Can Feline Diabetes be Cured?

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Are you aware that the cats do get diabetes? For some cats diabetes can be cured. For some others remission of the disease at least for a period of time is very much possible.

Which diabetic cats are likely to be cured or experience remission?

The cats that are diagnosed with diabetes early can be cured of the disease. The disease if it is in mild stage at the time of diagnosis can be cured with ease. The casts that are suffering with diabetes for long time without being diagnosed of the disease are not going to be cured.

Just like all other animals, the cats do have pancreas. The insulin secreted by the pancreas is responsible for the control of sugar in the blood. If the sugar level in the blood increases, the insulin released from the pancreas will act on the sugar and pushes it in to the cells thus controlling the sugar level in the blood to the normal range. But in case of diabetes cats, the insulin produced is not effectively utilized by the cat to bring down the sugar level to the normal range, for the reason best known to the physician.

In diabetic cat also the pancreas will keep on producing the insulin if not to the required quantity but some quantity. If the disease is diagnosed at this stage there is a chance that the cat’s diabetes can be cured. There are medications that reduce the blood sugar level to bring the level to normal range. In some cats during this period the pancreas can start secreting the insulin to the required level to control the blood sugar level to the permitted range.

Why some cats with diabetic are cured and the others are not?

If the cat has been suffering with diabetes for long time without being diagnosed, the pancreas in those cats may have got damaged beyond repair. The cells that produce the insulin may have burned out in those cats. Such cats are beyond cure and the pet owner must treat those cats with diabetic medication for the rest of the life of the cat. As discussed earlier if the diabetes was diagnosed early, the pancreas may not have got damaged severely and the health of the pancreas can be brought back to normalcy. In such cases the diabetes can be cured.

What can one do to insure that the cat can be cured if he develops diabetes?

It is the duty of the pet owner to take the cat to the vet clinic for periodical check up. The vet doctor will test the blood and the urine sample of the cat to find out the health condition of the cat. In case the cat is having any health problems and the same can be deducted very early which makes the vet to cure the condition completely. As a matter of fact, each and every cat should be subjected to complete health check up at least once in a year. If the cats are old, two times health check up per year is recommended by the veterinarian.

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