Things to Think while Playing with your Cats

October 20, 2012 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

In order to keep the cat fit and lean, one needs to spend sufficient time in making the cat play. Playing with the cat is as important as feeding right nutrient to the cat. Playing with the cat helps to build special bond between the cat and the pet owner. This also improves the over all health of the cat as well as the cat’s owner.

The cats love to play. For indoors cats we should provide sole play opportunities. The adult cats and the kittens like to play and share common interest as far as playing is concerned. The kittens do not require any kind of stimulation in indulge in play. But the adult cats should be encouraged to play.

Right toys- the first and fore most things required is right kind of toy to play. If you want the cat to play hunting game then you require mouse toy which can move about with the help of battery. Never use your hand for stimulating the cat to play hunting game. The cat may bite the hand and damage it very badly if excited too much. The hand should be used for feeding and petting and not for hunting or killing. The toy provided for play should not have any loose strings, elastic bands etc which may be swallowed by the cat accidentally. The toy should not have any sharp ends which may hurt the cat very badly.

Sound stimulation- the toys that are provided with bells are really very effective in stimulating the cat to play. The toys provided to the cat should be periodically replaced with new one in order to avoid boredom. Never place all the toys in front of the cat and expect the cat to play with all the toys at a time. The cat will get tired soon. You will also not have any other toy in hand to replace once the cat is used to them all.

House Soiling- Trouble Beyond the Litter Box

October 14, 2012 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

The cats do not connect with the litter box, in general. Even the well trained cat may choose other place in the room at times. House soiling is a matter of great concern even for the best cat owners. House soiling may be a sign of some kind of health issue. The house soiling may be the result of changes around the house. One should look for clues to find the solution to end the nuisance like house soiling.

Here are the signs of house soiling problem. They are, the pattern of defecation and/ or urination outside the litter box.  Spraying of urine- one can see evidence of urine marks near the doorway. The urine marks can be noticed near window or ever around new objects in the house. The cat will be spending unusually longer time in the litter box. Making sound while using the litter box. The cat will be going to litter box more often than normal.

Potential causes – they are as follows .health issue such as diabetes mellitus, lower urinary problem etc. presence of litter box in unpleasant surrounding. Presence of litter box in remote corner of the house. Smaller litter box for large breed of cat. Improperly cleaned litter box. Placing wrong type of litter box. Sudden change in the litter box.

Inadequate number of litter boxes in the house. The house should have one litter box per cat and there should be one extra litter box. The litter boxes should not be kept in single room . The litter boxes should be placed in different location of the house.  The presence of out side cat in the house. Arrival of new cat in the house. Changing the litter box frequently. If you make required change based on the factors discussed in the article, house soiling issue can be minimized.

Managing Allergies to Cat’s Body

October 06, 2012 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Diseases, Health

You may love to have a cat as pet at home. But you may not be able to do so because of your cat allergy issue. Here is good news. The cats and the people who are allergic to it can live together without any hassle.

The allergic reactions to the cat are caused by the protein secretions of the skin of the cat in most cases. The cat’s saliva is the other allergens. These proteins attach themselves to the skin and the hair of the cat and are released in to the environment slowly.

Few are of the opinion that they soon develop immunity to counter cat allergy. This is certainly possible, but one should never depend on this theory so much. The reason is that in some cases the allergic reaction may get worse will repeat exposure.

If you are prone for cat allergy and yet love to have a cat at home, then try for a cat breed with short hair. These breeds will release less hair than the long haired cat breeds. Pure breeds like Devon and Cornish rex can be considered. These breeds do not have few layers of hairs that are commonly seen in other breeds and the allergic reaction may be less. The other breed that one can look for is sphinx which is more or less hairless and these cats love the pet owners very much.

If you have a cat at home follow little suggestion to get away from the cat allergy. The cat’s bed should be washed very frequently. Use fewer carpets in the house as they may harbour more allergens. Better to limit upholstered furniture pieces as much as possible. The cat should never be permitted to allergic person’s bed room. The smooth surfaces of the house should be washed frequently.