How to Choose your Cat Vet?

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Are you a perfect cat owner? Then, choosing a cat vet is a Herculean task. It is the biggest challenge each and every cat owner facing. That too if you have moved to a new place your job is further complicated. For those people here are few tips to make the choosing process go smoother. While choosing a cat vet one must consider three important things. They are-

  • The Phone call
  • The first impression of the cat vet
  • The vet clinic facilities.

Each of the three things mentioned are very important to make the animal as well as the owner comfortable, hence pay full attention all these.

The phone call

For this you should have the list of phone numbers of all the vets in your area. You have to make a phone call to find out how busy they are. Once you had selected the doctor to visit, please be prepared. You should have set of questions ready to ask the veterinarian to decide about.

Here are few questions that need to be asked. What type of animals do you treat? Will you treat cats?  Do you have qualified staffs that have experience in treating the common ailments of the pet? How long have you been practising? How many doctors are working in the hospital? How long those doctors are working with you? How many specialists do you have?  How many technicians are there in the hospital? Can the pet be treated as in patients? What is the cost of the medicines and vaccines? What is the charge for the x ray facility? What are the work timings? How quickly you can attend the case in case of emergency call? Is he good cat vet

If you are not satisfied with the answer you get, just strike it out from the list. You need to compare the charges and the service facility of one hospital with the other to select the right vet for your lovely pet.

First impression

Reach the hospital on time for the meeting with the doctor short listed. This is the best chance to you to discuss in detail with the vet because the pet won’t be around and hence you can concentrate on the job in hand. Just observe the behaviour of the staff of the hospital. The hospital should look clean. The staff should greet you on arrival. The clinic should have patients and should be bustling with activity. The staffs should be at work and should not be chit chatting with one another. You should observe how the staffs are talking to the clients over the phone. You also should make a note of your waiting time. 

Facility tour

Checking on the tour facility is the most important thing in choosing the veterinary doctor for your pet. See the boarding facility your self, observe the cleanliness of the area have a close look at the water and the food provided to the animals. Have look at the equipments they have and do ask them questions about the utility of the same. Talk to the animal care taker and find about his passion about his job. He should be animal lover himself only then you can be sure of the service provided to your pet.

Based on the things discussed one can choose right cat vet. Last not but least, ask the fellow cat owners to know about a best cat vet in your new area. Good luck to you.


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