You see cat arching their back, do you know why?

April 19, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior, Diseases

 Cats are lovely pet animals. Can you imagine that they can look scary at times? Just imagine "Halloween "cat.  If this cat is looked from the side, the back is arched. The fur of the cat stands on the end.  The ears are flat against back of the head.  The teeth are bare and the corners of the mouth are pulled back.  The nose is wrinkled. The whiskers are rigid and drawn towards the side of the cats head. Looks really scary to imagine is it not?   

If any one sees any cat in this above mentioned state or posture, he can understand that the cat is frightened. The cat in fact is making to look bigger in order to intimidate the perceived opponent.  If the cat is turned to sideways and if the back is arched that gives the largest view of the cat’s body.  The hairs will be standing on its end. The erection of the hair is called piloerection; [ pil in Latin is nothing but hair]. This is similar to the goose bumps that the human being experience. Piloerection is due to the constriction tiny muscles that are present at the base of the hair. Piloerection makes the cat look larger than its original size.

The arching of the back is possible by the cat for the reason that it has 60 numbers of vertebrae which is twice as much as human’s vertebrae. Human beings have 30 vertebrae. The cats have highly flexible body. Their lifestyle which has plenty of relaxing and stretching requires this kind of flexibility.

In cat’s daily routine complex flexing exercise is must. As soon the cat gets up, you can see it stretching the paws in front. You can also see the cat elongating the body and its tail. Then the cat will form an arch by pulling its back. We can’t assume that the cat is frightened, but he practices this shape, so that he can get to the same position if required.

Please be informed that cat is not the only animal that has these unique features to threaten the predators. So many animals have different postures for the same purpose. The cobras form a hood, lizards to look big hold the inhaled air inside the body, the fishes change their color shade and extend their fins and the dogs raise their fur. All these postures are the gift of the nature to these animals in order to protect them from their potential predators.


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