The Sick Cat in My Life…

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All most all the cat owners love their pet cat, so also me. I had three lovely cats, not just one. It was so unfortunate that all three cats of mine developed three different health problems. Here is the story of my sick cats. One should understand the fact that death is inevitable to all the pets. It does not matter how strong they are at present.

My first cat’s name was Alex and he was a lovely looking black cat. Alex was so strong and active day in and day out to make one think that Alex can successfully fight a bear. My dear Alex had a bad habit of sneaking out of the house when no one notices him for a while. In one such instance he got in to antifreeze that was seen in the porch of my neighbour who is less friendly with me. As the result, the kidney of the Alex got completely damaged and he passed away few weeks before Christmas. In spite of our best efforts to save him, Alex passed away after long painful struggle.

Shortly after our dear Alex passed away, I adopted Alan and max. Just like Alex, Alan and max very also very playful and energetic. Max was naughtier than Alan. Though max was more active and naughty than Alan, Alan got in to trouble soon. The weight of the Alan was fluctuating too wildly and when we took Alan to the near by vet clinic, the lovely cat was diagnosed for diabetes and thyroid problem. Alan is still living but the problem is that he requires insulin injection every day and he is on restricted diet and he can not relish on food that is rich in carbohydrate. His back leg is not normal and hence he is walking around like a bunny.

Max gave different type of head ache to me. Max developed tumour in the digestive system as big as soft ball. Probably he was not interested in our trip to Disney land as his tumour was diagnosed as we were all planning to leave to Disney land. We had to cancel our trip and rush the cat to vet clinic and spend all the money we saved for our vacation. At the end of this entire exercise vet told us the max can live for maximum of 6 months to one year. We were very sad when we heard the news but we are smiling now, because the lovely cat, max is still living with us. He is 8 years now and is still going strong. The vet does still not believe us and is feeling that we are showing different cat, not max.

With all that trouble mention, the fact of the matter is, I enjoyed my life with the cats. These lovely little creatures are worth the time and money I spend on them. Disney land trip, I could complete few years after that, but I was happy that I could save max. The purpose of my story is informing the readers not to get disturbed by the health problems of your lovely pet and also to wish them not to get troubles like me.

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