Sarcosporidiosis Symptoms in Cats

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Cat sarcosporidiasis

Sarcosporidiois has been considered as one of the most common parasites affecting the cardiac and skeletal muscles of several species of mammals particularly herbivores. Dogs and cats have been identified as final hosts for cattle, sheep, pig and horse sarcosporidia.

Even a rare report of sarcosporidiasis in zoo lion has been published (Bhatavedkar and Purohit, 1963). Sarcosporidiosis not only demonstrated in the cardiac muscles and Purkinje fibres but also reoriduced the disease in mice. It was indicated that the lion has acquired the infection through ingestion of infected meat.

The sarcosporidiosis in cats can be found only during post-mortem as it does not exhibit any reaction.

Sarcocysts seldom produces any definitive symptoms of pathogenicity among cats.

The symptoms of sarcosporidiosis include painful muscle swelling, accomanied by fever, generalized muscle weakness, muscle tenderness and erythema.

Other specific symptoms of sarcosporidiosis include muscle wasting, lymphadenopathy, malaise, headache, transient pruritic rashes, arthralgia, and cough.

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