Is there any link between the Rabies and Cancer?

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The rabies is a deadly dangerous disease and there is no cure for the rabies and hence only prevention is the only way. There are many rabies vaccines available in the market and those are very effective in controlling the rabies.

There are reports of late that the cats that are vaccinated with rabies vaccine develop cancer. The scientists were baffled with the reports and started working towards finding the root cause for the cancer. Aluminium is used as adjuvant in the rabies vaccine and the same was found to be triggering the cancer growth in the cats. The veterinarians administer the rabies vaccine in the right hind leg. In case there is cancer [sarcoma], the leg of the cat can be amputated so that the cat at least can survive. The FELV used can also result in sarcomas and hence this vaccine is used in the left hind leg of the cat.

There will be swelling at the sit of the injection in almost all situations. These swellings will disappear after some time. In case the swelling does not subside then the same should be reported to the vet at the earliest.

As per the article written by Barbara e.kitchell DVM in the name of “feline vaccine associated sarcoma “, the sarcoma induced by the rabies vaccine will have following signs. The mass that develops post injection does not reduce even after 3 months. The swelling developed will be larger than 2 cm in diameter. The swelling developed will increase in size after one month.


Sarcomas are killer disease and there is very less chance for cure unless detected at very early stage. Surgical removal of the tumour and the tissue surrounding is the best. In required amputation of the leg may be tried to save the life of the cat. Chemotherapy and radiation are the other treatment options available.

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