Risk and Benefits of Rabies Shots on Cats

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The cats are vaccinated against rabies, you all will be aware of this. Rabies vaccine comes under core vaccinations. Core vaccines are nothing but the vaccines that all cats should get. These core vaccines should be given to the cats that live both indoors or out doors. Rabies and distemper come under core vaccine group.

Rabies vaccines are compulsory in most states in America. This is because this rabies can be transmitted to human beings and the affected animal or human will die. Rabies vaccine should be administered by certified DVM only. The cats are not vaccinated until the cats are 12 weeks old. The cats that are older than 12 weeks should be vaccinated and the vaccine should be continued every year. Rabies vaccine should be administered in the right hind leg of the cat.

Reactions to rabies vaccination

Rabies vaccinated cats may have soreness just as the soreness experienced by the human beings after the tetanus injection. These vaccine reactions are very common in cats. There are two types of reactions; they are serious reactions and mild reactions.

Serious reactions

There are few more serious reactions which we will discuss now. These serious reactions are like allergic reactions the human experience minutes after the consumption of peanuts. These serious reactions are facial swelling, itchness, breathing difficulty, vomiting, pale gums, hives, anaphylactic shock and death. The cats showing any one of these symptoms should be treated immediately at vet hospital not at home. The vet will administer antihistaminic drug.

Mild reactions

Mild reactions are also very common in cats. These mild reactions develop after an hour. The mild reactions are refusing to eat, hiding, fever, sleepiness, reluctance to be touched etc. in general the vets will not charge for the vaccine reactions or at least offer good discount for the treatment.

Most of the cats will recover fast from these mild reactions. During this period the cat should be given plenty of good quality water. The cat may be given can of tuna fish or any dry food with chicken broath. Garlic or onion should be avoided for the cats. Meat baby food added with warm water but without onion or garlic should help the cat to recover faster.

These mild reactions of the cat should be recorded in the cat’s chart. This information should be informed to the vet attending on the cat. The vet will make note of these information and will take required precaution while administering the cat rabies vaccine next time. The vet may administer diphenidramine along with the rabies vaccine to prevent these mild reactions.

It is better not to administer all the vaccine boosters on a single day. One vaccine per is very good for the cat. This way the vet will also understand the cats reactions to the vaccine administered without any confusion. The vet will know exactly which vaccine is the reason for the reactions and take precautions accordingly. It is always better to schedule the cat’s vaccination on a holiday so that the pet owner can watch the pet so closely. But care should be taken to know the vet clinic is open for the next day to treat the reactions if there are any.

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