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Siamese cats, what are they? One may wonder. These are cats of exotic origin. The native of the cat is temples of Siam. Siam is called as Thailand today. These cats are loved all over the world because of the unique colored coats and talkative nature. The cat breeders in Siammix other cat breeds to have a mixed breed. Hence for those who are interested in buying genuine pure bred Siamese cat, the information provided in this article will be of immense help.


Physical appearance


There are two types so Siamese cats, namely modern and traditional. The modern Siamese cats will have a long body and triangular head. The traditional Siamese cats will have compact body with apple shaped head and will look robust.


But Siamese cats of today have slender, long bodies, leg and tail. The hairs are very short. Moreover, the cats have blue eyes and have white and black coat. The color of the coat changes as the cats grow older and the end color may be chocolate, seal, lilac, tabby, fawn and blue.




The Siamese cats are very friendly with the humans. These cats are very social to the human beings and have very effective communication with the human. These cats love to play with the children and are active and swift.


But, one thing that pet owner needs to be wary. These cats will walk away from you once they get bored and tired with your company. These cats require constant attention and can’t be left alone for longer period of time. These cats are extremely vocal and are ready to express their happiness or dislike.


Siamese cats are very easy to maintain. But, they require to be bathed at least twice a month. If good care is taken, these Siamese cats live as long as 15 years or even more.


Dear readers, we are of the opinion that we have offered few valuable inputs about the Siamese cats, which are simply the most sorts after cats in the world. It is needless to say that your choice of Siamese cats is something really worth a fortune.

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