Preventing the Ear Infections in Cats

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The cats are very intelligent animals and are loved by many people. As the result many are having the cat as their pet animal. The cats are loved by the children too as the size of the cat is very small and is not intimidating the kids just like any other giant sized pets. The cats have lovely skin and hair which make them very attractive. The food habits are very simple. The cats stay indoors and are available for the kids to play all the time. There is no separate enclosure required outside the house for these lovely creatures and hence there is hardly any additional expenditure required to have these animals as pet.

These lovely creatures are very much required now days. As you know at present the world is moving at very fast rate. People have to cope up with the fast paced activities of the present world. As the result, there is hardly any time for the people to relax. These lovely cats are acting like a stress buster.

It is the duty of the owner to take care of these cats. After all these poor animals can not speak and express their difficulty. Just as the other animals these casts too get so many health issues one such is ear infection. Let us discuss about the ear infection prevention in cats.

It is the duty of the pet owner to keep the ear of the cat clean and free from any infection. The cat’s ear should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the ear infections. While cleaning the ear the pet owner will have the opportunity to have looked at the early signs of infection if there is any. The pet owner must look any redness, odour, discharge etc. in case any one of these is noticed and the same should be reported to the vet nearby and the cat should be taken to the vet doctor at the earliest appointment date.  

Keep you cat free of parasites

The ear mites are the primary reason for the ear infections in cat. There are good products that are very effective in treating the ear infections they are Revolution and Advantage multi for cats. These products are not only effective against ear mites but also highly effective against fleas, heartworms etc. The cats that are spending most of their time out side the house are highly prone for ear mite infection. The cats that stay in doors are highly prone for fleas and the heartworm type of infestation.

Feed the cat high quality diet

The cats should be given good quality diet; there is no second thought on this. The food provided to the cat should be of high quality and should have well balanced nutrients for the very health of the cat. The good quality food will keep the immune system of the cat in good condition and the cat can fight the infection very effectively. The good quality food will keep the skin and the ear of the cat very healthy. 


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