Important Signs and Symptoms of Feline Urinary Tract Infection

October 07, 2009 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Health
The urinary infection of the cats is very tough to distinguish when weighed against the dogs. Almost on all occasions the cats can withstand the pain and will be seen purring and ingesting even when they suffer from this health issue. The owners should be able to make out from the slightest of changes in the behavior of the cats and should be able  to confirm it on seeing several symptoms which we are about to discuss in this article.

Is this feline urinary duct problem a real health concern that has to be attended right away? If it is not attended to what are the possible effects?

If you observe a sudden shift in your cat’s peeing pattern as in the cat wants to urinate often with or without the excretion of urine then it should be properly taken care of. It is the most common symptom that kindles the doubt in the owner.

The first issue will have an impact on the cat’s urinary duct. Some of the other prevalent symptoms are that of blood leakage in urine and feces and incontinence. Sometimes if you happen to see your cat peeing around every place except for its litter box you should bet alerted. Even if you watch the cat cleaning up its private parts ,it becomes quite clear that there is a possible urinary infection.

It doesn’t mean that  the urinary infections affect only the males and not the females. you should take them to the clinic and get them monitored by the vet as the vet may ask you to  take up quite a few analysis for the cats especially the urine analysis.

Analyzing the urine sample of the cat will effectively give out the results in which the  possible cause of the infectivity can be detected. Sometimes a mere ordinary infection would have effected the disease and in some cases some inherent ailment would have effected the urinary infection. These are evidently illustrated through the indications and can be curbed by providing proper medication.

Escherichia coli gets settled in the bladder after having been filtered from the blood
Stream by the kidney. The bacterium is actually getting into the body of the cat and then retained by the intestine from which it reaches the bloodstream and finally filtrated by the kidneys. Without getting eliminated through the urine or feces ,they develop and mature in the kidneys where they find comfort in and eventually infect the duct. Thus the main cause for the infection would be the bacteria.

The resistive power of the animal will deteriorate as days pass by because of the infectivity by means of bacterium. To get rid of these problems vets usually recommend antibiotic medicines.

The existence of a tumor or a tiny obstruction in the urinary duct may also lead to some urinary imperfections. Unless and until they are treated by proper medication they may turn out to be fatal. But still lots of alternatives are there to save your cat in the form of operations and other healings.

They say that every category of diseases that are caused by the urinary tract infections are a resultant of  unbalanced and imperfect diet regime and not so good standard of life. Just nourish your cat with its requirements and provide good quality foods to protect your cat from this infectivity.Even bowel disorders can be averted if a owner adopts these measures.



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