How do train a cat not to urinate on other cats?

September 30, 2007 :: Posted by - kittyluver :: Category - Behavior

How to stop cat urine problem?

If you allow a new male to an existing male cat, it urinates on the other cat and they will start fighting. In this situation, most of the owners break their heads to find out perfect solution for this cat urine problem. Even they may think to train their cat.

Do you think is it possible to train a cat not to piss on other cat? First and foremost: You can’t train cats! If your cat isn’t neutered, then I suggest you do so. That will help the problem tremendously, but only if the other cat is also. Males tend to fight with each other more than with females since it is in their natural instinct to.

What this cat is simply doing is “marking his territory“. This is a natural instinct of a cat. Even big cats also mark its territory. Neutering usually fixes this problem, but not always. They aren’t used to each other either.

Introducing a new cat to the existing is always a dangerous one even they differ in sex. After they are both neutered (if not already done so) put them both together, regardless of urination (deal with it at the moment) and give them some time to get used to it.

Hope this will solve the problem of urinating on each other and start fighting. Please keep in mind that neutering is not a perfect solution as it all depends on cat’s attitude and nature.

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