related issues. The conventional treatment for arthritis only helps to alleviate the symptoms while the naturopathic treatment works on the underlying cause and correct the issue permanently. In naturopathy, there will simple adjustments in the diet and there will be addition of nutritional supplements which will bring about required change in the cats there by improving the over all health.

Too much dependency on processed food is one of the major causes for arthritis in cats. The poor nutritional value and the presence of preservatives is the major cause of concern in processed food. The diet that are having excess meat and whole grain can also result in arthritis as there will be nutritional imbalance , acidity etc. the cats that suffer from acute arthritis require complete rest.

The cats that have arthritis will cry because there will be very severe pain. We should go in for pain relievers but should never use the same in excess. The pain may disappear while the cat is on medication, but this does not mean that the cat has recovered completely. The cat should not be subjected to vigorous exercise if the arthritis problem is completely cured as the same will lead to more severe complications. Regular exercise is must for all. The cats that are having arthritis should also be subjected to mild exercise so that the joints health is taken care. But the exercise should be slow and stead till the cats are ready for increased level of exercise. The naturopathic treatment brings about marked improvement within few weeks of the treatment.

The animal with arthritis can be treated with the following nutritional supplements

Spirulina-alfalfa- green barley- all these are rich in chlorophyll which is very much useful in balancing the acidity. Green pet nutritional supplement powder- this powder has all the required nutrients for cats and dog to keep the animal in good health. Dolomite powder- this is a good source of magnesium and calcium. The same is also good source of minerals and vitamins.

Flaxseed oil- this is rich in essential fatty acid which is important for over all health of the cats. Green pet shark cartilage- this is very good source of micronutrients like chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. These micronutrients are very much required for the repair and maintenance of joint tissues, cartilages, tendons and ligaments. Hence these micronutrients are required to accelerate the natural healing of the joint ailments.


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The pet animals such as cats, dogs etc are lovely creatures. These animals deserve co existence in this world with the human beings. These animals shower unabated love and affection towards the owner. These pets are wonderful stress busters which is the need of hour as people are under stress to cope up with growing demands. There are so many physical and emotional problems associated with these lovely creatures. Let us discuss about hyperactivity here.

Are you the person who needs to deal with hyper active dog? If yes is the answer, then you requiring more details than simple behavioural training. Hyper activity may be expressed in many forms. There can be excessive barking, extreme nervousness, erratic behaviour, irritability, aggression, obsessive personality etc.

These hyper active animals always tend to tell something or the other through their hyper active behaviour. For these hyper active animals simple training will not be effective at all. We need the help of animal communicator here. These experts will find out why these animals are behaving this way. Once they find out the reason they will advise the owner accordingly.
In some breeds, poor breeding policy may be the reason. For some pets past trauma may be the cause. Boredom also can result in hyper activity in some pets. Any kind of stress and lack of exercise may also lead to hyper activity. Negative energy may also lead to hyper activity in pets like dog and cat as these animals are better equipped to find out these negative reactions. The negative energies can be reduced by life energy coils and these coils can be easily attached to collar of the dog or can be placed under their bed.

In most cases the under the underlying cause is chemical cause such as heavy metal toxicity, food sensitivity etc. if the hyperactivity is due to food allergy, then animal naturopath will advise proper food to those affected dogs. Processed foods have high sugar in them in addition to the presence of allergens which can create trouble in sensitive cats and dog.

The heavy metals such as phosphates, lead, nitrates and sulphates are high in canned foods which can lead to hyper activity and so many health problems in pet animals. The presence of these metals can be found out using lab techniques. Hair mineral analysis is considered the best as the results are more accurate than many other techniques. There are so many natural treatments which can be used effectively as well as safely to detoxify these metals in the body.

First and foremost stem in dealing hyperactive pet animals is nothing but providing natural food that is free from any allergy particles. This natural diet and food supplement can be used in combination with flower essence. Herbal and homeopathic remedy will also help those animals that are hyperactive. The natural therapy is more effective and there are no side effects. We, as the responsible owner only try to help the animals who are suffering silently. These lovely pets once cured will please us more and more.

Minerals for making your Cat Healthy

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Minerals are very vital requirement for very health of the all animals which includes cats also. The mineral requirement may vary from one species to the other but adequate requirement of mineral is must. Minerals present in less quantity may lead to deficiency syndromes. One can not consume minerals in excess as that too may lead to so many health hazards. Hence consuming minerals in right quantity is the key in maintaining the health of the cats.

The natural diets do possess the minerals in right proportion. But in commercial foods, there can be imbalance in mineral. The cats that are on commercial food often suffer from mineral imbalance. The reason is simple. It is extremely difficult in providing all required nutrients in man made form. If one wants to remain healthy he or she should be on natural food. Serving on tinned food, chocolates, and vitamin pills is not the answer for healthy life. Most of the owners are aware that their pet animals require minerals in adequate quantities. The minerals licks are purchased and placed near pet animal only to see that these vital nutrients are consumed by the cats and dogs.

Here is little information about the minerals

Calcium- this mineral is required for healthy bone, teeth, nervous and muscular system. Calcium is required for functioning of the heart and clotting of the blood. The diet that has high phosphorous require extra calcium for proper balancing.

Phosphorous– this is very important for the health of bones and teeth in combination with calcium and magnesium. Phosphorous is very much needed for carbohydrate metabolism, acid –alkaline balance, health of nervous system and brain.

Magnesium– this mineral is required for muscle tone, protein synthesis, heart action, and many other body functions. As the result of modern farming practices, this mineral is found deficit in soil.

Potassium- this mineral too is found in very less quantity in the soil due to the use of fertilizers. This mineral is required for acid –alkaline balance, hormone production, proper heart action, muscle contraction, proper functioning of nervous system and kidney.

Sodium- most of the commercial foods contain excess salt. Excess salt depletes the potassium level. Salt deficiency is rare. The sodium is required for electrolyte balance, body fluid regulation, and transportation of nutrients in the blood.

Chlorine– this mineral is required for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Chlorine is very much required for liver function, protein digestion, and mineral assimilation.

Sulphur- this mineral is very important for hair, skin and nails. This mineral is a good antiseptic and blood cleanser. The pets that are deficient in sulphur suffer from external parasite, lice and fleas. Copper- this mineral is very much required for protein metabolism, absorption of iron, proper functioning of bones, nerves, skin and connective tissue. This copper deficiency can manifest in the form of poor coat colour. The animals that have dark collared skin require more copper than the light collared animals. Copper protects the pets from internal parasites. Most cases of anaemia are due to inadequate copper levels.