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For the very health of the cat the dental structure is very important. The problems in the dental structure of the cat will affect the nutrition intake, total health of the cat and as the result the quality of the life will be totally disturbed. In case you notice the bad breath the reason could be nothing but dental disease. Periodontal disease of the cat results in dental abscess and loss of tooth. Infected teeth and gum will be very painful to the cat.

Dental infections are not to be ignored as these infections can spread to the other vital organs such as heart, lung, kidney and liver. The dental problems can be treated by teeth extraction, surgery etc. But the point is there are few things that need to be followed on daily basis which will prevent such dental health problems. Let’s discuss about that here. Prevention is always better than cure, is it not?

First and foremost requisite is taking the cat to the veterinarian for the dental health assessment. The cat will certainly require professional dental cleaning before one start the home care procedure. The veterinarian will advise you properly about the dental structure of the cat, the products to be used and even demonstrate how the cat’s teeth should be cleaned. Once the veterinarian’s visit is over, the cat should be brought home and the owner should find the right products that need to be used. For this the pet owner must have a lot of patience as this procedure involves trial and error.

Cat Tooth Brush

There are so many cat tooth brushes are available in the market. One has to look for the one that has angular head with soft bristles. So many models are sold in the market and you can choose any one. People of late prefer the tooth brush that fits the finger comfortably. These toothy brushes offer better control and grip. Never one should attempt human tooth brushes. Be aware, that the soft latex bristles are not all that effective.

Cat Tooth Paste

Here again one should use the products made for the cats and not the ones that are used for the human beings. There tooth paste should not have very strong flavour as the cats do not like them. The paste should not have fluoride or any other ingredients that are harmful to the cats if swallowed. Cats prefer tooth pastes that are having flavours of fish, chicken, beef and tuna. It is better to go in for tooth paste that gas chemicals which help to dissolve the tartar.

Dental Healthy Treats

Dental healthy treats are definitely not a substitute for tooth brush but are effective in reducing the build up of tartar. These treats can be offered to the cats as a gift for good act. These treats help to improve the dental hygiene. It is not advisable to go in for the over the counter dental healthy treats. Vet help is the best while choosing the dental health treat for cat.

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