How To Make your Cat So Busy?

February 05, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - cat toys

Do you know cats are natural hunters and predators? Actually they are born to hunt and stalk. Most of the wild cats are spending their energy for chasing their prey.

But what your pet cat will do for chasing? If you have a mice in your house, there is no problem. Otherwise, your cat may have very little to stalk and chase. 

Have you ever thought this point? You should provide indoor cats with something they can instinctively try to stalk and track. The thing you should provide will help your cat to bat around with her paws.

I searched the market to get a perfect replacement for a live mice and came across a  very cool mouse toy that claims to satisfy the needs of your cat’s "inner hunter". This toy is called the Undercover mouse. This cat toy is adjudged as the best new cat toy of 2008 by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.


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