Cats Night Vision – an Overview

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Cats are lovely pets to have. Please be informed that you need stress busters to have a comfortable life style. The modern world is fast paced. The requisites of the modern, fast paced world are some thing that you will not understand if you belong to old age driven by moral values. Those moral values are on the decline in modern world that is so fast paced

The best stress busting technique is nothing but having a pet at home. The pet can be dog or cat or fish. The most preferred pets are dogs followed by cats. The cats are lovely little creatures and are preferred by many to have them as their pet because they are very cute looking and are easy to be domesticated.  The cats have so many extraordinary qualities one such thing is night vision .Let discuss about the night vision of thee cats in this article. 

Many are not aware the cats can see at night very well. Cats night vision is very much required for them for their nocturnal hunting. The cats do find it difficult at complete darkness but at very low light their vision is much sharper than the human beings. For cat’s night vision the cat’s eye is provided with so many special features that help for the vision in dark. The cats have vertically oriented elliptical pupil which you may be aware. This elliptical pupil opens much wider than the round people of the human beings and the result the cat can see more clearly in low light than human beings.

The cat’s eye has one special membrane called tapetum lucidum which reflects the light in to the eye and as the result the cat’s retina will receive more light. Eye shine or the flash in the cat’s eye that we see is nothing but the reflection of light by tapetum membrane. The retina of the cat’s eye has more rods than cones.  The rods are more effective in absorbing lights than cones. The cones are   primarily responsible for absorbing the colour. The cats can see violet and blue better than reds.

By now, you will be wondering that the elliptical pupil of the cat is just for the fancy, no it is not so. Please be informed that the cat’s eye is not the fancy but a need. By now you are aware of the fact the cat’s eyes is provided with some anatomical advantage that helps the cat to get benefited by the night vision of the cat.

The cat’s night vision can never be compared with the extra advantage enjoyed by the fellow counterpart of the animal kingdom like the one called bat. Bats are not as friendly as cats. Besides the cats does not play a part in spreading a disease which does not have a cure. The name of the disease is nothing but rabies. The rabies is a disease which has no cure and the same is being transmitted by infected bat.  

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